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Trivia Question #1: What was the first winner of both the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and the Best Picture Oscar?
Trivia Question #2: Ikea picked its corporate colors to match those of the flag of the country where it was founded. What are these colors?
Trivia Question #3: Which of the following things did Igor Stravinsky not do after moving to the US?
Trivia Question #4: Which island is separated from Europe by the Strait of Messina?
Trivia Question #5: One of Anna Sewell's books was told from the viewpoint of what beautiful black animal?
Trivia Question #6: The Confederate States of America is formed with Jefferson Davis, a West Point graduate and former U.S. Army officer, as president.
Trivia Question #7: What famous cinema loverboy apparently never consummated his first marriage and married a lesbian for his second?
Trivia Question #8: What is New York City's only mainland borough?
Trivia Question #9: Pick the musical term for "Mournfully":
Trivia Question #10: In what year did construction of the Berlin Wall begin?
Trivia Question #11: Who won the soccer world cup in 1970?
Trivia Question #12: The nickname of former heavyweight champion James Douglas is:
Trivia Question #13: In the high jump, how many chances do you have to leap over the crossbar?
Trivia Question #14: Which drug-addled actor was buried in a vampire's cape?
Trivia Question #15: Pick the company that has the slogan "It's All The Power You Need."
Trivia Question #16: Who was the only president to have served previously as speaker of the House?
Trivia Question #17: Callinicus of Heliopolis was a Greek Jew from Syria who invented Greek fire, which saved the Byzantine Empire. What is it?
Trivia Question #18: Who names his guitars Lucille, because early in his career his guitar was almost destroyed in a fire started in a fight over a woman named Lucille?
Trivia Question #19: With which artistic movement are Robert Indiana and Jasper Johns most closely associated?
Trivia Question #20: Hominy, a favorite dish in the southern United States, is made from:
Trivia Question #21: In addition to writing about rabbits, who also created a squirrel named Nutkin?
Trivia Question #22: From the French for "hydrogen power," what does knowing something's pH tell you?
Trivia Question #23: If I've been alive for a million minutes, where am I most likely to be found?
Trivia Question #24: Officially, as of 2000, how many members are there in the US Cabinet?
Trivia Question #25: Which of these men was one of the six to have signed both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution?
Trivia Question #26: What product represents 64% of Iceland's exports?
Trivia Question #27: This product's technology played an important role in the invention of computers:
Trivia Question #28: In the 1970s, college students played a famous drinking game while watching "The Bob Newhart Show." When did they chug?
Trivia Question #29: In the measurement of time, what does GMT stand for?
Trivia Question #30: What alt rock supergroup is comprised of the vocalist from Soundgarden, backed up by the remnants of Rage Against the Machine?
Trivia Question #31: Created by Tiger Electronics, what was Poo-Chi?
Trivia Question #32: This term is loosely applied to limestone or dolomite which can be polished:
Trivia Question #33: To infinity ... and beyond! Says who?
Trivia Question #34: By 1980, 46 of the 220 people who had worked on The Conqueror had died of cancer, including the man who starred in the movie ... as Genghis Khan. Who was this?
Trivia Question #35: Which team did basketball center George Mikan lead to six championships in the 1940s and 1950s?
Trivia Question #36: What country accepted 75,000 convicts between 1790 and 1840?
Trivia Question #37: Although he will become Duke of Edinburgh when his parents die, what title did Prince Edward assume when he married?
Trivia Question #38: What was Sam Maverick, the original maverick, such a maverick about?
Trivia Question #39: Edwin Alonzo Boyd's dad was a cop. Who was Boyd?
Trivia Question #40: What fictional Spaniard was dragged to hell by a statue of the father of a woman he seduced?
Trivia Question #41: Who played Mork's son on "Mork & Mindy"?
Trivia Question #42: What is the word for a grouping of hawks?
Trivia Question #43: Where did fugitive black slaves briefly form their own republic from 1605 to 1694?
Trivia Question #44: What U.S. state has the most counties?
Trivia Question #45: Identify Nick Adams:
Trivia Question #46: Credited with sparking the "Goth" movement, "Bela Lugosi's Dead" was recorded by what band in 1979?
Trivia Question #47: What Cub hit a record five grand-slam homers in the 1955 season?
Trivia Question #48: What caused the tragic death of Robert Plant's son Karac?
Trivia Question #49: Pick the company that has the slogan "Invest With Confidence."
Trivia Question #50: Which desert is the world's largest?
Trivia Question #51: The Grand Tetons are indeed named for their resemblance to female breasts. Where are they?
Trivia Question #52: Written in the 1660s, whose diary wasn't deciphered until the 1820s?
Trivia Question #53: Who painted the scenes from Genesis on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
Trivia Question #54: Which state's primary did Robert F. Kennedy win just hours before his assassination?
Trivia Question #55: In the 1981 movie Stripes, Bill Murray leaves his monotonous everyday life to join what group?
Trivia Question #56: What body part of Silvilagus floridanus is considered lucky, although not for Silvilagus floridanus?
Trivia Question #57: Name the Zeppelin song containing these lyrics: "Well, it's been ten years and maybe more since I first set eyes on you, the best years of my life gone by, here I am alone and blue."
Trivia Question #58: In African American street slang, what is a gat?
Trivia Question #59: The beginning of a massive, coordinated campaign involving all the Union Armies.
Trivia Question #60: Which writer married a woman named Gemma but celebrated his love for "Beatrice" in several of his works?
Trivia Question #61: Name the song: "Say you don't need no diamond ring and I'll be satisfied"?
Trivia Question #62: Landlocked countries have no saltwater borders. What is the world's largest landlocked country?
Trivia Question #63: Which country is not considered one of the "economic tigers" of the Pacific Rim?
Trivia Question #64: What was the name of the building from which Lee Harvey Oswald is believed to have shot JFK?
Trivia Question #65: Published in 1637, La Geometrie was the first work to use the current version of the square root symbol. Who wrote La Geometrie?
Trivia Question #66: If the nucleus of an atom were the size of a tennis ball, what negatively charged particle would be in orbit nearly a kilometer away?
Trivia Question #67: This famous rock group from England started out with the not-so-memorable name 'High Numbers':
Trivia Question #68: Where is Dam Square?
Trivia Question #69: What is the world's driest desert?
Trivia Question #70: Where is a sacred object called the Ka'bah?
Trivia Question #71: When this hat first came out, it cost almost a month's wages to buy:
Trivia Question #72: Where would you find a magnetosphere?
Trivia Question #73: What is a daskiki?
Trivia Question #74: Who was the author of the book "Selected Stories"?
Trivia Question #75: When you crank up the volume on your Led Zeppelin CD, what are you changing about the sound waves?
Trivia Question #76: What famous American was a member of "The Hellfire Sex Club"?
Trivia Question #77: Who was the only U.S. Five Star General?
Trivia Question #78: Define this musical term: "VITE (VIVACE, VIVO)":
Trivia Question #79: From the Earth, the center of our galaxy appears to be in which constellation?
Trivia Question #80: What city's rhyming teams have included baseball's Mets, football's Jets, basketball's Nets and tennis's Sets?
Trivia Question #81: Who wrote "And Then There Were None"?
Trivia Question #82: Which Jane Austen novel was originally titled "Elinor and Marianne"?
Trivia Question #83: The Bulls dynasty was unraveling when they traded which player to the Houston Rockets in 1999?
Trivia Question #84: What president swore his oath of office on Air Force One at Love Field?
Trivia Question #85: Who is the only player to hit 50 home runs for two different teams?
Trivia Question #86: Does keeping a battery cold extend its life ... or reduce its life?
Trivia Question #87: How the locals must be embarrassed. What word is misspelled on the Liberty Bell?
Trivia Question #88: Baffin Bay is closest to?
Trivia Question #89: How many vertebrae does a human being have?
Trivia Question #90: What country won its first Olympic field hockey gold medal in 1928, and continued to dominate the game until the 1940s?
Trivia Question #91: Which country leads the world in platinum production?
Trivia Question #92: Which of these is smallest?
Trivia Question #93: Who was the first president to be defeated seeking re-election?
Trivia Question #94: Brussels is the capital of which country?
Trivia Question #95: Define this musical term: "UNIS.":
Trivia Question #96: Who did Inspector Gerard chase for four seasons on the 1960s TV series "The Fugitive"?
Trivia Question #97: In which year did the Yardbirds evolve into Led Zeppelin?
Trivia Question #98: Crazy was a hit for Patsy Cline. But who wrote the song?
Trivia Question #99: In which park would you find Speakers' Corner and a bridle path called Rotton Row?
Trivia Question #100: Pick the musical term for "Ger. Sadly":
Trivia Question #101: Which of these actresses is mismatched with one of her famous starring roles?
Trivia Question #102: As described in a Yeats poem, with what wood should a magic wand be made?
Trivia Question #103: After working on my car all evening, I finally _______ down to sleep at around midnight.
Trivia Question #104: If you've landed on Baltic Avenue, Illinois Avenue or Boardwalk, you could be playing Monopoly, or you could be in which city, for whose streets Monopoly properties are named?
Trivia Question #105: Consisting of just one chapter of 21 verses, what is the shortest book of the Protestant Old Testament?
Trivia Question #106: Pick the musical term for "Ger. Moderate":
Trivia Question #107: What Hollywood star had a brief cameo as the Excelsior's Communications Officer in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"?
Trivia Question #108: What medal was originally made from the bronze of Russian cannons?
Trivia Question #109: What TV series took place in Norwich, Vermont?
Trivia Question #110: Pick the company that has the slogan "Don't Let Hunger Happen To You."
Trivia Question #111: Which American river has given its name to a school of painting that included Thomas Cole and Frederick Church?
Trivia Question #112: The Westminster Show is the most prestigious dog show in:
Trivia Question #113: Pick the musical term for "Above":
Trivia Question #114: Which of these people was probably black, but certainly not Polish?
Trivia Question #115: The annual Iditarod Dogsled Championship is a 1,159-mile race from Anchorage to:
Trivia Question #116: When Howard Hughes cast this actress in a western called "The Outlaw," he also designed a pulley-powered bra for her. Who?
Trivia Question #117: Which country existed in 1914?
Trivia Question #118: For Monty Python fans, what breed of ex-parrot has rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible?
Trivia Question #119: With its capital at Adelaide, what is the only Australian state to never receive any of those famous transported convicts?
Trivia Question #120: What university's Bruins did John Wooden coach to 10 basketball championships in 12 years?
Trivia Question #121: While the southern part of the island of Cyprus is an independent country, the independence of Northern Cyprus is only recognized by one country. What is that country?
Trivia Question #122: Roughly what percentage of the earth's surface is covered by water?
Trivia Question #123: Where and when did Walt Whitman live?
Trivia Question #124: What author of "Death of a Salesman" directed productions of that play in Sweden and China?
Trivia Question #125: In what country is Transylvania, homeland of Count Dracula?
Trivia Question #126: What Jan and Dean song had the chorus "Go, Granny, go, Granny, go Granny go"?
Trivia Question #127: Due to a mistranslation of its Arabic name, you may be forgiven for thinking that Sagittarius serpentarius does what for a living?
Trivia Question #128: Veterans of the US Army's 10th Mountain Division ski troop returned to what state to found the resort town of Vail?
Trivia Question #129: Called Devarim in Hebrew, what biblical book repeats the Ten Commandments?
Trivia Question #130: The Thirty Years' War began with something called the Defenestration of Prague. What is a defenestration?
Trivia Question #131: Starting from January, which of these signs of the zodiac has its "dawning" first?
Trivia Question #132: On April 14, 1927, the first Volvo rolled off the line in Gothenburg in what country?
Trivia Question #133: Who reunited for a 1994 album ironically called "Hell Freezes Over"?
Trivia Question #134: What substance is a metal alloy of copper and tin?
Trivia Question #135: Which Italian city is Mt. Vesuvius closest to?
Trivia Question #136: Define this musical term: "SEGUE":
Trivia Question #137: Patti LaBelle's original back-up group was called the ________.
Trivia Question #138: Back in 1867, how many Fathers of Confederation were there?
Trivia Question #139: Pick the company that has the slogan "It's Not TV. It's _______."
Trivia Question #140: Which metal works best as an electrical conductor?
Trivia Question #141: What year does the United States relinquish control of the Panama Canal Zone?
Trivia Question #142: When he died of malaria, which explorer's body did Africans carry a thousand miles so it could be buried in England?
Trivia Question #143: True flies make up the order Diptera. How many species of dipterans are there?
Trivia Question #144: What is the most northerly latitude you might encounter icebergs in the Indian Ocean?
Trivia Question #145: In 1930, the Cubs' Hack Wilson hit 56 home runs and set a single-season record that still stands, as of 2000. For what?
Trivia Question #146: Who is the player with the most yards and highest average for punt returns in Super Bowl history? (Minimum 4 returns.)
Trivia Question #147: Dominican Friars of Santa Maria, Milan could dine in the shadow of this masterpiece:
Trivia Question #148: Three of the first four winners in which Oscar category were Canadian born?
Trivia Question #149: This rock star was charged with failing to pay income tax in 1973?
Trivia Question #150: In 1997, in a special 150-m race in Toronto, who became the Fastest Man Alive?
Trivia Question #151: Which mythological figure was not a king?
Trivia Question #152: Who was the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?
Trivia Question #153: What is the last letter in the Greek Alphabet?
Trivia Question #154: Although best known for having 31 flavors, what company actually makes more than 900?
Trivia Question #155: In Grant Wood's painting "American Gothic," what is the man holding?
Trivia Question #156: In 1851, Jacob Fussel became the first to manufacture this treat commercially:
Trivia Question #157: Which italian author wrote "The Name of the Rose"?
Trivia Question #158: If you have a million million pennies in Britain, how many pennies do you have in North America?
Trivia Question #159: Define this musical term: "CAPO":
Trivia Question #160: Why do NFL players take the Wunderlich test?
Trivia Question #161: If you want tempura, to what would you add pigment?
Trivia Question #162: Brooke Shields, Rosie O'Donnell and Lucy "Xena, Princess Warrior" have all played Rizzo in what musical?
Trivia Question #163: What religion has helped NBA coach Phil Jackson stay cool under pressure?
Trivia Question #164: Who won the UEFA Champions League 2002?
Trivia Question #165: Acute yellow atrophy is a term for a condition caused by:
Trivia Question #166: "Al dente" is a cooking term used in reference to this food:
Trivia Question #167: In the early 1970s, Clifford Irving conned a publisher into buying whose "autobiography"?
Trivia Question #168: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Energy To Make A Difference"
Trivia Question #169: The word "candidate" comes from the Latin word for "extra-white men." How did Romans get their togas "extra-white"?
Trivia Question #170: Many astronomers are arguing that which of the nine planets is not a planet at all, but instead is just a large object in the Kuiper Belt?
Trivia Question #171: Of which group of islands is Timor the largest of?
Trivia Question #172: Who gave birth to Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau at Fort Mandan on February 11, 1805, in what is now North Dakota?
Trivia Question #173: Who was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington D.C, at the Capitol?
Trivia Question #174: In 1993, Id Software released what it calls "the hottest 3-D action game of all time." What game is this?
Trivia Question #175: Pick the date this occurred: Italy invades Egypt.
Trivia Question #176: Which of these is actually just a root beer float?
Trivia Question #177: What disease forced Sandy Koufax out of baseball?
Trivia Question #178: What country turned the G7 into the G8?
Trivia Question #179: Which volcano destroyed Pompeii?
Trivia Question #180: If you're described as brazen, either you're shameless, or you're made of what material?
Trivia Question #181: Who was the Virgin Mary's husband?
Trivia Question #182: Originally, STP stood for Shirley Temple's Pussy. Understandably, the record company didn't like that much, so what did STP change its name to?
Trivia Question #183: The 2000 CBS series "Survivor" was set on the island of Pulau Tiga in which country?
Trivia Question #184: This element is named for the inventor of the periodic table:
Trivia Question #185: Which of these countries is located in the Southern Hemisphere?
Trivia Question #186: Pick the musical term for "The end":
Trivia Question #187: What is the best translation for the Arabic term "wadi"?
Trivia Question #188: If Old Macdonald has a capon, what noise will it make here, there and everywhere?
Trivia Question #189: After the 1936, Hitler offered to make India's Dhyan Chand a colonel in the German army. In what sport had Chand won a gold medal at the Berlin Olympics?
Trivia Question #190: What was the name of the girl who took Harry Chapin's Taxi?
Trivia Question #191: Opened in 1988, what Ottawa landmark was designed by architect Moshe Safdie, who also designed Habitat in Montreal?
Trivia Question #192: What is the official language of Iran?
Trivia Question #193: Who is the only NFL quarterback to lead his team to four consecutive Super Bowls?
Trivia Question #194: What kind of doctor is Dr. Laura Schlessinger?
Trivia Question #195: A relationship from which two organisims mutually benefit is called:
Trivia Question #196: In "Casablanca," who says, "Play it again, Sam"?
Trivia Question #197: What is the name Intel short for?
Trivia Question #198: Which body of water separates the city of Miami Beach from the city of Miami?
Trivia Question #199: What Rolling Stones hit was written about David Bowie's wife?
Trivia Question #200: The professor gave the most difficult problems to Andrea and _______.

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