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Trivia Question #1: How was Ruth related to Naomi?
Trivia Question #2: In what city would you find the Royal Palace on Stads Island?
Trivia Question #3: What is the average speed at which a beard grows per year?
Trivia Question #4: In the 1960s, which product was buried in such faraway locations as Angel Falls and Mount Kilimanjaro, and subsequently became the subject of a treasure hunt campaign?
Trivia Question #5: Three of Catherine d'Medici's sons--Francis, Charles and Henry--became kings of what country?
Trivia Question #6: As of 2001, 11 horses have won the Triple Crown. Which has won it most recently?
Trivia Question #7: What is the state bird of landlocked Utah?
Trivia Question #8: Before becoming governor general, Roland Michener was the premier of Manitoba. What party was he from then?
Trivia Question #9: What classic horror novel is subtitled "The Modern Prometheus"?
Trivia Question #10: Which winner of the 1984 Grammy for Best New Artist also won a 1995 Emmy for guest starring on "Mad About You"?
Trivia Question #11: Where did the oil tanker Torrey Canyon go aground in 1967?
Trivia Question #12: Who wrote "Fried Green Tomatoes"?
Trivia Question #13: Which book describes the "passing over" of the Jews in Egypt?
Trivia Question #14: What type of cat gets its name from a black and white patterned silk found in an old quarter of Baghdad?
Trivia Question #15: Pick the musical term for "Alternatively faster or slower than Andante":
Trivia Question #16: During which decade were vaccines for polio and measles developed?
Trivia Question #17: For what was theologian Clive Staples Lewis best known?
Trivia Question #18: Which city hosted Zep's last American gig?
Trivia Question #19: Which constellation is used to navigate in the Southern Hemisphere?
Trivia Question #20: In what John Ford movie does John Wayne play a wanted man called the Ringo Kid?
Trivia Question #21: When Vito Andolini arrived in America, US Immigration mistakenly assigned his Sicilian hometown as his surname. What was this?
Trivia Question #22: Who was the president who said, "America is best described by one word, freedom."?
Trivia Question #23: Where and when did Robert Musil live?
Trivia Question #24: Codenamed Ginger and IT, what kind of invention did Dean Kamen eventually call the Segway HT?
Trivia Question #25: What is the only planet that is less dense than water?
Trivia Question #26: What is New Orleans' "big" nickname?
Trivia Question #27: Which country celebrates its 50th anniversary this week (April 27, 1998)?
Trivia Question #28: Which of these forms of academic praise is the highest praise of all?
Trivia Question #29: How did Trevor Reese-Jones make the news in 1997?
Trivia Question #30: Who famously had a vision of a valley of dry bones?
Trivia Question #31: Who wrote "The Clue of the Old Album"?
Trivia Question #32: In addition to being an ace reporter, what girlfriend of Superman's also writes mystery novels?
Trivia Question #33: What is the capital of both Newfoundland and the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda?
Trivia Question #34: Good golly, miss molly! Who was born Richard Wayne Penniman in Macon, Georgia, one of a family of 12 children?
Trivia Question #35: Oddly, what gas is the most abundant element in the Earth's crust, making up nearly half of it?
Trivia Question #36: Pick the company that has the slogan "One Less Thing To Worry About."
Trivia Question #37: Article 126 of which band's contract rider banned brown M&Ms from their dressing room?
Trivia Question #38: Who wrote: "I have found power in the mysteries of thought."
Trivia Question #39: All of these movies were released during the 1930's except:
Trivia Question #40: The Antwerp Olympics were the first to use the Olympic flag and oath. When were they?
Trivia Question #41: What happened to Chaffee, Grissom and White on January 27, 1967?
Trivia Question #42: What was the name of Richard Nixon's cocker spaniel that he mentioned in one of his most famous speeches?
Trivia Question #43: The movie "The Year of Living Dangerously" was finally shown in what country in 2000, two years after Suharto was forced from office?
Trivia Question #44: Cowboy movie stars William S. Hart and Tom Mix were among the pallbearers for which real-life Wild West legend, who died in Los Angeles on January 13, 1929?
Trivia Question #45: MBAs often become corporate presidents. Who was the first MBA to become President of the United States?
Trivia Question #46: According to John Milton, what was the capital of Hell?
Trivia Question #47: Energy cannot be created or destroyed / the total enery in the universe is constant is the ________.
Trivia Question #48: The British beat the heck out of this country, in the year 1759, at the Plains of Abraham, and took control of Quebec:
Trivia Question #49: What gay writer befriended Timothy McVeigh and even planned to attend his execution?
Trivia Question #50: Dimitrius Underwood an became NFL defensive star, despite what disease?
Trivia Question #51: Which event did not occur during the 1950's?
Trivia Question #52: Pick the company that has the slogan "Something Special In The Air."
Trivia Question #53: With at least 100 followers in Fort Hood, Texas, what religion did the Army recognize in May 1999, appointing chaplains to oversee ceremonies on at least five bases?
Trivia Question #54: In 1901, the first Nobel Peace Prize was shared by Frederic Passy and a Swiss businessperson named Henri Dunant. Passy had founded France's first peace society. But what had Dunant done?
Trivia Question #55: Who was literally sewn into a Jean Louis gown so that she could sing "Happy Birthday" to JFK?
Trivia Question #56: Where is Arjumand Banu Begum entombed?
Trivia Question #57: Which country's flag includes an outline of an island?
Trivia Question #58: What former Oiler and Canuck has appeared in commercials for Lay's Potato Chips?
Trivia Question #59: Who wrote "Howard's End"?
Trivia Question #60: What is the name of the Freelings' dog in "Poltergeist"?
Trivia Question #61: In what city would you find WJM-TV, as well as associate producer Mary Richards?
Trivia Question #62: Before becoming Elvis Presley's home, what was the primary use of the estate known as Graceland?
Trivia Question #63: Home to the world-famous theater district, what is New York City's longest street?
Trivia Question #64: In what movie did Tom Cruise land an Oscar nomination for playing Frank T.J. Mackey?
Trivia Question #65: Its four largest moons are referred to as the "Galilean Moons":
Trivia Question #66: A war once started this way. What would you be doing if you were defenestrating something?
Trivia Question #67: For what team did Alberta premiers Peter Lougheed and Don Getty both play?
Trivia Question #68: What is the capital of Missouri?
Trivia Question #69: Which animal is included in the order Batoidea?
Trivia Question #70: what are the names of Homer's two colleagues from Sector 7G?
Trivia Question #71: How many counties are in Rhode Island?
Trivia Question #72: When is a proper Englishman most likely to break for tea time?
Trivia Question #73: Bariatrics is medicine dealing with whom?
Trivia Question #74: Why were people talking about the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo in 1994?
Trivia Question #75: Oliver Cromwell had it banned from 1647 to 1660, and in 1659, Massachusetts fined you for doing it. What is it?
Trivia Question #76: Pick the drink that has the slogan "This Is The Taste."
Trivia Question #77: Who sang, in 1966: "There's something happening here"?
Trivia Question #78: Which star of "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Doctor Zhivago" wrote a newspaper column about bridge?
Trivia Question #79: The word lampoon comes from "lampons," a word that appeared in the chorus of 17th-century French songs. What would students do when they heard "lampons"?
Trivia Question #80: Who is the Duke of York, Earl of Inverness and Baron Killyleagh?
Trivia Question #81: Which North American river flows into Lake Winnipeg?
Trivia Question #82: A hamburg muscat is a:
Trivia Question #83: If we refer to some as freestone and others as clingstone, we are talking about:
Trivia Question #84: In 1882, what term did English essayist and poet Frederic Myers coin for sending or receiving thoughts?
Trivia Question #85: Where would you find ushabti figures?
Trivia Question #86: Who wrote: "There are some defeats more triumphant than victories."
Trivia Question #87: After World War II, the American military set up in a city known for having Germany's first university. Which city?
Trivia Question #88: What band did Led Zeppelin open for on their 1968 U.S. tour?
Trivia Question #89: In Greek mythology, who did Orpheus attempt to rescue from the underworld after she stepped on a serpent and died?
Trivia Question #90: Of the composers used in Disney's "Fantasia," only one was alive when it was released. Who could have seen dinosaurs cavorting to his "Rite of Spring"?
Trivia Question #91: Who was the first president to have a vice-president of a different party?
Trivia Question #92: The bald eagle represents the United States. The monkey-eating eagle has been suggested as which former US territory's avian rep?
Trivia Question #93: Who wrote: "I have Immortal longings in me."
Trivia Question #94: On the bay of which river does Lisbon lie?
Trivia Question #95: Who played the best friend of Sarah Jessica Parker in "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"?
Trivia Question #96: He used a four-letter nickname, but which sport did Brazilian-born Arantes Do Nascimento become famous playing?
Trivia Question #97: Where would you find a knot called a chignon?
Trivia Question #98: Citizen Kane is often called the greatest movie ever made, but what movie about Welsh miners beat it to win that year's Best Picture Oscar?
Trivia Question #99: The medieval morality play _______ is performed annually in the Salzburg Cathedral Square.
Trivia Question #100: How would you pronounce the "!" in the name of the African language !Kung?
Trivia Question #101: Chaim Witz was born in Haifa, Israel, but became Gene Simmons, a guitarist with which rock band?
Trivia Question #102: In addition to meaning "the center of attention," "cynosure" can also refer to what constellation?
Trivia Question #103: Unveiled at a 1947 meeting of the Optical Society of America, what was Edwin Land inspired to invent by his impatient daughter?
Trivia Question #104: When was the first Indianapolis 500 race held?
Trivia Question #105: When a whale is breaching, what is it doing?
Trivia Question #106: In 1999, surveyors added seven feet to what mountain, bringing its height to 29,035?
Trivia Question #107: By definition, what causes an iatrogenic medical condition?
Trivia Question #108: Which of the following was set in the town of Hooterville?
Trivia Question #109: Pick the musical term for "Lit. Detached":
Trivia Question #110: How did Carlo Giuliani make the news in 2001?
Trivia Question #111: What does a barometer measure?
Trivia Question #112: How many symphonies did Franz Schubert finish?
Trivia Question #113: The 7 Trucial Sheikdoms merged to form which country in 1971?
Trivia Question #114: Samuel Beckett wrote his most famous work, "Waiting for Godot," in what language?
Trivia Question #115: Pick the company that has the slogan "Inteligence Everywhere."
Trivia Question #116: This substance is produced by the human body when a person is angry or frightened:
Trivia Question #117: Kobe Bryant became the youngest ever NBA player when he debuted with what team?
Trivia Question #118: What month and year did the Mary Celleste disappear?
Trivia Question #119: In the book of Daniel, this ruler is said to have grazed like an ox after going insane.
Trivia Question #120: Cajun popcorn isn't really popcorn. What is it?
Trivia Question #121: Which president was formerly employed as a haberdasher?
Trivia Question #122: Traditionally, an English barrister's wig is made from what animal's hair?
Trivia Question #123: What playing card is called the curse of Scotland?
Trivia Question #124: The coriolis force mainly affects:
Trivia Question #125: Konigsberg used to an important German city. Now it has a new name and is in new hands. Which country currently holds Konigsberg?
Trivia Question #126: If you read the football stats often, you'll know what PAT stands for ________.
Trivia Question #127: According to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who decreed a pleasure dome in Xanadu?
Trivia Question #128: The Torres Strait Islanders are Aboriginal people in what country?
Trivia Question #129: Marshall "the medium is the message" McLuhan was a professor at what university in the 1960s?
Trivia Question #130: What nickname is shared by authentic Egyptian obelisks on London's Thames Embankment and in Manhattan's Central Park?
Trivia Question #131: A lathe is used to:
Trivia Question #132: Moosehead Lake is the largest in which state?
Trivia Question #133: In a much-discussed scene of which 1999 summer movie does a character have sex with a pastry?
Trivia Question #134: What are you most likely to do after swallowing a diuretic?
Trivia Question #135: What was the host country of the soccer world cup in 1978?
Trivia Question #136: The Dutch in general prefer their french fries with which condiment?
Trivia Question #137: Who wrote: "The little foolery that wise men have makes a great show."
Trivia Question #138: If you find scurf on your spouse's clothes, what should you deduce?
Trivia Question #139: Founded near Santa Barbara, Hidden Ranch bills itself as the creator of what mayo and buttermilk salad dressing?
Trivia Question #140: In 1996, what country's Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani established the Al-Jazeera TV network by hiring most of the BBC Arabic Service's editors, reporters and technicians?
Trivia Question #141: I am flipping a coin and it has come up heads nine times in a row. What are the odds now of it coming up heads when I try again?
Trivia Question #142: President Lincoln revokes Gen. John C. Frémont's unauthorized military proclamation of emancipation in Missouri. Later, the president relieves Gen. Frémont of his command and replaces him with Gen. David Hunter.
Trivia Question #143: Which president was nicknamed "Old Hickory"?
Trivia Question #144: The Monitor and the Merrimack fought it out in the mouth of which river?
Trivia Question #145: Who was the arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes?
Trivia Question #146: Which of the former Soviet republics has its capital at Tashkent?
Trivia Question #147: In Amazing Fantasy #15, how does Peter Parker get his superpowers?
Trivia Question #148: In electronics, a "farad" is a unit of:
Trivia Question #149: Which of these lizards is a species made up entirely of females?
Trivia Question #150: Besides being extremely salty, the Dead Sea is unique in that it is:
Trivia Question #151: What word do we get from Greek words meaning "the study of crafting"?
Trivia Question #152: This president commented on Congress and the federal budget by saying, "Cures were developed for which there were no known diseases."?
Trivia Question #153: Matt Frewer played Max Headroom, but he also provided the first-ever voice for which pussycat?
Trivia Question #154: Pick the date this occurred: Soviets take Brest-Litovsk.
Trivia Question #155: By what name do we better know Kwok's disease?
Trivia Question #156: On January 1, 2000, what was the collective age of the four remaining Rolling Stones?
Trivia Question #157: All of these are kinds of boats or ships except:
Trivia Question #158: How many years separate Bart and Lisa Simpson?
Trivia Question #159: In craps, if your first roll is a two, three or _______ you lose.
Trivia Question #160: What was the claim to fame of Venice Kong?
Trivia Question #161: What city on the Rhone River has attracted such religious thinkers as John Knox and John Calvin?
Trivia Question #162: What is the highest "par" sanctioned by the United States Golf Association?
Trivia Question #163: Who wrote: "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."
Trivia Question #164: Who has set several of his novels in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine?
Trivia Question #165: What was the name of the first Doors album?
Trivia Question #166: Killed in a Honduran car accident, Lisa Lopez was the L in TLC. What was her nickname?
Trivia Question #167: Generally speaking, where does serum come from?
Trivia Question #168: Well, call me Moby Dick. Muslims trace their ancestry to which of Abraham's sons?
Trivia Question #169: In 2001, Amy Grant gave birth to Corrina. Who was the papa?
Trivia Question #170: Roughly what percentage of the known chemical elements are metals?
Trivia Question #171: Define this musical term: "RITARDANDO (RIT.)":
Trivia Question #172: In which of these movies does Billy Crystal's character have one eye?
Trivia Question #173: What painter's madness is blamed on the cadmium in his yellow paints and on a middle-ear condition called Ménière's disease?
Trivia Question #174: Which location is further east?
Trivia Question #175: What year was the King James version of the Bible published?
Trivia Question #176: Pick the company that has the slogan "Go Farther."
Trivia Question #177: What does a filly become on its fifth birthday?
Trivia Question #178: Known for their well-developed syrinxes, what are oscines?
Trivia Question #179: Which country became the 10th Member of the E.E.C. in 1981?
Trivia Question #180: Named for the son of rail baron Leland Stanford, in which state is Stanford University?
Trivia Question #181: Pick the date this occurred: British forces in Crete defeated.
Trivia Question #182: What is the Hogwarts Express?
Trivia Question #183: If you're on the first step toward sainthood, what adjective gets put before your name?
Trivia Question #184: What Oscar-winning son of a stockbroker won a Bronze Star for Valor in Vietnam?
Trivia Question #185: In what WWII battle did the Japanese lose four carriers?
Trivia Question #186: Under a different name, Cornelius McGillicuddy achieved what claim to fame?
Trivia Question #187: The world's only all-black swans are native to which "down under" country?
Trivia Question #188: Which of the following sentences uses "teosinte" correctly?
Trivia Question #189: What does the LL in LL Bean stand for?
Trivia Question #190: Name the Zeppelin song containing these lyrics: "The mighty arms of Atlas holds the heavens from the earth."
Trivia Question #191: The Sea of Azov is part of which sea?
Trivia Question #192: Before he became one of the most popular singers in American music, Elvis Presley had which of the following jobs?
Trivia Question #193: What is the westernmost province or territory of Canada?
Trivia Question #194: Since AD 797, the 16-petal chrysanthemum has been a symbol for which country’s ruling family?
Trivia Question #195: In which year did Mia Farrow marry Frank Sinatra?
Trivia Question #196: Who wrote: "Time will explain it all. He is a talker, and needs no questioning before he speaks."
Trivia Question #197: In its May/June 1996 issue, what magazine misspelled "feminism" on its cover?
Trivia Question #198: Each of these is a type of tea, except:
Trivia Question #199: The United States has the largest Gross Domestic Product. Which country is second?
Trivia Question #200: A standard orchestra has just two double-reed instruments in the woodwind section. One is the oboe. What is the other?

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