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Trivia Question #1: Pick the musical term for "Becoming gradually softer":
Trivia Question #2: How did Buffalo get its team name?
Trivia Question #3: Who did Bernie Taupin write lyrics for?
Trivia Question #4: In 1825, the world's population hit 1 billion. In what year did it hit 2 billion?
Trivia Question #5: Which of these products is specifically designed to treat heartburn?
Trivia Question #6: Which of the following shows had a theme song that hit the Billboard Top 60 three times in three different decades?
Trivia Question #7: Who used experiences growing up in China to write the Pulitzer Prize winning book "The Good Earth"?
Trivia Question #8: Which famous Canadian was born on Vancouver Island on that country's 100th birthday?
Trivia Question #9: Which ailment results from kidney failure?
Trivia Question #10: At up to 100 mph, what is a hockey player's fastest shot?
Trivia Question #11: The original juggernaut was a huge cart on which was carried an idol representing which Hindu god?
Trivia Question #12: Beloved of fans of regency-era romances, who wrote "Pride and Prejudice" and "Persuasion"?
Trivia Question #13: Cut off from light, Lake Vostok is two miles beneath the surface of which continent?
Trivia Question #14: Define this musical term: "MOLL":
Trivia Question #15: Born in Toronto in 1938, who became the anchor of ABC's "World News Tonight" in 1983?
Trivia Question #16: Who wrote "The Magic Mountain" ("Der Zauberberg")?
Trivia Question #17: When asked during an MTV interview what kind of underwear he wore, how did Bill Clinton reply?
Trivia Question #18: Britain's "classic" five horse races include the 1000 Guinea, the 2000 Guinea and all but which of these races?
Trivia Question #19: Pick the date this occurred: German forces in Italy surrender.
Trivia Question #20: Who was the author of the book "Old Goriot"?
Trivia Question #21: In which month is International Women's Day?
Trivia Question #22: Which contemporary pop singer, who once performed as half of a musical duo with her spouse, was born Anna Mae Bullock?
Trivia Question #23: Tux is the mascot for the Linux operating system. What kind of animal is Tux?
Trivia Question #24: In 1930, Joe Benedetto finally sold the last farm on what US island?
Trivia Question #25: What's the longest navigable river in the world?
Trivia Question #26: Satan is a right winger ... that is, Miroslav Satan plays right wing in what sport?
Trivia Question #27: Of which state was Spiro Agnew the governor?
Trivia Question #28: On what TV show did TV legends Carroll O'Connor and Carol Burnett play the parents of Jamie Buchman?
Trivia Question #29: Gaining its independence from Britain in 1919, what was one of the first countries to recognize the Soviet Union?
Trivia Question #30: Which country was joined to England by the Act of Union of 1800?
Trivia Question #31: As they might know in France, what are people who are ranivorous eating?
Trivia Question #32: Excluding islands and excluding Central America, how many independent nations are there in South America, as of 2001?
Trivia Question #33: Despite what you may have heard, Vera Jayne Palmer wasn't actually decapitated when her Buick Electra slid off the road in Louisiana in 1967. Who was she?
Trivia Question #34: Ulysses follows Leopold Bloom as he wanders about on June 16, 1904, through what city?
Trivia Question #35: Marie Antoinette's mom was Maria Theresa, who ruled what country?
Trivia Question #36: What award might a musician win from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences?
Trivia Question #37: Swiss-born Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris became better known under what crow-like name?
Trivia Question #38: Which is the highest peak in the southern hemisphere?
Trivia Question #39: Pick the date this occurred: Holland surrenders to Germany.
Trivia Question #40: In which U.S. metropolitan area do Interstates 20, 30, 35, and 45 intersect?
Trivia Question #41: After winning 11 Grand Slam tennis titles, what Swede finally retired at the ripe old age of 26?
Trivia Question #42: In 1603, who became the first combined monarch of both England and Scotland?
Trivia Question #43: In 1993, what comic strip introduced a gay character named Lawrence?
Trivia Question #44: In 2001, an e-mail petition tried to make what religion "official" in New Zealand, simply by having 8000 people claim to follow it in the census?
Trivia Question #45: What Canadian organized Lilith Fair?
Trivia Question #46: Which state is known as the "Gem State"?
Trivia Question #47: Which U.S. state has the highest per capita lottery sales?
Trivia Question #48: "Little boots," "little cords," and "little tongues" are the translated names of:
Trivia Question #49: Many bottles of wine, and all bottles of champagne, have indentations at the bottom. What is this indentation called?
Trivia Question #50: You would find a dewlap on a:
Trivia Question #51: In 1993, Gorazde became one of six safe havens for Muslims in what country?
Trivia Question #52: IQ tests are controversial, but what is your IQ considered to be if you have exactly average intelligence?
Trivia Question #53: Who was Queen Victoria's grandfather?
Trivia Question #54: Upon whose life was "Funny Girl" based?
Trivia Question #55: The theoretical study of beauty and taste is called:
Trivia Question #56: What celestial bodies are also known as "Minor Planets"?
Trivia Question #57: Until the Communists took over, what Asian city had a flourishing Jewish community, replenished in the 1930s by refugees fleeing the Nazis?
Trivia Question #58: Meaning "land of the eagle," Shqiperia is the local name for what country known in English by the name of an Illyrian tribe?
Trivia Question #59: What NBA great played in 1,205 regular season and playoff games ... but never fouled out once?
Trivia Question #60: Zapateodo is a rhythmic device used in what kind of music?
Trivia Question #61: Which country's two major baseball leagues have included the Dragons, the Tigers, the Carp, the Whales, the Swallows and (the oldest team) the Giants?
Trivia Question #62: It took $7 million, but the NASL Cosmos lured Pele out of retirement in 1975. Which city were the Cosmos from?
Trivia Question #63: What is the primary religion of Malta?
Trivia Question #64: In what Bond movie does Ian Fleming have a cameo in one of the train scenes?
Trivia Question #65: Where and when did Valmiki live?
Trivia Question #66: Who wrote: "I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us."
Trivia Question #67: All of these were foreseen by Jules Verne except:
Trivia Question #68: As of 2001, which country controls Greenland's foreign policy and defense?
Trivia Question #69: The Lone Ranger and the Green Hornet were both created by Fran Striker and George W. Trendle for WXYZ, a radio station in what city?
Trivia Question #70: How many tours of Europe did Zep do?
Trivia Question #71: What Doors lead singer had a dad who became an admiral in US Navy?
Trivia Question #72: If I have the letters JD after my name, what profession am I in?
Trivia Question #73: Carl Gotthard von Langhans modeled which city's Brandenburg Gate for the Propylaea, the ceremonial entrance to the Acropolis?
Trivia Question #74: When was the first SALT treaty signed between the United States and the USSR?
Trivia Question #75: Pick the company that has the slogan "A Good Deal On A Great Tire."
Trivia Question #76: Which "Sesame Street" character makes his home in a garbage can?
Trivia Question #77: Which country does not border Sudan?
Trivia Question #78: Patented in 1926 by Charles Brannock, of Syracuse, New York, a brannock device is used by whom?
Trivia Question #79: Transalpine Gaul was modern France and the Rhineland. Where was Cisalpine Gaul?
Trivia Question #80: England and Wales have counties but what does Scotland have?
Trivia Question #81: In 1973, Sam Peckinpah released a movie about which famous Wild West character?
Trivia Question #82: At the 1960 Olympics, Oscar Robertson and Jerry West were part of what US gold-medal-winning team?
Trivia Question #83: On "Quantum Leap," Sam leaped into all but which of these historical situations?
Trivia Question #84: Based on the real 95-pound Kathy Kohner, what was the fictional Frances Lawrence's nickname?
Trivia Question #85: Anne Murray has won the most Juno Awards, which are awarded in which country?
Trivia Question #86: What remarkable sports feat did Vicky Keith achieve in the 1980s?
Trivia Question #87: Epistaxis is a really bad case of bleeding from what body part?
Trivia Question #88: What is the speed of sound through water as opposed to through air?
Trivia Question #89: What former member of the Jolly Stompers street gang has a tattoo of Mao on his right bicep, a tattoo of Arthur Ashe on his left bicep, and a tattoo of Che Guevara on his left abdomen?
Trivia Question #90: What is the world's only independent Hindu kingdom?
Trivia Question #91: Which song: "When your day is long and the night/ The night is yours alone"?
Trivia Question #92: Pick the date this occurred: Casablanca Conference begins - Roosevelt demands "Unconditional Surrender".
Trivia Question #93: Which is not a sedimentary rock?
Trivia Question #94: What is the origin of the trademark "Xerox"?
Trivia Question #95: Which of these foods is a basic ingredient of tartar sauce?
Trivia Question #96: Emily Bronte's most famous book is "Wuthering Heights." What does "wuthering" mean?
Trivia Question #97: Who was first Prime Minister to serve Queen Elizabeth II?
Trivia Question #98: In the 1950s, when track coach Bill Bowerman was inspired by his waffle iron to create a new kind of shoe, he and runner Phil Knight created Blue Ribbon Sports. What is it called today?
Trivia Question #99: What sport is governed by the Fédération Internationale de Natation Amateur?
Trivia Question #100: What was the first T.V. show ever to be watched by over fifty million households?
Trivia Question #101: How many Civil War generals became presidents of the United States?
Trivia Question #102: Define this musical term: "ANDANTINO":
Trivia Question #103: Who was not one of the original Twelve Apostles of Christ?
Trivia Question #104: Pick the company that has the slogan "Telecommunications Unlocking Network Potential."
Trivia Question #105: Which actor appeared in all of Neil LaBute's first four movies: "In the Company of Men," "Your Friends and Neighbors," "Nurse Betty" and "Possession"?
Trivia Question #106: There is a Syracuse in New York, and another one in Europe. Where?
Trivia Question #107: What "Spin City" star once claimed to have slept with more than 5000 women (although a large chunk of those would have been call girls)?
Trivia Question #108: Seen in video games and played by Angelina Jolie, who is Lara Croft?
Trivia Question #109: Winnie the Pooh was named for a bear left in London Zoo by a soldier from what country?
Trivia Question #110: In the 1984 draft, who was picked third, behind Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie?
Trivia Question #111: What is the real family name of Martin and Charlie Sheen?
Trivia Question #112: Which of Henry VIII's wives said: My neck is very slender?
Trivia Question #113: After Napoleon overran his country, Prince John moved court, making what Brazilian city the capital of Portugal's international empire?
Trivia Question #114: Whose first hit was Got to Be There?
Trivia Question #115: John D. Rockefeller made his initial fortune in which business?
Trivia Question #116: What is the longest recorded flight of a chicken?
Trivia Question #117: If you're watching dog racing down at the track, then which of these animals is most likely to be running?
Trivia Question #118: What did Jacob trade to Esau in exchange for Esau's birthright?
Trivia Question #119: If you're told to go to Hell, you should head north of Seven Mile Beach on what Caribbean island, where you will find a community called Hell?
Trivia Question #120: Who holds the record for most yards passing in a single Super Bowl?
Trivia Question #121: Composer Christoph Gluck invented a musical instrument comprised of 26 objects, which Benjamin Franklin later refined to include 35 of them. What?
Trivia Question #122: Istanbul was formerly called Constantinople; before that it had yet another name:
Trivia Question #123: My half-brother Alois apparently married an Irish lass named Brigid Dowling, whom he met at a horse show in 1909. My half-nephew William Patrick served in the US Navy during the World War II. Who am I?
Trivia Question #124: In AD 122, Emperor Hadrian visited this country and started building a wall along the 73 miles from Solway Firth to the Tyne River. Where was this?
Trivia Question #125: Which city is not part of the immediate Tokyo metropolitan area?
Trivia Question #126: Which planet orbits the Sun at the fastest speed?
Trivia Question #127: Approximately how long is the Grand Canyon?
Trivia Question #128: King Christian X rejected anti-Jewish legislation and opposed the Nazis, even though they were occupying his country. Which country was this?
Trivia Question #129: In which Canadian province would you find Lake Winnipeg?
Trivia Question #130: What American evangelical, now a figure of gay camp, started out doing Christian puppet shows?
Trivia Question #131: In 1962, Sam and Bud Walton opened the first Wal-Mart. Where?
Trivia Question #132: Which classic TV character has an office behind a wire cage?
Trivia Question #133: What is an affenpinscher?
Trivia Question #134: Made famous in a play by Edmond Rostand, which of these people actually did live in the 1600s and actually did have a huge nose?
Trivia Question #135: Despite missing 24 games in 1993 to fight Hodgkin's disease, who won the 1992-93 scoring championship anyway?
Trivia Question #136: Born of deaf-mute parents, what Man of a Thousand Faces starred in such silent classics as "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "The Phantom of the Opera"?
Trivia Question #137: On April 7, 1960, which Welsh poet called Vancouver "a quite handsome hellhole"?
Trivia Question #138: In 1870, William Canby claimed that his nation's flag was designed by his grandmother. Which flag was this?
Trivia Question #139: Because inventor Johann Vaaler was Norwegian, in 1989 a giant statue of a paper clip was erected in what world capital?
Trivia Question #140: Who sang about "a horse with no name"?
Trivia Question #141: Pick the company that has the slogan "It's _______ Time."
Trivia Question #142: In what city did Rosa Parks launch a bus boycott when she refused to give up her seat?
Trivia Question #143: Which Beatle recorded Sneaking Sally Through the Alley in 1977?
Trivia Question #144: What did ancient Egyptians do as a sign of respect when the family cat died?
Trivia Question #145: Pick the date this occurred: Australians capture Bardia, Libya.
Trivia Question #146: Known for its school of law, where would you find the oldest extant university in the world?
Trivia Question #147: In its native tongue, this sovereign state's name is "Republik Osterreich":
Trivia Question #148: You certainly won't see this organization's name at the end of the credits for "The Missouri Breaks." Which organization put the Arthur Penn movie on its "unacceptable" list?
Trivia Question #149: Steven Bochco was a creator of both "L.A. Law" and:
Trivia Question #150: What future First Lady campaigned in her hometown of Chicago for Barry Goldwater in 1964?
Trivia Question #151: What Ecuadorian city is the oldest capital in South America?
Trivia Question #152: Rin-tin-tin and Jim Belushi's dog in the film "K9" were both:
Trivia Question #153: Where did newspaper reporter Henry Morton Stanley finally find a Scottish missionary named David Livingstone?
Trivia Question #154: What was the first Mickey Spillane novel?
Trivia Question #155: "As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect."
Trivia Question #156: Which river passes through Rome?
Trivia Question #157: Which star of "Driving Miss Daisy" became the oldest actor ever to win an Oscar?
Trivia Question #158: What star of Young Frankenstein and Tootsie revealed in 2002 that she has multiple sclerosis?
Trivia Question #159: If you were kvetching about somebody who had the chutzpah to make you schlep his zaftig wife around, you'd be using words derived from what language?
Trivia Question #160: In 2000, who announced plans to team up with Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times?
Trivia Question #161: Joining the league along with the Miami Heat, which of these teams has been playing in the NBA longer than the others?
Trivia Question #162: What is lanolin?
Trivia Question #163: What was Santa's Little Helpers girlfriends name?
Trivia Question #164: Who wrote: "I have great faith in fools -- self-confidence my friends call it."
Trivia Question #165: Dave Clark led the Dave Clark Five. But what instrument did he usually play?
Trivia Question #166: On the TV's Cheers what is Sam Malone's baseball nickname?
Trivia Question #167: The 33 vertebrae in the human spine are divided into all these types except:
Trivia Question #168: Who was both Canada's oldest PM and the one with the shortest term?
Trivia Question #169: In the story Peter Pan, how much time did Wendy, Michael and John spend in Never Never Land?
Trivia Question #170: In 1932, who won the first of a record 48 Oscars for the short film "Flowers and Trees"?
Trivia Question #171: USA states: What's the capital of Florida?
Trivia Question #172: The setting of what Bogart movie was changed to Martinique because the Office of Inter-American Affairs would have blocked export of a film about a Cuban insurrection?
Trivia Question #173: Which library is the world's largest?
Trivia Question #174: Who wrote: "Green how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches."
Trivia Question #175: In what William Wyler movie do British actors play the Romans and Americans play the Hebrews?
Trivia Question #176: Founded in the 1300s, the knights of the Order of St. George are nicknamed for something they wear on the left leg below the knee. What?
Trivia Question #177: Confused fans of "The Blair Witch Project" went looking for the three lost filmmakers in Burkittsville in what state?
Trivia Question #178: One of Dodie Smith's most famous books talks about a quantity of coach dogs. How many?
Trivia Question #179: Henry Ford introduced the Model T, but he also introduced the Model TT. What was the Model TT?
Trivia Question #180: Whose video "Desert Rose" was adapted for a commercial for Jaguar?
Trivia Question #181: In the New Testament, the people referred to as "publicans" were:
Trivia Question #182: By what name is the head of the Orthodox Catholic Church known?
Trivia Question #183: Which of these men was the first baseball commissioner?
Trivia Question #184: During WWII, American General Claire Chennault organized and led the:
Trivia Question #185: Ernie Banks, from the Chicago Cubs, is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. His second cousin, from the Buffalo Bills, is in the Football Hall of Fame. Who is he?
Trivia Question #186: Which of the following is an example of onomatopoeia?
Trivia Question #187: Who was the Soviet premier during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis?
Trivia Question #188: Which of these popular ice cream flavors does not normally come from a bean?
Trivia Question #189: In what book would you travel to the year AD 802,701, where you would meet the Eloi and Morlocks?
Trivia Question #190: Pick the date this occurred: Boulogne liberated.
Trivia Question #191: Who joined the Spencer Davis Group at the tender age of 15?
Trivia Question #192: Where was the Treaty of the European Union signed in 1992?
Trivia Question #193: As you may know if you're an Eminem fan, 8 Mile divides what city's black and white areas?
Trivia Question #194: How many dozen are there in a gross?
Trivia Question #195: Two electrons in one atom cannot have the same values for all four their quantum numbers is ________.
Trivia Question #196: Canada Dry was patented in 1907 by a Toronto pharmacist named John J. McLaughlin. What is it?
Trivia Question #197: What kind of gun originally used Doppler technology?
Trivia Question #198: What point on Earth is farthest from the center of the planet?
Trivia Question #199: What are you experiencing if you are in the throes of punctate pruritus?
Trivia Question #200: Who would use a creel?

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