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Trivia Question #1: Co-founded in 1953 by beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, what San Francisco book store shares its name with a Charlie Chaplin movie?
Trivia Question #2: As of 2001, what February 23, 1994 event was the highest rated non-Super Bowl sports event?
Trivia Question #3: Who were the Brethren of the Coast?
Trivia Question #4: Excepting his tours of duty during World War II and the Korean War, for which team did Ted Williams play from 1939 to 1960?
Trivia Question #5: What talk-show host berated Tom Selleck on air over his support of the NRA, and unsuccessfully ordered Bernadette Peters to change a lyric from "Annie Get Your Gun"?
Trivia Question #6: Constantinople was modeled after what famous city?
Trivia Question #7: Which Michigan native and former United States president was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr., in 1913?
Trivia Question #8: What is the largest known moon in Earth's solar system?
Trivia Question #9: What German car could you buy over the Internet in such colors as Vapor Blue and Reflex Yellow?
Trivia Question #10: Pick the company that has the slogan "Improving Home Improvement."
Trivia Question #11: Which body of water does not border Africa?
Trivia Question #12: Which coach played running back at Yale and still holds the school's career rushing mark?
Trivia Question #13: Before going into politics, who pumped up circulation of a socialist newspaper with a steamy serial called "The Cardinal's Daughter"?
Trivia Question #14: Two people who are dancing closely together are what?
Trivia Question #15: In which of his movies does Martin Scorsese play a taxi passenger who wants to kill his wife?
Trivia Question #16: What quarterback holds both Super Bowl records for average gain per pass in a game and for a career?
Trivia Question #17: Which publication was founded by DeWitt Wallace and Lila Bell Acheson?
Trivia Question #18: Which country rules Guadeloupe in the Caribbean?
Trivia Question #19: Offices got to junk their teletypes and telexes, thanks to what invention?
Trivia Question #20: What body of water borders Saudia Arabia to the East?
Trivia Question #21: A decisive Confederate victory by Gen. Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee at Chickamauga leaves Gen. William S. Rosecrans' Union Army of the Cumberland trapped in Chattanooga, Tennessee under Confederate siege.
Trivia Question #22: Who wrote such novels as "Zabibah and the King" and "The Impregnable Fortress"?
Trivia Question #23: What is the purpose of an auger?
Trivia Question #24: What is Gerald R. Ford's middle name?
Trivia Question #25: Where is the Magnetic North Pole?
Trivia Question #26: In 1984, Winston says that freedom is the ability to do what?
Trivia Question #27: Why was Shawn Fanning in legal trouble in 2000?
Trivia Question #28: Pick the company that has the slogan "Solutions With Business Results."
Trivia Question #29: What was the very first James Bond movie that was shown in the 80's?
Trivia Question #30: On "MASH," what was Hawkeye's real full name?
Trivia Question #31: Called the largest and most expensive book ever made, whose "Sumo" is a coffee table book of photos that comes with its own table?
Trivia Question #32: Where would you be if you were admiring the retired space shuttle in Gorky Park?
Trivia Question #33: Created in 1971, what was the formal name for Amtrak?
Trivia Question #34: Whom did Chris Evert marry in 1979?
Trivia Question #35: Jefferson Airplane sued Berkeley Systems for stealing what image from the cover of their album "30 Seconds Over Winterland"?
Trivia Question #36: While in Japan, Dutch physician William Ten Rhyne gave what alternative medicine a name most of us still use today?
Trivia Question #37: If Olga Korbut were still competing for her native country in the Olympics today, what team would she be playing for?
Trivia Question #38: What was Jacqueline Cochrane the first woman to do?
Trivia Question #39: Which of these actress was named for the character that Julie Christie played in "Dr. Zhivago"?
Trivia Question #40: After who or what is the Watergate Scandal named?
Trivia Question #41: Which African nation has the highest GNP per capita?
Trivia Question #42: What West German born R&B saxophonist for the band Loose Goose became a bartender before hitting it big on TV?
Trivia Question #43: With colleges named for founders John Balliol and Walter de Merton, what is the oldest institution of higher learning in the English-speaking world?
Trivia Question #44: What is the body's largest organ?
Trivia Question #45: Pick the company that has the slogan "We Make The Things That Make Comunications Work."
Trivia Question #46: In 1997, Australia's Susie Maroney became the first to swim the 105 miles between what two points?
Trivia Question #47: Where is the Eurotunnel?
Trivia Question #48: Such religious words as amen and hallelujah come to English from what language?
Trivia Question #49: In "The Graduate," Simon and Garfunkel sing about Mrs. Robinson. Who played her?
Trivia Question #50: With which religion do we associate Mencius?
Trivia Question #51: What former portrait painter invented telegraphy?
Trivia Question #52: What would be an animadversion on the Backstreet Boys?
Trivia Question #53: Which explorer headed Darien, the first stable European settlement in South America?
Trivia Question #54: Who was America's first vice-president?
Trivia Question #55: On June 26, 1944, the three New York baseball teams played a weird, three-sided game. Which of these was not playing?
Trivia Question #56: In 1999, what state became the last to accept Martin Luther King Day?
Trivia Question #57: Which American senator gave a speech that lasted more than twenty-four hours in 1957?
Trivia Question #58: The cluster of stars known as the Pleiades is in which constellation?
Trivia Question #59: On Canadian TV, what did Steve Smith become famous for?
Trivia Question #60: Pick the date this occurred: Estonia occupied by Soviets.
Trivia Question #61: Women's ice hockey was added to the Nagano Olympics. Who won the gold medal?
Trivia Question #62: Which of the following would wear a chasuble?
Trivia Question #63: In what movie is the robot Gort stopped by the words, "Klaatu barada nikto"?
Trivia Question #64: Which of these movies was the first sequel to the original "Planet of the Apes" movie?
Trivia Question #65: What insect would you keep in an apiary?
Trivia Question #66: Who was the author of the book "Ramayana"?
Trivia Question #67: You may have one in your pocket, but you may not have known that its origins can be traced back to the Joachimsthaler. What is it?
Trivia Question #68: In Freudian psychoanalysis, which of these is not part of the personality structure?
Trivia Question #69: Of which new country is Ljubljana the capital?
Trivia Question #70: Who cursed a fig tree for not bearing fruit?
Trivia Question #71: Who wrote: "We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves."
Trivia Question #72: What Asian leader and future dictator worked as an intelligence officer during World War II?
Trivia Question #73: Who wrote "Emma"?
Trivia Question #74: In addition to becoming an Oscar-winning movie, what Canadian book was the first to win the Governor General's Award and the Booker Prize?
Trivia Question #75: What is the motto of the Three Musketeers?
Trivia Question #76: In the movie "Bullitt," what kind of car does Steve McQueen drive?
Trivia Question #77: How did Lawrence Tero become better known in the 1980s?
Trivia Question #78: According to scientists, an eon is one _______ years long.
Trivia Question #79: What was the name of Janis Joplin's backup group?
Trivia Question #80: The tallest mountain in North America is:
Trivia Question #81: What movie finally won Steven Spielberg his first Academy Award for best director?
Trivia Question #82: Which city is home to the Boshoi Theater, the Museum of the Revolution, and the Exhibition of Economic Achievements?
Trivia Question #83: After Jim Henson died, rumors widely circulated that which Muppet would come out of the closet and die of AIDS?
Trivia Question #84: Which is the name of the largest island in the World?
Trivia Question #85: Frederic Charles Alderdice was which country's last prime minister?
Trivia Question #86: If you're accepted into Al Azhar University, the oldest in the Islamic world, where should you start looking for an apartment?
Trivia Question #87: Catherine Callbeck was the first woman elected premier of a Canadian province. Which one?
Trivia Question #88: Who wrote: "Death's brother, Sleep."
Trivia Question #89: Where was high school teacher John T. Scopes put on trial in 1925 for teaching evolution?
Trivia Question #90: Which colony was founded by Roger Williams in the 1600s?
Trivia Question #91: Who set a record by winning four Oscars in a single year?
Trivia Question #92: What is the last word in King James Bible?
Trivia Question #93: I believed that people with trisomy-21 are evolving backward. Despite this, trisomy-21 is now named for me. Who am I?
Trivia Question #94: Which country's legendary 14th century hero is William Tell?
Trivia Question #95: Somebody erased 18 and a half minutes of Tape 342, in which Richard Nixon converses with whom?
Trivia Question #96: What was the 1st US released Beatles album with only thier compositions?
Trivia Question #97: Pick the musical term for "Sadly":
Trivia Question #98: What does a charwoman do for a living?
Trivia Question #99: The son of Portugal's John VI became Emperor Pedro I of what country?
Trivia Question #100: Pick the company that has the slogan "We Make It Better."
Trivia Question #101: In Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler's character takes up what sport after leaving hockey behind?
Trivia Question #102: How many white dots are in a board in the PacMac arcade game?
Trivia Question #103: What does the Mercalli scale measure?
Trivia Question #104: Who was the author of the book "Zorba the Greek"?
Trivia Question #105: What Kenneth Tynan musical included contributions from John Lennon, Samuel Beckett and Sam Shepard?
Trivia Question #106: In what skateboard jump does it seems as if the board "sticks" to your feet as you sail through the air?
Trivia Question #107: In describing the limits of free speech, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr once said that nobody has the right to yell what word(s) in a crowded theater?
Trivia Question #108: What name for an AC generator is also the name of an enemy of the superheroes known as the X-Men?
Trivia Question #109: Guam is part of which Pacific island region?
Trivia Question #110: Rick Ocasek, Greg Hawkes, Elliot Easton, Benjamin Orr: which band?
Trivia Question #111: What director plays Silent Bob in his own movies?
Trivia Question #112: In what year was the Red Cross formed in Geneva?
Trivia Question #113: Which one of Led Zeppelin's songs was included on a compilation album called "The Summit" in 1980?
Trivia Question #114: Thirty-six inches of the Indy 500 track consists of this substance, of which the whole track was originally made. What is it?
Trivia Question #115: Which Ohio metropolitan area is the most populous?
Trivia Question #116: Pick the item with the false statement below:
Trivia Question #117: What hard igneous rock is made from quartz, mica and feldspar?
Trivia Question #118: Where is Zard Kuh (14,921 feet/4548 m), the tallest peak of the Zagros Mountains?
Trivia Question #119: Which of these celebrities became famous for a hairdo with a Native American name?
Trivia Question #120: Which president was it that said, "It was my fortune, or misfortune, to be called to the office of Chief Executive without any previous political training."?
Trivia Question #121: In a 1983 movie, what was the girlish name of the demonic Plymouth Fury?
Trivia Question #122: Was Martina Hingis named for Martina Navratilova?
Trivia Question #123: The Tian Shan mountain range occupies part of western China and which other country?
Trivia Question #124: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Sensation Of Time."
Trivia Question #125: Producer Dan "The Automator" Nakamura and Blur singer Damon Albarn used cartoon personae to form what supergroup?
Trivia Question #126: Which legendary figure had the reputation of being a notorious wife killer?
Trivia Question #127: What did the United States win from the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty?
Trivia Question #128: Match the slogan "The Friday Scotch."
Trivia Question #129: On "The Honeymooners," what did Ralph Kramdem's neighbor Ed do for a living?
Trivia Question #130: Record "True Blue" from 1986 is by ________? ?
Trivia Question #131: So many cabs are yellow because of the Chicago Yellow Cab Company, founded by an Austrian better known today for a company that bears his name. What is it?
Trivia Question #132: In "Animal House", what was Bluto's grade point average?
Trivia Question #133: The word "draconian" comes from a particularly harsh lawmaker. Where did Draco do his worst?
Trivia Question #134: Define this musical term: "BREVE":
Trivia Question #135: Which state is home to the most number of libraries?
Trivia Question #136: In electronics, the acronym "UHF" stands for:
Trivia Question #137: 70's prog-rock act, Traffic, released "It's Like You Never Left" in which year?
Trivia Question #138: Who wrote: "Believe one who has proved it. Believe an expert."
Trivia Question #139: What is the plural of mongoose?
Trivia Question #140: Pick the date this occurred: Soviet Union moves government to Kuibyshev.
Trivia Question #141: Which president ran under the campaign slogans, "Vote Yourself a Farm" and "Don't swap horses in the middle of the stream"?
Trivia Question #142: Ouch! The egg of what New Zealand bird is about a quarter of its body mass?
Trivia Question #143: With whom did scholar Peter Abelard fall tragically in love in the early 12th century?
Trivia Question #144: Produced by the brain, this natural painkiller is three times stronger than morphine:
Trivia Question #145: The environmental disaster known as the Aral Sea lies on the border of?
Trivia Question #146: To what did Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov change his name?
Trivia Question #147: Which of these is not one of the Seven Deadly Sins?
Trivia Question #148: In what year did Hawaii join the United Stats?
Trivia Question #149: What synchronized swimmer passed on Canada's 1996 Olympic team, becoming an actress instead?
Trivia Question #150: Knighted in 1993, what Welsh actor still get to be called "Sir," even though he had to renounce his title when he became a US citizen in 2000?
Trivia Question #151: Which country's prime minister, Ian Smith, unilaterally declared independence from Britain in 1965?
Trivia Question #152: What does ENSO stand for?
Trivia Question #153: Who was the author of the book "Remembrance of Things Past"?
Trivia Question #154: Pick the company that has the slogan "The World Needs More."
Trivia Question #155: Pick the musical term for "Solemn":
Trivia Question #156: In the Old Testament, Caleb was a:
Trivia Question #157: Pick the place that has the slogan "Like No Place Else."
Trivia Question #158: Farinelli was born Carlo Broschi. How did he become famous?
Trivia Question #159: Father Lankester Merrin is the title character in what William Peter Blatty book?
Trivia Question #160: Define this musical term: "SCHNELLER":
Trivia Question #161: If you're enduring arthroscopic knee surgery, or endoscopic surgery, as it's sometimes called, what is happening to you?
Trivia Question #162: On his way to a club after a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas, who was shot dead on September 7, 1996?
Trivia Question #163: What "amateur cracksman" was created by EW Hornung, the brother-in-law of Arthur Conan Doyle?
Trivia Question #164: Craig MacTavish was the last player in what league to get away without wearing a helmet?
Trivia Question #165: To which country did President Lincoln initially want to relocate emancipated slaves to?
Trivia Question #166: What did Lew Alcindor change his name to?
Trivia Question #167: What was the approximate average Total Fertility Rate (live births per woman) in the 1950s?
Trivia Question #168: Commonly used as a greeting, what does "shalom" mean?
Trivia Question #169: What was the name of Bill Clinton's cat?
Trivia Question #170: What is pretty much the only thing a panda will eat?
Trivia Question #171: Who invented the Hovercraft?
Trivia Question #172: By definition, which of these will you not find on a BLT sandwich?
Trivia Question #173: Who was the star of a movie serial called "The Perils of Pauline"?
Trivia Question #174: Which of the following was never prime minister of England (but did play a wicked set of drums)?
Trivia Question #175: Which rocker's real name is Paul Hewson?
Trivia Question #176: Which country spans the widest area of ocean?
Trivia Question #177: In the 2000 elections, in what state did John Ashcroft lose a senate seat to a dead man?
Trivia Question #178: Which U.S. state is known as the Volunteer State?
Trivia Question #179: Despite marrying her, who hated Caroline of Brunswick so much he locked her out of his own coronation?
Trivia Question #180: Which plant is also known as an aubergine?
Trivia Question #181: What artist, raised in Shanghai, came to define the "cosmic" look of the psychedelic 1960s?
Trivia Question #182: Who was the president who promised the people that "We will not waver, we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail."?
Trivia Question #183: Which song: "W?hen I'm watchin' my TV/ And that man comes on to tell me"?
Trivia Question #184: Who would wear a sou'wester?
Trivia Question #185: Flamboyant financier John Law is said to have been the first person to hold what monetary status?
Trivia Question #186: Which constellation's belt is actually three stars: Alnilam, Alnitak and Mintaka?
Trivia Question #187: Which of these units is the longest?
Trivia Question #188: Called "Once More With Feeling," what Josh Whedon show had a musical episode in 2001?
Trivia Question #189: As of 2000, how many states does Mexico have?
Trivia Question #190: Glenn T. Seaborg was a key player in this field of science:
Trivia Question #191: In 1889, who became the last bare-knuckle heavyweight champion?
Trivia Question #192: Remy Martin and Courvoisier are the top of the line of what drink, also known as grape brandy?
Trivia Question #193: On what Seattle-based TV show did Bill Gates appear in November 2001?
Trivia Question #194: Who does Waylon Smithers help?
Trivia Question #195: Who is responsible for the quote "All's fair in love and war"?
Trivia Question #196: Which of these characters starred in "Steamboat Willie," the first animated cartoon with sound?
Trivia Question #197: Phyllis Wheatley is known as the first African-American:
Trivia Question #198: Who was broken by the failure of a self-financed ragtime opera he called Treemonisha?
Trivia Question #199: Howard Hughes inherited his first fortune. On what was it based?
Trivia Question #200: In 1991, in "A View From Above: Sports, Sex and Controversy," who claimed to have slept with 20,000 women?

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