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Trivia Question #1: In what movie did six Brussels Griffons play a dog named Verdell?
Trivia Question #2: The highest point in the United Kingdom is?
Trivia Question #3: What is an agora?
Trivia Question #4: What brings Frosty the Snowman to life?
Trivia Question #5: Which celebrity would be oldest if he or she were alive today?
Trivia Question #6: In the week before it won the 2001 Grammy for Album of the Year, "Two Against Nature" sold 3,800 copies. In the week after, it sold 32,000. Who recorded it?
Trivia Question #7: Founded in Janesville, Wisconsin, in 1899, what does Gideons International do?
Trivia Question #8: Which anti-Hitler Toronto newspaper was the first North American newspaper to be banned in Nazi Germany?
Trivia Question #9: Which royal house of England ruled for over 200 years?
Trivia Question #10: As Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi, one of which country's princes competed in four Olympic Games as a bobsledder?
Trivia Question #11: Which statement about Cesare Borgia is untrue?
Trivia Question #12: In the middle of a storied 11 year NFL career, this Super Bowl champion and Hall of Famer shocked the sports world by signing a contract and playing for a year in the World Football League.
Trivia Question #13: Surface tension is caused by ________.
Trivia Question #14: Known as the Russian Rocket, Pavel Bure is a star in what sport?
Trivia Question #15: Which is an example of a cetacean?
Trivia Question #16: What is Kalaallit Nunaat more commonly known as?
Trivia Question #17: What old slang for a nickel is now used a mode of transportation that once cost a nickel?
Trivia Question #18: Coolio reworked Stevie Wonder's "Pasttime Paradise," turning it into what song?
Trivia Question #19: Army of the Potomac under Gen. Burnside suffers a costly defeat at Fredericksburg in Virginia with a loss of 12,653 men after 14 frontal assaults on well entrenched Rebels on Marye's Heights.
Trivia Question #20: Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) from the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency show flood zones for which probabilities?
Trivia Question #21: On July 6, 1946, where was George W. Bush born?
Trivia Question #22: Pick the date this occurred: German Army captures Minsk.
Trivia Question #23: Which artistic movement, which began in New York in the 1940s, is also known as action painting?
Trivia Question #24: In which place did Sinbad the Sailor encounter a legendary giant bird?
Trivia Question #25: William Close, father of Glenn Close, was Mobutu's personal physician. He also became surgeon general for what country's army?
Trivia Question #26: Who holds the record for most sacks in an NFL season?
Trivia Question #27: Which jazz artist was dubbed "The Highness of Hi-De-Ho"?
Trivia Question #28: Who wrote: "Woe to the man whose heart has not learned while young to hope, to love - and to put its trust in life."
Trivia Question #29: Which of the following forms of birth control is most effective in preventing the transmission of HIV (AIDS)?
Trivia Question #30: In Greek myth, the manticore, chimera, griffin and sphinx all had the body of what animal?
Trivia Question #31: Who wrote: "The greatest griefs are those we case ourselves."
Trivia Question #32: In "The Golden Child," what object does the Child animate to amuse his captor?
Trivia Question #33: "Knowledge is Good" is the motto of the college in which youth-orientated film?
Trivia Question #34: In 1998, Scottish writer William Auld was nominated for a Nobel Prize for 52 books written in what language?
Trivia Question #35: In 27 BC, who became the first emperor of Rome, at which time the Senate gave him a new name meaning "consecrated"?
Trivia Question #36: "What you see is what you get" was the catch-phrase of this T.V. comedy character:
Trivia Question #37: As of 2000, what is the most syndicated comic strip in the world?
Trivia Question #38: Called Japan's greatest playwright, Chikamatsu Monzaemon often wrote for bunraku. What is bunraku?
Trivia Question #39: What Massachusetts Unitarian minister chucked his vocation and became a "self-reliant" transcendentalist poet and essayist?
Trivia Question #40: Who wrote: "Be courteous, be obliging, but don't give yourself over to be melted down for the benefit of the tallow trade."
Trivia Question #41: Where do approximately 1/3 of all rapes occur?
Trivia Question #42: In 1993, what superstar signed up with a class AA Southern League team called the Birmingham Barons?
Trivia Question #43: Who wrote: "We can learn even from our enemies."
Trivia Question #44: On your average ship, what would you find in the binnacle?
Trivia Question #45: A group of what kind of animal is known as a warren?
Trivia Question #46: Which word is used to describe eating dirt?
Trivia Question #47: There are at least six different kinds of football. Which of these is not?
Trivia Question #48: What medieval scholar also wrote 11 books starring witty aristocrat-detective Lord Peter Wimsey?
Trivia Question #49: What are the names of the agents played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in "Men in Black"?
Trivia Question #50: Which country is called Bharat by the locals, for a legendary ruler named Bharata?
Trivia Question #51: Name the song: "So close no matter how far/ Couldn't be much more from the heart"?
Trivia Question #52: Pick the musical term for "Like a harp":
Trivia Question #53: According to Charles's Law, what is directly proportional to the absolute temperature of a fixed amount of gas?
Trivia Question #54: What group did the Alan Price Combo become in 1962?
Trivia Question #55: Who published an account of his visit to the prison on Sakhalin Island in the 1890s?
Trivia Question #56: What is the primary ingredient in the Middle Eastern dish of falafel?
Trivia Question #57: Who was the most famous son of American-born Jenny Jerome?
Trivia Question #58: As of 2002, which of these countries is not in the European Union?
Trivia Question #59: My grandfather was Josiah Wedgwood, an anti-slavery activist who was famous for his blue pottery. And my cousin was Francis Dalton, the founder of eugenics. Who am I?
Trivia Question #60: Which ancient Roman road was called the "Great Coast Road"?
Trivia Question #61: Who sang "Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, Peggy Sue"?
Trivia Question #62: Which disease is caused by a blockage of the aqueous humour?
Trivia Question #63: Dr. Faust sells his soul to the devil in exchange for:
Trivia Question #64: Despite being just three years older than Laurence Harvey, who was cast as his mother in "The Manchurian Candidate"?
Trivia Question #65: Which of these body parts is not located above the neck?
Trivia Question #66: What religion was represented by the Greek letters chi and rho?
Trivia Question #67: What business was run by the brothers on "Wings"?
Trivia Question #68: Between 1919 and 1964, Charlotte was grand duchess of which tiny country?
Trivia Question #69: Which animal series ran for the greatest number of seasons?
Trivia Question #70: What was the first sequel to win the Oscar for Best Picture?
Trivia Question #71: How much is a fathom?
Trivia Question #72: How many stories were there in the building in "The Towering Inferno"?
Trivia Question #73: Not all the gospels made the final cut. Which "gnostic" apostle is said to have written a Gospel containing 114 of the sayings of Jesus?
Trivia Question #74: Edmund Barton was the first prime minister of what country?
Trivia Question #75: What aggressive weed choked 1,500 kilometers (900 miles) of the Zaire River?
Trivia Question #76: How many teams made the playoff field for the right to play in the first Super Bowl?
Trivia Question #77: Forget the four-minute mile! In 1968, Dr. Fager set a record by running the mile in 1 minute 32 1/5 seconds. What is Dr. Fager?
Trivia Question #78: Following a revolution in 1911, who became the first provisional president of the Chinese Republic?
Trivia Question #79: The world's coldest capital city, Ulan Bator, is in what country?
Trivia Question #80: According to superstition, what do you do when you stub the toes on your right foot?
Trivia Question #81: How many syllables long is a line of iambic pentameter?
Trivia Question #82: What Ohio-based TV show featured Courtney Cox and Geena Davis ... as Alex's love interests ... and Tom Hanks, as his alcoholic uncle?
Trivia Question #83: Of women who read Playboy, how many have used drugs as a sex stimulant?
Trivia Question #84: In which country was tennis player Petr Korda born?
Trivia Question #85: What was the original name of the Tennessee Titans?
Trivia Question #86: With a jump start of some 200 years over Buck Rogers, in what century was the original "Star Trek" series set?
Trivia Question #87: On an overcast day, I look for polarized ultraviolet light to find the sun, use it to navigate a path to food, and then do a waggle dance to communicate its location to others. What am I?
Trivia Question #88: Which shortstop was known as the Flying Dutchman?
Trivia Question #89: At which Las Vegas landmark did a 1980 fire kill more than 80 people?
Trivia Question #90: Written by Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) wrote the book series "A Series of Unfortunate Events." Who is most likely to read these books?
Trivia Question #91: What was Bart Simpson's reward for giving blood to Mr. Burns?
Trivia Question #92: Moses came from what tribe of Israel?
Trivia Question #93: What Hall of Fame was opened in 1990 in Canastota, New York?
Trivia Question #94: Which sexually promiscuous billionaire installed pay phones in Surrey's Sutton Place?
Trivia Question #95: Taking its name from the Spanish for "Island of Bones," what is the southernmost point in the continental United States?
Trivia Question #96: What beverage is Bacchus the god of?
Trivia Question #97: What is the term for the attraction between any two objects that have mass?
Trivia Question #98: Why were young Germans sent to the gymnasium and young French to the lycee?
Trivia Question #99: Kermit the Frog has how many points on his collar around his neck?
Trivia Question #100: When the ocean gets warm, you get a spot of low pressure that sucks in dry air. What does this spot become?
Trivia Question #101: The sixteenth century Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe was a very unusual man. Among other things, he:
Trivia Question #102: What comedian created Fat Albert, along with his friends Rudy, Mushmouth, Donald, Bill, Weird Harold and Russell?
Trivia Question #103: Founded by William Wadsworth Hodkinson, what movie company's mountain logo may depict Mount Ben Lomond, near Hodkinson's boyhood home of Ogden, Utah?
Trivia Question #104: Which statement is the right one below?
Trivia Question #105: Which of these isn't a euphemism for muskrat fur, but is a euphemism for muskrat meat?
Trivia Question #106: All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?
Trivia Question #107: In Greek mythology, Hippolyta, Pentheselia and Atiope were all:
Trivia Question #108: Two of the main passes of the Alps share a name. These two passes are known as the Great and Little what?
Trivia Question #109: Pick the musical term for "Moderate time":
Trivia Question #110: In a record that stood for a decade, Joe Montana now holds the mark for second most yards passing in a single Super Bowl. Can you remember which Super Bowl it was that Joe broke out for 357 yards?
Trivia Question #111: What is the nearest North American equivalent to a French dessert called pain perdu?
Trivia Question #112: Kaliningrad, once known as Konigsberg, is a Russian enclave surrounded by Lithuania and which other country?
Trivia Question #113: Who was America's first millionaire?
Trivia Question #114: In the Star Wars movies, Princess Leia's mother is Queen Amidala. But who is her father?
Trivia Question #115: What makes the Red Sea red?
Trivia Question #116: A BTU raises the temperature of one pound of a substance one degree Fahrenheit. What is the B for?
Trivia Question #117: Cortez captured this leader in 1520, ending the Aztec Empire in Mexico:
Trivia Question #118: Hund's rule is a rule about ________.
Trivia Question #119: Pick the company that has the slogan "Where The Past Comes Alive."
Trivia Question #120: In which of these movies did Harvey Keitel play a pimp?
Trivia Question #121: In 2001, geneticists discovered that we humans have many fewer genes than we thought. How many?
Trivia Question #122: With which 1948 invention is Leo (Clarence) Fender associated?
Trivia Question #123: What former Look Magazine photographer directed such movies as "Spartacus" and "A Clockwork Orange"?
Trivia Question #124: Who wrote "The Razor's Edge"?
Trivia Question #125: Where in the US is the "Petrified Forest"?
Trivia Question #126: Where and when did Franz Kafka live?
Trivia Question #127: What figure skater bought the Ice Capades in 1993 and served as it artistic director?
Trivia Question #128: What First Lady, best known for the rehab clinic named for, was first married to William Warren?
Trivia Question #129: What country has the world's shortest coastline?
Trivia Question #130: In India, what are "tambura" and "tabla"?
Trivia Question #131: Which of these is a word for a bump on a ski run?
Trivia Question #132: Pick the musical term for "Ger. Broad":
Trivia Question #133: Which Titan did Zeus have chained to a rock as punishment for giving humanity the secret of fire?
Trivia Question #134: Which of these sausages is a favorite in what used to be called Yugoslavia?
Trivia Question #135: What city in Europe actually offers tours of it's sewers?
Trivia Question #136: The chemical symbol Sn comes from "stannum," the Latin name for which element?
Trivia Question #137: A croquet ball weighs how many pounds?
Trivia Question #138: I have seen it all! Oddball Icelandic star Bjork Gudmundsdottir wore a swan to the Oscars in 2001. In what category was she nominated?
Trivia Question #139: Who wrote: "Truly, to tell lies is not honorable; but when the truth entails tremendous ruin, To speak dishonorably is pardonable."
Trivia Question #140: What is the name which 'Krusty the Clown' assumed?
Trivia Question #141: Who untied the knot named for King Gordius of Phrygia?
Trivia Question #142: Pick the company that has the slogan "What Do You Want People To See."
Trivia Question #143: What was the title of King Edward VIII after he stopped being king?
Trivia Question #144: The Thar desert is also known by this name:
Trivia Question #145: What's the capital city of Italy?
Trivia Question #146: Get this party started! What is Alecia Moore's colorful stage name?
Trivia Question #147: Pick the false statement:
Trivia Question #148: All these men are known primarily as writers of song lyrics except:
Trivia Question #149: Which household electronic item would you adjust to Frequency Modulation?
Trivia Question #150: Pick the musical term for "Less slow than largo":
Trivia Question #151: References to the occult can be found in the works of all these writers except?
Trivia Question #152: Which of these movies was based on the life of textile-union organizer Crystal Lee Sutton?
Trivia Question #153: In 1999, "American Beauty," "Cider House Rules" and "Boys Don't Cry" all premiered at which city's film festival?
Trivia Question #154: Which of these was not a story written by Hans Christian Andersen?
Trivia Question #155: To what island was Napoleon first exiled?
Trivia Question #156: Produced by the brain, this natural painkiller is three times stronger than morphine:
Trivia Question #157: Who invented Dirk Gently?
Trivia Question #158: At which Olympics did Canada win gold medals in golf, soccer and lacrosse?
Trivia Question #159: In Nix v Hedden, the US Supreme Court decided in 1893 that what fruit is in fact a vegetable for tariff purposes?
Trivia Question #160: All of these movies were about horses except:
Trivia Question #161: If you wanted to sing the jazz standard "Sing Sing Sing" at Sing Sing, where should you be?
Trivia Question #162: Which conflict of the colonial period was a slave uprising?
Trivia Question #163: Pick the company that has the slogan "We Measure Success One Investor At A Time."
Trivia Question #164: Accused of dodging the draft in World War I, Jack Dempsey knocked out a decorated combat pilot from that war on July 2, 1921. Who?
Trivia Question #165: Who is the president pictured on the dollar bill?
Trivia Question #166: At 1000 beats a minute, "Thousand" was acclaimed by Guinness as the fastest ever. Who recorded it?
Trivia Question #167: In fact, 1960s student radical Abbie Hoffman had already graduated ... in 1959 ... from what Massachusetts university oriented for Jews?
Trivia Question #168: The first television broadcast of a major league baseball game was between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers in August of what year?
Trivia Question #169: What is the word for a grouping of crocodiles?
Trivia Question #170: Which of South Africa's three capital cities is also a port?
Trivia Question #171: After a disastrous family trip in 1951, Kemmons Wilson designed what kid-friendly hotel chain, which he named for a Bing Crosby movie?
Trivia Question #172: The early Russian socialists split into two branches, the Bolsheviks and the:
Trivia Question #173: The firm of Brown and Williamson plays a supporting role in which recent movie?
Trivia Question #174: In addition to having played Colleen McMurphy on "China Beach," who is also heir to a toilet flush valve fortune?
Trivia Question #175: The word "veterinarian" for from the Latin "veterinae," which is the name of what animal, treated by a vet?
Trivia Question #176: What country's farmers massage their cows and feed them meals of beer and sake mash to produce kobe beef?
Trivia Question #177: Where does the name for 7Up come from?
Trivia Question #178: On August 16, 1920, what did Yankee pitcher Carl Mays do to Indian shortstop Ray Chapman that changed the game forever?
Trivia Question #179: Using a left jab to Papa's jaw, which Canadian writer knocked down Ernest Hemingway in a Paris boxing match in 1929?
Trivia Question #180: On winning an Emmy, what did the always classy Kirstie Alley thank husband Parker Stevenson for giving her?
Trivia Question #181: Who wrote: "The only paradise is paradise lost."
Trivia Question #182: Define this musical term: "NON":
Trivia Question #183: What would you specialize in if you were a cardiologist?
Trivia Question #184: Which of these is not a base SI unit?
Trivia Question #185: Who noticed that Cassius has "A lean and hungry look" in Shakespeare's play?
Trivia Question #186: Where are a person's dura mater and pia mater?
Trivia Question #187: Betelgeuse and Rigel are stars in what constellation?
Trivia Question #188: With a minimum 10 punts, which player booted his way to the highest Super Bowl average?
Trivia Question #189: Who was Led Zeppelin's road manager?
Trivia Question #190: Which country has the smallest percentage of Muslims among its population?
Trivia Question #191: From which country did Panama gain its independence in 1903?
Trivia Question #192: To which party does Saddam Hussein belong?
Trivia Question #193: Which Titan was chained to a rock and had a giant eagle peck at his liver every day, all because he gave humanity the secret of fire?
Trivia Question #194: It takes 365 days for the earth to go around the sun, but how long does it take for the solar system to go around the center of the galaxy?
Trivia Question #195: Who did Don McLean refer to as "Satan" in American Pie?
Trivia Question #196: Which painter took his mistress and left Paris in 1870 to evade the draft, only to settle in Provence, where he painted Mont Sainte-Victoire?
Trivia Question #197: Who is probably the most famous person ever to play catcher for four years for Cubs of the Midland Central Little League?
Trivia Question #198: Which of these Eastern European languages is closest to Italian, French and Spanish?
Trivia Question #199: In 1973, Stevie Wonder made which album, including the song "Golden Lady"?
Trivia Question #200: In the "South Park" movie, what blameworthy country does the United States invade?

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