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Trivia Question #1: What movie were the passengers on the plane in "Executive Decision" watching?
Trivia Question #2: In about 1957, what pink bird did Don Featherstone create as a lawn ornament?
Trivia Question #3: Which Canadian province is probably named for an Algonquian spirit that lives within all things in nature?
Trivia Question #4: The half-life of a radioactive substance is:
Trivia Question #5: France entered this conflict on the side of the U.S.:
Trivia Question #6: All of these terms designate U.S. political scandals except:
Trivia Question #7: What colors of yarn were used to make the curtains of the tabernacle?
Trivia Question #8: Pick the date this occurred: Soviets re-capture Kursk.
Trivia Question #9: What Bernardo Bertolucci movie won nine Oscars, including two for Bertolucci?
Trivia Question #10: What does a petrologist study?
Trivia Question #11: Of the 18 French kings named Louis, which one married a domineering trifle named Marie Antoinette?
Trivia Question #12: Who made his own passage to India in 1921, to take his position as secretary to a maharaja?
Trivia Question #13: The 2000 book "Model Patient" details whose battle against a rare disease?
Trivia Question #14: How many holes are played in a typical golf tournament?
Trivia Question #15: Although credited to Abner Doubleday, which sport evolved from rounders and cricket?
Trivia Question #16: The word "claptrap" comes from which profession, whose members would resort to cheap stunts to "trap claps"?
Trivia Question #17: Measured from base to peak, rather than from sea level, what is the tallest mountain on earth?
Trivia Question #18: Where would you find a dry, warm wind called the sirocco?
Trivia Question #19: Which one-named pop star played the title role on "Moesha"?
Trivia Question #20: "It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents--except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets..."
Trivia Question #21: Whose TV show once guest-starred Daffy Duck and had error-filled April Fool's episodes and musical, live and improv episodes?
Trivia Question #22: On December 18, 1990, what state's legislature decided that its people would be called Bay Staters?
Trivia Question #23: If you suffer from Gamophobia, what do you fear?
Trivia Question #24: Which planet takes 165 years to orbit the sun once?
Trivia Question #25: Pick the date this occurred: Allies liberate Paris.
Trivia Question #26: Which Agatha Christie play has been running continuously in London since November 25, 1952?
Trivia Question #27: On a movie set, who does the best boy help?
Trivia Question #28: By what name do we better know the "unterseeboot"?
Trivia Question #29: The 20th century's deadliest earthquake occurred in which country?
Trivia Question #30: Which fairy tale has the heroine discover that her husband has murdered previous wives?
Trivia Question #31: Which president became stuck in a White House bathtub?
Trivia Question #32: What soft drink promised "all the sugar and twice the caffeine"?
Trivia Question #33: Pick the date this occurred: Mussolini captured by partisans and executed.
Trivia Question #34: Created with funding from the Family Friendly Programming Forum of advertisers, what TV show was set in the bucolic town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut?
Trivia Question #35: What was the name of Don Quixote's horse?
Trivia Question #36: Kermit the Frog was the master of ceremonies on:
Trivia Question #37: Where would you find Barbary apes, Europe's only monkeys?
Trivia Question #38: Pick the date this occurred: Germany begins occupation of Denmark and invades Norway.
Trivia Question #39: Which of the New England states has no coastline?
Trivia Question #40: Who was Disraeli's great adversary?
Trivia Question #41: Why was Antonio Vivaldi -- a priest as well as a composer -- called before the Inquisition?
Trivia Question #42: Who killed Grendel?
Trivia Question #43: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Ultimate Proving Ground."
Trivia Question #44: What singer left South Africa rather than be drafted into an army that enforced apartheid?
Trivia Question #45: On what series, set in Lanford, Illinois, did the family win $100 million in the Illinois State Lottery?
Trivia Question #46: In physics, the captial letter W is the symbol for:
Trivia Question #47: Pick the company that has the slogan "The World Is Calling. Answer It."
Trivia Question #48: Which John Steinbeck book gets its name from a line in the Battle Hymn of the Republic?
Trivia Question #49: How would a fictional character "break the fourth wall"?
Trivia Question #50: Blocks of chicle are broken up, screened and strained to make which of these products?
Trivia Question #51: John S. Pemberton tried to make his fortune with Dr. Pemberton's Triplex Liver Pills. Ironically, the product that made him famous didn't take off until after he died penniless. What was this product?
Trivia Question #52: Who chronicled the life of Heidi Holland?
Trivia Question #53: Founded in 600 BC by the Greeks, and called Massalia, what is thought to be France's oldest city?
Trivia Question #54: Which Simpsons' character or characters' hair has changed color from the early episodes?
Trivia Question #55: What were Mouth and Chunk's real names in "The Goonies"?
Trivia Question #56: According to 'The Simpson's 138th Episode Spectacular', what does the cash register say when Maggie is scanned, in the opening scene of the old episodes?
Trivia Question #57: It was the first fully professional baseball team:
Trivia Question #58: Meaning "tribe," what is the highest taxonomical classification?
Trivia Question #59: Scored by John Kander and Fred Ebb, the musicals "Chicago" (1976) and "Steel Pier" (1997) were both nominated for 11 Tonys. Between them, how many did the two plays win?
Trivia Question #60: Pick the false statement:
Trivia Question #61: Define this musical term: "GLISSANDO":
Trivia Question #62: In which city were the Olympic summer games in 1960?
Trivia Question #63: What was the name of the first American satellite?
Trivia Question #64: What is the word for a grouping of bears?
Trivia Question #65: Daniel Day Lewis won an Oscar. What did his father Cecil achieve?
Trivia Question #66: Which country's long-form name begins "The Most Serene Republic of..."?
Trivia Question #67: In such books as "Far from the Madding Crowd," who based the fictional Wessex on his very real native Dorsetshire?
Trivia Question #68: In the 1920s, what was called a flivver and Tin Lizzie?
Trivia Question #69: Jan Smuts drafted the Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations. Of what country was he prime minister?
Trivia Question #70: In the mid-6th century, Saint Kentigern (also called Saint Mungo) built a church. What city grew up around that church?
Trivia Question #71: What former SCTV cast member played the father of the pie-loving character in the movie American Pie?
Trivia Question #72: Pick the company that has the slogan "Tap Into Great Taste."
Trivia Question #73: Of what 1939 role did Gary Cooper say, "I'm just glad it'll be Clark Gable who's falling on his face, and not Gary Cooper"?
Trivia Question #74: What company launched the Telstar I communications satellite in 1962?
Trivia Question #75: Who wrote: "Life itself is a quotation."
Trivia Question #76: Who was the first president born on Independence Day?
Trivia Question #77: In which state would you find the Everglades?
Trivia Question #78: Which country is the world's leading cassava producer?
Trivia Question #79: Who was the only non-Protestant US president?
Trivia Question #80: The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in a group of caves near Khirbat Qumran in what country?
Trivia Question #81: Add the next element in this sequence of Greek letters: alpha, beta, gamma ...
Trivia Question #82: What is the maximum number of tablespoons in a standard, 8-ounce stick of butter?
Trivia Question #83: What was unusual about the Crusaders led by Nicholas of Cologne?
Trivia Question #84: What is/was Panthalassa?
Trivia Question #85: What Japanese game is played on a board with 19 horizontal lines and 19 vertical lines?
Trivia Question #86: What was the only Gilbert and Sullivan operetta to open in New York before London?
Trivia Question #87: How many former Soviet republics were there?
Trivia Question #88: Which state, whose motto is "L'Etoile du Nord," is called the Land of 10,000 Lakes?
Trivia Question #89: Alexander the Great saw the breadth of his domains and wept, for there were no more lands to conquer. But there were! What was the furthest east he got?
Trivia Question #90: Which book was not published in the 1950's?
Trivia Question #91: Named for a North African coast, what now extinct sub-species of lion was used in the Roman arena?
Trivia Question #92: Assuming that the Prince of Wales doesn't change his name when he becomes king, what will they call him?
Trivia Question #93: Who wrote: "Man is what he believes."
Trivia Question #94: In 1972, who became Sports Illustrated's first female Sportsman of the Year?
Trivia Question #95: Chandni Chowk (literally, "Silver Street") was once considered the most lavish street in the world. Where is it?
Trivia Question #96: What company was founded as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co by Konosuke Matsushita, who had invented a two-socket light fixture in 1918?
Trivia Question #97: What law says the value of a computer network increases exponentially as more people are connected?
Trivia Question #98: After a bout of paranoid schizophrenia, in 1994 John Nash and his "beautiful mind" shared a Nobel Prize in what field?
Trivia Question #99: What Spanish soup was once made by leaving it covered with a wet cloth in the sun?
Trivia Question #100: What is the distance from the Earth to the Moon?
Trivia Question #101: The 'Hundred Years War' lasted ________.
Trivia Question #102: Who wrote "Eye of the Needle"?
Trivia Question #103: What is a baculum?
Trivia Question #104: Elected by Kansas as a Republican congressman, Jim Ryun once set world records in what sport?
Trivia Question #105: By what name were Rennie Davis, David Dellinger, John Froines, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Lee Weiner collectively known?
Trivia Question #106: Who founded the Salvation Army?
Trivia Question #107: Who wrote "Lord of the Flies"?
Trivia Question #108: Thanks to its vibrations, what is the only moving part of your radio (aside from the tuner)?
Trivia Question #109: In area, what is the second-largest U.S. state?
Trivia Question #110: In which city was angst-ridden writer Franz Kafka born?
Trivia Question #111: What is the highest peak in Europe?
Trivia Question #112: Which of these wasn't one of the "three men" cinematically paired with "a baby"?
Trivia Question #113: What is the fear of heights called?
Trivia Question #114: What great American writer was born in a year that Halley's comet appeared, and died the next year that it returned?
Trivia Question #115: In "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis says that "the whole rhythm section" was what gang of real-life Jewish criminals?
Trivia Question #116: Which baseball player was known as the Yankee Clipper?
Trivia Question #117: In the US South, what do you eat for good luck on New Year's Day?
Trivia Question #118: What river flows though Paris?
Trivia Question #119: In what movie does the Discovery venture to Jupiter?
Trivia Question #120: In January 1986, who scored his highest charting Billboard hit in 21 years with "Living in America," the theme song from "Rocky IV"?
Trivia Question #121: In the original Star Wars movie, how many named female characters are there?
Trivia Question #122: Once called "the land of rabbits" by Roman geographer Strabo, what country's name may come from the Punic word for "rabbit"?
Trivia Question #123: What would somebody on a submarine do with midrats?
Trivia Question #124: Which country was ruled by Alfredo Stroessner from 1954 to 1989?
Trivia Question #125: What Venice-based clothes company is famous for using Oliviero Toscani's controversial photographs in its print ads?
Trivia Question #126: How many cups are there in a gallon?
Trivia Question #127: If Mini-Me were using his extensor digiti minimi muscle, what part of his body could he extend to the corner of his mouth?
Trivia Question #128: What was Max McGee's contribution to the world of sports trivia?
Trivia Question #129: In the song "Me and Bobby McGee," where was Janis Joplin busted flat and waiting for a train?
Trivia Question #130: Which animals are the only flying mammals?
Trivia Question #131: According to a popular phrase, if you start something over, you go "back to the" what?
Trivia Question #132: Although, as of 2001, no African team has ever won the FIFA World Cup, what African country was the first to win a soccer gold medal at the Olympics?
Trivia Question #133: The European Parliament meets in Strasbourg. Where is Strasbourg?
Trivia Question #134: In 1967, Ralph Lauren gave his new company what name, redolent with money and sophistication?
Trivia Question #135: What's ingrown if you suffer from onychocryptosis?
Trivia Question #136: The whole world is watching. Which city's police rioted at the 1968 Democratic Convention?
Trivia Question #137: Which Elmore Leonard novel did Quentin Tarantino remake as "Jackie Brown"?
Trivia Question #138: Take an edible gourd, cook it and serve it as a vegetable. What do you have?
Trivia Question #139: Pick the date this occurred: Germans capture Athens.
Trivia Question #140: In 1875, Matthew Webb became the first person to use what means to get from Dover, England, to Calais, France?
Trivia Question #141: Russia is named for a people called the Rus. Where were the Rus from?
Trivia Question #142: Sergio AragonÚs picked up what Mad magazine feature created by Cuban exile Antonio Prohias?
Trivia Question #143: How many commercials does the average person see each year?
Trivia Question #144: Which boxer named all of his sons (and at least one of his daughters) after himself?
Trivia Question #145: This word, also the title of a Sir Thomas More classic, means "nowhere" in Greek:
Trivia Question #146: Which isolated European country did Enver Hoxha rule?
Trivia Question #147: Who invented the telephone?
Trivia Question #148: Which of these is an album, not by Miles Davis, but by soprano saxophonist John Coltrane?
Trivia Question #149: Halite is a naturally occurring form of what substance?
Trivia Question #150: Addressing his chronic hemorrhoids, he quipped, "My problems are all behind me":
Trivia Question #151: Who wrote: "My mouth is full of decayed teeth and my soul of decayed ambitions."
Trivia Question #152: On "The Simpsons," who shot Montgomery Burns?
Trivia Question #153: Pick the musical term for "As from a distance":
Trivia Question #154: Which actor's art expertise helped him win the top prize on "The $64,000 Challenge"?
Trivia Question #155: In addition to being a rumba-like dance, what else is a mambo?
Trivia Question #156: Vichyssoise is a French soup made from potatoes and what else?
Trivia Question #157: Bryan Smith died in 2000. Who did Smith himself nearly kill in Maine in 1999?
Trivia Question #158: What did the CBC replace Tommy Hunter's incredibly popular show with?
Trivia Question #159: Which country is the largest exporter of sawn wood?
Trivia Question #160: Which country's prime minister has an official country residence at Chequers in Buckinghamshire?
Trivia Question #161: London isn't the only city with a Trafalgar Square and a statue of Lord Nelson. There is also one in Bridgetown, capital of which island?
Trivia Question #162: Which Eastern European nation is farthest north?
Trivia Question #163: Although Tracy Marrow once enraged cops by singing "Cop Killer," he later played a cop on TV. Who is he?
Trivia Question #164: Listing the state alphabetically, what is the capital of the last one?
Trivia Question #165: How many states did Richard Nixon carry in the 1972 election?
Trivia Question #166: In what language is the newspaper Le Figaro primarily published?
Trivia Question #167: Although he claimed to have been born in Appleton, Wisconsin, where was Houdini actually born?
Trivia Question #168: What does "vodka" mean in Russian?
Trivia Question #169: Which of these Walt Disney movies had its first run most recently?
Trivia Question #170: When Jimmy and Robert asked Bohnam to come aboard who else was seeking John as a drummer?
Trivia Question #171: What was the name of the skunk in Bambi?
Trivia Question #172: On what country's flag does an eagle sit on a cactus, eating a snake?
Trivia Question #173: When a base neutralizes an acid, what is left over?
Trivia Question #174: What was the first nation to allow women to vote?
Trivia Question #175: Pick the correct statement:
Trivia Question #176: According to a popular phrase, one who instantly falls in love is said to become "weak in the" what?
Trivia Question #177: Which term relates to wind-induced processes?
Trivia Question #178: What is the country located between Thailand and Vietnam?
Trivia Question #179: Must be the beignets. According to a 1997 National Center for Health Statistics study, what city has the highest percentage of obese people?
Trivia Question #180: Who was incarcerated for the assassination of Dr. King?
Trivia Question #181: Which book was apparently written in 20 days as one long paragraph on a 250-foot roll of paper?
Trivia Question #182: As of 1998, what was the greatest number of rushing touchdowns a player scored in one game?
Trivia Question #183: An ________ results in the transfer of electrons.
Trivia Question #184: Which word means a universal remedy or cure-all?
Trivia Question #185: Pick the company that has the slogan "America's Tire Since 1900."
Trivia Question #186: Steve Nash took a break from the Denver Nuggets to play for what country during the 2000 Olympics?
Trivia Question #187: According to Dr. J. Brothers -- what will the average woman do to 79 different men before marrying?
Trivia Question #188: Which theory states that the rate of a reaction depends on the number of collisions between the reactants?
Trivia Question #189: What scientist wrote just one novel, "Contact," which was about our first contact with an alien species?
Trivia Question #190: Today, the Louvre is an art gallery. What was it until 1682?
Trivia Question #191: Which scientist discovered the composition of white light and formulated the three fundamental laws of mechanics?
Trivia Question #192: Which invention did Thomas Newcomen, James Watt, Richard Trevithick, George Stevenson and Hero of Alexandria all have a hand in inventing?
Trivia Question #193: At the 1993 Oscars, what Buddhist made a plea for Tibetan freedom?
Trivia Question #194: What movie genre did Mel Brooks spoof in "High Anxiety"?
Trivia Question #195: Vinko Bogatay, a ski jumper, illustrated "the agony of defeat" on what ABC series?
Trivia Question #196: What country is Martina Hingis from?
Trivia Question #197: Whose law was codified as the Law of the Twelve Tables?
Trivia Question #198: Which celebrity famously stood on David Letterman's desk and, as a birthday present, flashed her breasts at him?
Trivia Question #199: What two screen legends are credited with co-writing "My Little Chickadee," in which they both appeared?
Trivia Question #200: Name the faithful wife of Ulysses in Homer's "Odyssey":

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