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Trivia Question #1: In what country would you find a city called Wagga Wagga?
Trivia Question #2: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Toughest Name In Tools."
Trivia Question #3: On what show did a character's fiancee die after licking cheap envelopes?
Trivia Question #4: Holden Caulfield is a character from which novel?
Trivia Question #5: Which two Great Lakes are separated by Niagara Falls and the Welland Canal?
Trivia Question #6: According to Francois Mitterand, what world leader had "the eyes of Caligula and the lips of Marilyn Monroe"?
Trivia Question #7: Which of his wives did Henry VIII pick based on a portrait of her by Hans Holbein? (He must not have been good; Hank dropped her.)
Trivia Question #8: As head of the SETI Institute, Frank Drake developed the Drake Equation. What does this equation calculate?
Trivia Question #9: It was a story of a man named Jed. What was the #1 TV show for the 1962-63 and 1963-64 seasons?
Trivia Question #10: As the story goes, Captain Hanson Gregory of Maine (or maybe the Amish) made what change to the doughnut?
Trivia Question #11: What is the word for a grouping of parrots?
Trivia Question #12: Who wrote: "Show me the man who keeps his house in hand, He's fit for public authority."
Trivia Question #13: What plant is the symbol of the Girl Guides?
Trivia Question #14: Before writing "The Sound and the Fury," which writer trained in Toronto to be a pilot in the Royal Air Force?
Trivia Question #15: In which present-day country did Mobuto Sese Soko seize power in the 1960s?
Trivia Question #16: Who wrote: "What's mine is yours, and what is yours is mine."
Trivia Question #17: What country won almost every ice hockey Olympic gold medal from 1956 through 1992, until Sweden broke its streak in 1994?
Trivia Question #18: Who gave voice to Barney Rubble, Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker?
Trivia Question #19: Who was the only prime minister of Canada who, technically, was neither a Liberal nor a Tory?
Trivia Question #20: What instrument does the concertmaster of an orchestra usually play?
Trivia Question #21: What conservative Catholic from Britain wrote the Father Brown detective stories?
Trivia Question #22: This world capital is near the juncture of two famous rivers. Its name means "elephant trunk" in Arabic. What is it?
Trivia Question #23: What river runs through most of the length of Pakistan?
Trivia Question #24: Who wrote: "Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish."
Trivia Question #25: The name of which of these carols is actually a translation of the Latin "Adeste Fidelis"?
Trivia Question #26: Gentrification is most associated with?
Trivia Question #27: On the Simpons, what is Apu's last name?
Trivia Question #28: What Bausch & Lomb product accompanied Tom Cruise in "Top Gun," Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi in "The Blue Brothers" and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in "Men in Black"?
Trivia Question #29: Pick the date this occurred: Germans capture Thessalonika.
Trivia Question #30: Pick the musical term for "Forcing, a sudden accent":
Trivia Question #31: Why was British computer genius Alan Turing forced to take hormones that caused him to grow breasts?
Trivia Question #32: Which of these countries has the name of another country nestled within in?
Trivia Question #33: Excluding grand duchies and principalities, how many monarchies are there in Europe?
Trivia Question #34: With which sport do we associate the brothers Lester and Frank Patrick?
Trivia Question #35: Despite an IQ of 154, who got an F in acting and an A in golf at Edinboro State College?
Trivia Question #36: What BC-born PM's real first and middle names are Avril Phaedra?
Trivia Question #37: What is the largest city in Africa?
Trivia Question #38: Now meaning a device that releases CO2 to make foam after cans are opened, what word was invented in the 1930s to mean an imaginary machine?
Trivia Question #39: What is the maximum number of strikes you can throw in a single game of bowling?
Trivia Question #40: Located in Davis, California, for whom or what is D-Q University named?
Trivia Question #41: What oil tycoon skipped over a lot of taxes by making a Malibu art museum one of the biggest benefactors in his will?
Trivia Question #42: What sport's ball has a surface composed of pentagonal and hexagonal faces?
Trivia Question #43: Who was the first president to have previously served as a U.S. congressman?
Trivia Question #44: Define this musical term: "CRESCENDO (CRESC.)":
Trivia Question #45: As of 2001, of the NHL's 30 teams, how many were based in Canada?
Trivia Question #46: My great-grandfather founded a farm machine company and my brother became Canada's governor-general. Who am I?
Trivia Question #47: What is the capital of the United Kingdom ?
Trivia Question #48: What actress was married to Andre Agassiz?
Trivia Question #49: Which Minnesota Lake is the source of the Mississippi River?
Trivia Question #50: Lance Armstrong managed to win the Tour de France, despite having recovered from what disease?
Trivia Question #51: Which of these women did not join Mya in the video for Lady Marmalade?
Trivia Question #52: What Objectivist and former Julliard student played clarinet in a jazz band?
Trivia Question #53: Who wrote "Cat's Cradle"?
Trivia Question #54: With which outlaw or outlaws were the Younger brothers sometimes allied?
Trivia Question #55: Which movie won the first Academy Award for Best Picture?
Trivia Question #56: How did Riley B King come to be known as BB King?
Trivia Question #57: What's the only continent without reptiles or snakes?
Trivia Question #58: All of these events took place in the 20th century except:
Trivia Question #59: How many feet apart must the stakes be in a game of horseshoes?
Trivia Question #60: What is shellac made from?
Trivia Question #61: From 1941 to 1956, Willie Mosconi won 13 world championships in what sport?
Trivia Question #62: Perrier comes from a natural spring in Vergeze in what country?
Trivia Question #63: Of the people who signed the US Constitution, the one who outlived all the others also became US president. Who was he?
Trivia Question #64: By a margin of roughly two to one over its nearest rival, which country has won the most Olympic track and field medals?
Trivia Question #65: The Ten-Thousand Day War was about which war?
Trivia Question #66: Its country's longest railroad, the India Pacific, stretches between what two cities?
Trivia Question #67: What river flows through Ho Chi Minh City?
Trivia Question #68: In much of Southeast Asia, the huaqiao hold a share of market capitalization disproportionate to their percentage of the population. Who are the huaqiao?
Trivia Question #69: What Native American language was used in the 1990 movie Dances With Wolves?
Trivia Question #70: With its rapid economic expansion and increased job opportunities, the population of India’s bustling capital, ________, has increased by 50 percent in the past decade.
Trivia Question #71: Where was Timothy Leary a professor of psychology when he published "The Psychedelic Reader"?
Trivia Question #72: For what use was Kleenex originally developed?
Trivia Question #73: Who would most likely develop a twitchy case of the yips?
Trivia Question #74: What is the oldest national park in the United States?
Trivia Question #75: Known for dating Pamela Anderson, what rocker was born Robert Ritchie?
Trivia Question #76: Which patriotic song did Julia Ward Howe write after visiting the army of the Potomac in 1861?
Trivia Question #77: Which president was nicknamed "The Preacher President"?
Trivia Question #78: What is the primary ingredient of coq au vin?
Trivia Question #79: What do you win if you're picked in the Shirley Jackson story "The Lottery"?
Trivia Question #80: Who invented both the alcohol and mercury thermometers?
Trivia Question #81: Chris Blackwell was a Jamaican whose record company discovered Bob Marley and U2. What is this record label?
Trivia Question #82: Lore is the evil twin of what Star Trek character?
Trivia Question #83: What does the HMV stand for the HMV chain of record stores?
Trivia Question #84: Which country has the largest capacity reservoir in the world?
Trivia Question #85: What is Boris Spassky known for playing?
Trivia Question #86: Who was "Burning Down The House"?
Trivia Question #87: Who was the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence?
Trivia Question #88: September 25, 1980 marks the date of what?
Trivia Question #89: At which city's Olympic Games did Greg Louganis become the first man in 56 years to win gold in both the springboard and platform diving contests?
Trivia Question #90: By tradition we can expect six more weeks of winter if on Groundhog Day, February 2, the groundhog:
Trivia Question #91: What country was almost given such names as New Britain, Cabotia and Ursalia?
Trivia Question #92: Pick the musical term for "Gradually slower":
Trivia Question #93: Cary Grant's real name was Archie Leach. Who played a character named Archie Leach in "A Fish Called Wanda"?
Trivia Question #94: What puppet did Steve Kerzner turn into a MuchMusic/CityTV superstar?
Trivia Question #95: Pick the musical term for "Bene Well":
Trivia Question #96: What British animals were driven mad by a disease called bovine spongiform encephalopathy?
Trivia Question #97: Which state or country lies at the approximate latitude of Bermuda?
Trivia Question #98: Which actor's grandfather was the Saskatchewan premier who introduced socialized medicine to North America?
Trivia Question #99: Melville's Ahab, an obsessed captain who hunted Moby Dick, was named after:
Trivia Question #100: In what year was Nelson Mandela freed and the Germanys reunited?
Trivia Question #101: Who wrote "From Russia with Love"?
Trivia Question #102: Granite Peak, not Granite Mt, is the highest point in what mt-ous state?
Trivia Question #103: On “Saturday Night Live”, what country was Roseanne Roseannadanna from?
Trivia Question #104: Where did the Tennessee Titans play before moving to Memphis?
Trivia Question #105: What was the maiden name of married 19th-century feminist Lucy Stone?
Trivia Question #106: Who starred in "The 30-Foot Bride of Candy Rock," his only movie without Bud Abbott?
Trivia Question #107: What kind of vehicle did Richard Branson and Per Lindstrand use to cross the Atlantic in July 1987?
Trivia Question #108: Who crossed the Alps with a herd of war elephants (although not as many as you might think)?
Trivia Question #109: In 1995, Prince Abdullah had a cameo role as a medical officer in the "Investigations" episode of "Star Trek: Voyager." Of what country did he become king?
Trivia Question #110: Which film company started a craze for gangster movies with films like "Little Caesar," "The Public Enemy" and "Scarface"?
Trivia Question #111: Until the 1500s, what symbol did English writers use instead of a comma?
Trivia Question #112: Which of these personal care items typically contains bristles?
Trivia Question #113: Uremia is the result of biochemical disorders due to failure in the:
Trivia Question #114: Who is famous for their Law of Constant Heat Summation?
Trivia Question #115: Maybe the devil made him do it. What nickname did Clerow Wilson adopt?
Trivia Question #116: Where and when did Fyodor M. Dostoevsky live?
Trivia Question #117: In the movies, who are Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Mike Williams?
Trivia Question #118: The name of a certain cold Spanish soup is believed to come from an Arabic phrase meaning "soaked bread." What soup is this?
Trivia Question #119: In which decade have the most Westerns won Oscars for Best Picture?
Trivia Question #120: When did Sir Halford Mackinder develop his Heartland Theory?
Trivia Question #121: What is the word for a grouping of turtledoves?
Trivia Question #122: What did the G stand for in Warren G. Harding's name?
Trivia Question #123: Which sitting president secretly had surgery to replace a cancer-ridden left jaw with one made of vulcanized rubber?
Trivia Question #124: Which of the following ballet stars appeared in the 1977 film "The Turning Point"?
Trivia Question #125: As of 1999, only three countries have failed to make metric mandatory. Which of these is not one of them?
Trivia Question #126: It's Latin name, Canis latrans, means "barking dog." It's English name comes the Aztec language words meaning ... "barking dog," but we often call it the Prairie wolf. What is it?
Trivia Question #127: Despite being a better runner than flyer, what bird ends up in pear trees every Christmas?
Trivia Question #128: How many different time zones does China utilize?
Trivia Question #129: As of 1998, what is Switzerland's largest city and financial capital?
Trivia Question #130: Which Jane Austen book inspired the Alicia Silverstone movie "Clueless" and provided a starring role for Gwyneth Paltrow a year later?
Trivia Question #131: Which of these colors gets its name from the Latin word for the kermes shield louse, thought to be a worm, from which the dye of that color was made?
Trivia Question #132: In what grisly way did a Texas African-American named James Byrd die?
Trivia Question #133: In 1989, who became the first black male actor to win an Oscar since Sidney Poitier did so in 1963?
Trivia Question #134: Which country was formerly known as Dahomey?
Trivia Question #135: What is an octothorpe?
Trivia Question #136: There really is a university named for evangelist Oral Roberts. Where is it?
Trivia Question #137: John Wilkes Booth was injured in this way as he fled the scene of Lincoln's assassination:
Trivia Question #138: The Civil War fort of Fort Sumter is in which city's harbor?
Trivia Question #139: Name the Zeppelin song containing these lyrics: "Walking side by side with death, the devil mocks their every step."
Trivia Question #140: How much money do you start out with in Monopoly?
Trivia Question #141: What is the most populous state in India?
Trivia Question #142: Who invented the weight scales?
Trivia Question #143: Meaning "same place" in Greek, what word describes atoms with the same atomic number (number of protons) but a mass number (number of neutrons)?
Trivia Question #144: Which of these cloud types is found closest to the ground?
Trivia Question #145: At which city's Olympic games did Jesse Owens annoy his hosts by winning four gold medals?
Trivia Question #146: Which color, used by the Fatimid dynasty for its flags, became the color of Islam?
Trivia Question #147: What does a blogger do on the Web?
Trivia Question #148: Whom did Camilla Shand meet for the first time on a wet afternoon in 1972 at a polo field on Windsor Great Park?
Trivia Question #149: Who wrote "Cold Sassy Tree"?
Trivia Question #150: Which is not a disease of the eye?
Trivia Question #151: Which book of the New Testament is called "the Magna Carta of Christian liberty" because it offers freedom through Christ?
Trivia Question #152: What was the first college to admit women and one of the first to admit students "without respect to color"?
Trivia Question #153: Which of these movies famously featured an 865-foot tower of volcanic rock in Wyoming called Devils Tower?
Trivia Question #154: What is the word for a grouping of gorillas?
Trivia Question #155: Pick the company that has the slogan "Comfortably In Command."
Trivia Question #156: Who was the author of the book "Absalom, Absalom"?
Trivia Question #157: The smallest bone in the body is the ________.
Trivia Question #158: The 19th century tycoon Philip D. Armour made his fortune in this industry:
Trivia Question #159: Who wrote: "The sea - this truth must be confessed - has no generosity. No display of manly qualities - courage, hardihood, endurance, faithfulness - has ever been known to touch its irresponsible consciousness of power."
Trivia Question #160: Which state, whose motto is "Eureka," has a now-extinct bear on its flag?
Trivia Question #161: What Empire was Egypt part of until 1914?
Trivia Question #162: This grandmaster beat IBM's Big Blue in 1996, but it beat him the year after. Who is he?
Trivia Question #163: In which country did the Mighty Five create a national school of music?
Trivia Question #164: Define this musical term: "STACCATISSIMO":
Trivia Question #165: The petals and leaves of this yellow, orange, and red flowering plant are often used in salads. Do you know the name of this plant?
Trivia Question #166: In the 1990s, which bird appeared on the Canadian bill with the lowest value?
Trivia Question #167: If the giant heads on Mount Rushmore were attached to proportional giant bodies, how tall would the giants be?
Trivia Question #168: The term "Fauvism" was adopted to describe the work of painters like Georges Braque and Henri Matisse. What does "fauve" mean?
Trivia Question #169: In 1982, Marvin Gaye had a Billboard top ten song about what kind of "Healing"?
Trivia Question #170: Who was the author of the book "Canterbury Tales"?
Trivia Question #171: On the original TV series, who was chasing "The Fugitive"?
Trivia Question #172: Approximately how often does the moon complete an orbit of the earth?
Trivia Question #173: Which of the world's ten longest rivers flows both north and south across the equator, and over Stanley Falls, besides?
Trivia Question #174: Which of these movies was directed, not by Robert Altman, but by Bernardo Bertolucci?
Trivia Question #175: In 1981, who became the first major rock/pop act to tour under the banner of a major corporate sponsor (Jovan, in this case)?
Trivia Question #176: Author Graham Greene wrote all these novels except:
Trivia Question #177: What two countries used to form Patagonia?
Trivia Question #178: Who was the only president born in Kentucky?
Trivia Question #179: How many American states were named after Queen Elizabeth I? (Think carefully about this one.)
Trivia Question #180: Born in Motihari, India, what writer became "big brother" when he served with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma from 1922 to 1927?
Trivia Question #181: While attending Minnesota Vikings camp in August 2001, tackle Korey Stringer died. How?
Trivia Question #182: Which two planets are almost identical in size?
Trivia Question #183: What war did the most Americans die in?
Trivia Question #184: In which book would you find the famous slogan "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others"?
Trivia Question #185: Which gland is the main site of cholesterol biosynthesis?
Trivia Question #186: Obviously, it wasn't Melissa Etheridge. As it turns out, who fathered Julie Cypher's children?
Trivia Question #187: The presence of what chemical substance distinguishes "heavy water" from common water?
Trivia Question #188: Which president warned, "Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind."?
Trivia Question #189: How many hours a year does the average man shave?
Trivia Question #190: Which of these is a song, not from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album, but from Prince's "Purple Rain"?
Trivia Question #191: Which of these writers was an innovator of the stream of consciousness technique?
Trivia Question #192: Which capital city is farthest west?
Trivia Question #193: Which of the Beatles wrote Come and Get It for Badfinger?
Trivia Question #194: What Alaskan city is named for the vice president of the United States from 1905 to 1909?
Trivia Question #195: Environmentalist and Christian techno star Moby may be the great great grandnephew of which writer?
Trivia Question #196: Which old soldier finally faded away in Washington, DC, on April 5, 1964?
Trivia Question #197: The Walker and Ryder cups are for amateur and pro men and the Curtis and Solheim cups are for amateur women in what sport?
Trivia Question #198: Including wisdom teeth, how many teeth does a normal adult have?
Trivia Question #199: Honored at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival, the movie "Pather Panchali" established Satyajit Ray as one of which country directorial giants?
Trivia Question #200: In 1989's "The Little Mermaid", what was Scuttle's name for a fork?

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