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Trivia Question #1: His real first and middle names were Edward Kennedy, and his father was a White House butler. Who was he?
Trivia Question #2: Which comic strip was set in Dogpatch?
Trivia Question #3: Pick the date this occurred: Italy and Rumania declare war on Soviets.
Trivia Question #4: What was the first state to have its own police force, which it called rangers?
Trivia Question #5: Pick the musical term for "Always":
Trivia Question #6: A star is a luminous ball of gas composed mainly of what?
Trivia Question #7: Who was the first chief justice of the US Supreme Court?
Trivia Question #8: Where was Timothy living when Paul decided to take him on his journey?
Trivia Question #9: In 1999, which rocker's divorce settlement (technically an annulment) became the biggest in British history?
Trivia Question #10: How long does it take to cool Hershey's chocolate into a kiss?
Trivia Question #11: Tim Duncan and David Robinson were dubbed the Twin Towers of what NBA team?
Trivia Question #12: Played with two decks of cards, what Uruguayan rummy game is won by forming melds until you get 5000 points?
Trivia Question #13: Pick the company that has the slogan "Life Is Fun. You've Got The Pictures To Prove It."
Trivia Question #14: Who was the only president to serve as the director of the CIA?
Trivia Question #15: In the Fred Gipson book, what rabid dog is shot by Travis?
Trivia Question #16: Crocetti and Levitch made eight movies together before a bitter breakup. By what names were Crocetti and Levitch better known?
Trivia Question #17: Which African country is closest to the island of Madagascar?
Trivia Question #18: Whose song tells us that, "You can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man"?
Trivia Question #19: Whose album "Ropin' the Wind" made him the first artist to have an album enter both the pop and country charts at No. 1?
Trivia Question #20: Where are you most likely to see something with the chemical formula Fe2 O3?
Trivia Question #21: Which celebrity fan appeared on "All My Children" as Verla Grubbs in 1983 and 1985?
Trivia Question #22: In the early days of cinema, how much did it cost to get into the original nickelodeon theaters?
Trivia Question #23: When the Bible invokes brimstone, what element is it talking about?
Trivia Question #24: What African adventure was the largest and most expensive war fought by the British in the period between the Napoleonic Wars and World War I?
Trivia Question #25: What is the word for a grouping of trout?
Trivia Question #26: Which country does not sit along the Alps?
Trivia Question #27: Shot dead (probably) by Dr. Carl Weiss, who inspired Robert Penn Warren's "All The King's Men"?
Trivia Question #28: In the 1997 movie Titanic, how does Jack get his ticket for passage on the Titanic?
Trivia Question #29: Pick the musical term for "Brilliant":
Trivia Question #30: What nation did Mohammad Reza rule until 1979?
Trivia Question #31: What Herman Melville work, his very last, did novelist EM Forster and composer Benjamin Britten turn into an opera?
Trivia Question #32: Comedian Albert Brooks and stuntman Super Dave Osborne are brothers. What is their real last name?
Trivia Question #33: Perhaps the most storied team in the Negro National League was from Kansas City. Who were they?
Trivia Question #34: A dog named Peanuts set a world record as the world's smallest living dog when he tipped the scales at just 18 oz. in 1988. What breed was he?
Trivia Question #35: In 2001, what diva had a flop movie called "Glitter," did a weird striptease on MTV's "TRL," and had a nervous breakdown?
Trivia Question #36: A pari-mutuel bettor bets on Trivial Pursuit to show. How does he hope the horse finishes?
Trivia Question #37: Which golfer was the first to win the Masters Tournament four times, and the first to earn a million dollars in tournament prize money?
Trivia Question #38: Once as a Democrat and once as a Republican, Roy Acuff ran (unsuccessfully) to be governor of what state?
Trivia Question #39: What extra letter do Canadians and Europeans add to the word aluminum?
Trivia Question #40: Led by Oscar Goldman, the Office of Scientific Intelligence figures prominently in what TV show?
Trivia Question #41: As of 2002, who was the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize?
Trivia Question #42: What aging 1960s band had to wait until 1987 for their first Top 40 record, appropriately called "Touch of Gray"?
Trivia Question #43: In 1890, Danish-American photographer Jacob Riis showed us "How the Other Half Lives." Who were the other half?
Trivia Question #44: Of these classic literary works, which one had the author completed at the time of his death?
Trivia Question #45: In the sentence "The fat sheriff held a smoking gun", which word is a participle?
Trivia Question #46: Cleopatra was once married to her...?
Trivia Question #47: In 1867, after the Civil War, where did Jefferson Davis go?
Trivia Question #48: What fish hawk was nearly made extinct by pesticides until it learned to live in the nation's downtowns?
Trivia Question #49: Who wrote: "The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice."
Trivia Question #50: Who wrote "All Things Bright and Beautiful"?
Trivia Question #51: The Central Pacific Railroad moved east. Union Pacific moved west. Where, on May 10, 1869, did they meet?
Trivia Question #52: Who wrote: "The reward of one duty is the power to fulfill another."
Trivia Question #53: In what city would you find the Parthenon in?
Trivia Question #54: Who wrote about the encounters of American heroines with European culture?
Trivia Question #55: Something said to be extant is:
Trivia Question #56: What is the score of a forfeited baseball game?
Trivia Question #57: In which part of Spain is Catalonia?
Trivia Question #58: In what country do the Maoris call Queen Elizabeth "White Heron"?
Trivia Question #59: Murmansk, the largest city north of the Arctic Circle, is in what country?
Trivia Question #60: Kim Basinger, Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer were among the actress's offered the role of Catherine Tramell in what underwear-less Sharon Stone movie?
Trivia Question #61: On Michael J. Fox's last regular episode of "Spin City," Mike Flaherty becomes an environmental lobbyist and meets which conservative junior senator from Ohio?
Trivia Question #62: Which memoir is written by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn?
Trivia Question #63: "I am a sick man ... I am a spiteful man."
Trivia Question #64: Compounds form when one element:
Trivia Question #65: Which animal was nearly wiped out by Myxomatosis?
Trivia Question #66: What was Led Zeppelin's song "Going To California" written about?
Trivia Question #67: Which pope canonized more than half of the Catholic Church's saints?
Trivia Question #68: Had it not been for World War I, where would the 1916 Olympic have been?
Trivia Question #69: According to author John Gray, what planet are men from?
Trivia Question #70: What kind of potatoes are pureed with egg yolks and butter, then formed into small shapes and baked until golden brown?
Trivia Question #71: Which part of the body produces insulin?
Trivia Question #72: Whose 1959 book "Starship Troopers," about hostile insectoids from outer space, became a 1997 movie?
Trivia Question #73: Of what nation is Aer Lingus the national airline? (And get your mind out of the gutter!)
Trivia Question #74: Who directed both "Alien" and "Blade Runner," as well as a famously futuristic TV commercial for Apple Computer?
Trivia Question #75: Where was Abraham born?
Trivia Question #76: Whoopi Goldberg stars in all these films except:
Trivia Question #77: New South Wales is south of which Australian state?
Trivia Question #78: Who knocked the Beatles out of #1 and became the oldest person to top the Billboard Hot 100?
Trivia Question #79: Who won the soccer world cup in 1994?
Trivia Question #80: Movie mogul Louis B. Mayer was born in Minsk. Where would you find Minsk?
Trivia Question #81: Buenos Aires is home to approximately what proportion of Argentina's population?
Trivia Question #82: Which president was nicknamed "Old Rough & Ready"?
Trivia Question #83: Define this musical term: "LARGHETTO":
Trivia Question #84: Where did Jane Addams found Hull House in 1889?
Trivia Question #85: What was divided by pope under the Treaty of Tordesillas?
Trivia Question #86: What movie ends with the premiere of "The Dancing Cavalier"?
Trivia Question #87: What show's house band was called Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band?
Trivia Question #88: In 1960, where were the first official Paralympic Games held?
Trivia Question #89: Tarmac is named for what Scotsman, who though of paving roads with three layers of broken stones over a convex roadbed?
Trivia Question #90: Savoyards are fans of which theatre legend(s), for whom the Savoy Theatre was built in 1881?
Trivia Question #91: What does "Cogito, ergo sum" mean?
Trivia Question #92: In an Old Testament story, King Darius was tricked into testing the faith of:
Trivia Question #93: A classic of Afrtican literature, it is an autobiography set in a traditional village.
Trivia Question #94: In 2001, the crown prince of what country slaughtered its king and queen, along with several other royals?
Trivia Question #95: What are (or were) Canopus, Arcturus, Capella and Procyon?
Trivia Question #96: What is Europe's largest lake?
Trivia Question #97: In 2001, George W. Bush helped sales of David McCullough's biography of which president?
Trivia Question #98: The Zep boys didn't feel this song was one of their best; however, it became a fan favorite despite playing second fiddle to the thunderous "Immigrant Song".
Trivia Question #99: The second tallest mountain in the world, K-2 is found in this range:
Trivia Question #100: During which war did the United States take control of the Philippines?
Trivia Question #101: Which of the following terms does not relate to winter sports?
Trivia Question #102: In 1986, who became the first person since Jack Brabham to win the F1 World Championship two years in a row?
Trivia Question #103: Where did revolution break out in 1911 over a railway agreement?
Trivia Question #104: Who is the 20th-century's first Democratic president?
Trivia Question #105: Eventually a born-again Republican, what was Eldridge Cleaver's original claim to fame?
Trivia Question #106: Who was the first NHL defenseman to win a scoring championship?
Trivia Question #107: Traditionally, what color are the doors at Elizabeth Arden?
Trivia Question #108: What Beatles song has been covered by Frank Sinatra, En Vogue, the Supremes, Elvis, Boyz II Men, Ray Charles, Marianne Faithful, Smokey Robinson and Tammy Wynette?
Trivia Question #109: From the Greek for "naval," what does it mean if you say that a nightclub is an omphalos?
Trivia Question #110: In the Harry Potter books, who or what is Quidditch?
Trivia Question #111: What was the first team from the American Football League to win the Super Bowl?
Trivia Question #112: Which of these things might an ex post facto law make illegal?
Trivia Question #113: Pauli's ________.
Trivia Question #114: Which musical direction means "increase the volume"?
Trivia Question #115: Where was the Stax-Volt record company?
Trivia Question #116: What proportion of all dinosaur varieties do scientists think they have identified so far?
Trivia Question #117: How long did it take Sputnik I to orbit the earth?
Trivia Question #118: The first president from the South, since Zachary Taylor, was named ________.
Trivia Question #119: What is the annual season that sucks wet air away from the Indian Ocean and toward Central Asia?
Trivia Question #120: Starting in 1999, Teri Hatcher and Howie Long starred in a series of television ads for what retailer?
Trivia Question #121: Who designed the pyramid-shaped addition to the Louvre?
Trivia Question #122: In Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse Five," the protagonist survives this WWII event:
Trivia Question #123: Where would you find a secretive Muslim sect called the Druze, who don't pray in mosques?
Trivia Question #124: In 1977, Led Zeppelin played to over 76,000 people at one gig which broke the record for a single band performance. Where did the record-breaking gig take place?
Trivia Question #125: Who did Dionysius the Elder invite to a banquet, only to make him sit under a sword?
Trivia Question #126: Name the Zeppelin song containing these lyrics: "Mine's a tale that can't be told, my freedom I hold dear. How years ago in days of old, when magic filled the air. T'was in the darkest depths of Mordor, I met a girl so fair..."
Trivia Question #127: Which of these hip-hoppers was not a member of the Fugees?
Trivia Question #128: What company's very popular spokesperson has been a Dutch actor named Frederik de Groot?
Trivia Question #129: What is the only letter that does not appear in the names of the 50 United States?
Trivia Question #130: Which author is not primarily a writer of science fiction?
Trivia Question #131: On TV, what middle name was shared by starship captain James Kirk and bartender Woody Boyd?
Trivia Question #132: What nickname was shared by writer Ernest Hemingway, composer Joseph Haydn and Haitian dictator Francois Duvalier?
Trivia Question #133: In which Canadian city would you find half a dozen universities, including Dalhousie University?
Trivia Question #134: Define this musical term: "RINFORZANDO":
Trivia Question #135: What tool is also known as a spanner?
Trivia Question #136: Which state initially abstained from the vote on the US Declaration of Independence?
Trivia Question #137: What pioneering (and rather appropriate) TV image did Philco broadcast in 1927?
Trivia Question #138: Where were Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw born?
Trivia Question #139: Which was the only Scandinavian country to join in establishing the euro in 1999?
Trivia Question #140: In the EM Forster novel, an inn called Pensione Bertolini offers "a room with a view" of which city?
Trivia Question #141: As the French ambassador to Portugal in the 1550s, Jean Nicot started cultivating seeds that the Portuguese had been bringing back from the New World. What plant grew from these seeds?
Trivia Question #142: Pick the musical term for "A sign. See Dal segno":
Trivia Question #143: What is the pH of cow's milk?
Trivia Question #144: From north to south...
Trivia Question #145: Pick the correct statement:
Trivia Question #146: In 1999, who married a PR consultant named Sophie Rhys-Jones?
Trivia Question #147: If Italy really were a boot, what part of the boot would Calabria be?
Trivia Question #148: What is the world's largest cotton producing country?
Trivia Question #149: Which of these NHL stars is from Finland?
Trivia Question #150: In 1946, Bugsy Siegel named one of Las Vegas's first casinos for the nickname of his girlfriend, Virginia Hill. What was it?
Trivia Question #151: "The action or process of making somebody a god or goddess." (National Spelling Bee winning word from 1978)
Trivia Question #152: Pick the musical term for "The speed":
Trivia Question #153: Before Sun Yat-sen took up overthrowing Chinese governments, what did he do for a living?
Trivia Question #154: In 1844, what famous writer translated Honore de Balzac's Eugenie Grandet into Russian?
Trivia Question #155: Who painted a powerful statement on the Spanish Civil War called "Guernica"?
Trivia Question #156: They can put somebody on the moon, but they can't find a cure for acute coryza. Which of these is a common symptom for coryza?
Trivia Question #157: What taciturn actor won Academy Awards for roles in "Sergeant York" and "High Noon"?
Trivia Question #158: The bird-like Archaeopteryx lived in the Jurassic Period. Unlike modern birds, Archaeopteryx:
Trivia Question #159: Which Chinese leader established the Nationalist Republic of China in Taiwan?
Trivia Question #160: Who was the author of the book "The Possessed"?
Trivia Question #161: What soft drink did Charles Alderton and Wade Morrison apparently name for a pharmacist in Virginia?
Trivia Question #162: The US Olympic basketball team had a 62-year winning streak until 1972, when it lost the gold medal to what country?
Trivia Question #163: Pick the company that has the slogan "They're Your Ideas. We Just Help."
Trivia Question #164: My poetry is too obscure. My poetry is too popular. My poetry is just right! Robert Southey, an English Lake poet, became best known for what fairy tale?
Trivia Question #165: Who is usually credited with inventing the cotton gin?
Trivia Question #166: Which team holds the record for the most anemic offense ever, scoring the fewest points over a 16 game schedule?
Trivia Question #167: Infamous for its polyester leisure suits, when was the Me Decade?
Trivia Question #168: Where and when did Anton P. Chekhov live?
Trivia Question #169: Which of these detectives was created by Edgar Allan Poe?
Trivia Question #170: Which musical group is not a quartet?
Trivia Question #171: Under whose banner did Theodore Roosevelt run for President in 1912?
Trivia Question #172: What nationality was Olympic figure skating champion Sonja Henie?
Trivia Question #173: Who revolted against the British at Meerut in 1857?
Trivia Question #174: Homer's Iliad is set during which war?
Trivia Question #175: What Canadian actor turned down the role of Dr. Kildare, but did star in an all-Esperanto movie called Incubus?
Trivia Question #176: Humans are pregnant for approximately nine months. How many weeks on average are dogs pregnant?
Trivia Question #177: Pick the musical term for "Lat. It is silent":
Trivia Question #178: What was the famous nickname of Forsythe Pendleton Jones?
Trivia Question #179: Where would you have found the wicked party towns of Sodom and Gomorrah?
Trivia Question #180: Who wrote the song "I Write the Songs," which was a #1 hit in 1976?
Trivia Question #181: What tough-minded school of philosophy was founded by Zeno of Citium, who named it for the porch where he met his students?
Trivia Question #182: Which Canadian province was the most recently added to the union (in 1949)?
Trivia Question #183: Which country was presided over by Papa Doc and Baby Doc between 1957 and 1986?
Trivia Question #184: Which newscaster was born in London, served in the navy, and started his reporting career in Churchill, Manitoba?
Trivia Question #185: Unlike most owls, the barn owl's face has what shape?
Trivia Question #186: Pick the correct statement:
Trivia Question #187: The world's largest museum complex includes the National Zoo and 16 museums. What is it?
Trivia Question #188: The fastest snail's pace is probably that of the common garden snail. How fast does it go?
Trivia Question #189: What Disney character was actually created by Felix Salten?
Trivia Question #190: What is the origin of the name "America"?
Trivia Question #191: In what unusual European language does "jai alai" mean "merry festival"?
Trivia Question #192: The Falkland Islands are a territory of?
Trivia Question #193: Switzerland's Jean Piaget is best known for work in what field?
Trivia Question #194: Who played Victoria Barkley on the TV show, 'The Big Valley'?
Trivia Question #195: What was the D-Day invasion password?
Trivia Question #196: What 20th century invention was inspired by Swiss inventor George de Mestral's walk with his dog?
Trivia Question #197: Which album was recorded in three weeks, and with Robert Plant in a wheel chair?
Trivia Question #198: What city, once the capital of the French colony of Cochin China, was renamed in 1976 for Ho Chi Minh?
Trivia Question #199: What does Bode's Law determine?
Trivia Question #200: Which literary work was not written by Leo Tolstoy?

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