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Trivia Question #1: Al Lewis, who ran for governor of New York in 1998, once starred on which of these TV shows?
Trivia Question #2: The Dainippon Celluloid Company was Japan's first maker of 35-mm film. Near what mountain was its most famous subsidiary based?
Trivia Question #3: How many Canadian provincial capitals are north of the 49th parallel?
Trivia Question #4: Scion of one wealthy liberal family, and married into another, Naomi Klein wrote which of these books?
Trivia Question #5: Which president's campaign slogan told voters that "The stakes are too high for you to stay at home"?
Trivia Question #6: Who wrote: "He lives not long who battles with the immortals, nor do his children prattle about his knees when he has come back from battle and the dread fray."
Trivia Question #7: Sherman reaches Savannah in Georgia leaving behind a 300 mile long path of destruction 60 miles wide all the way from Atlanta. Sherman then telegraphs Lincoln, offering him Savannah as a Christmas present.
Trivia Question #8: Who wrote: "No legacy is so rich as honesty."
Trivia Question #9: What is the fastest growing plant on earth?
Trivia Question #10: What are the first names, respectively, of explorers Lewis and Clark?
Trivia Question #11: As of 2000, where are the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization?
Trivia Question #12: In 1929, a pair of cousins entered a contest with "The Roman Hat Mystery," a story starring which sleuth?
Trivia Question #13: Who was the only person to perform at the Live Aid concerts in both Philadelphia and London?
Trivia Question #14: Sindbad made his Seven Voyages during the time of Harun ar-Rashid. When was this?
Trivia Question #15: Weighing as much as 40 or 50 pounds, what is the heaviest flying bird?
Trivia Question #16: Who declined a chance to appear opposite Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Heat, so that he could play Hamlet in Winnipeg?
Trivia Question #17: What Canadian prime minister eventually became the first Viscount Bedford?
Trivia Question #18: What powerful U.S. corporation was called "the octopus" for its ability to influence Latin American governments?
Trivia Question #19: Who was the first man to go into space, and then return again?
Trivia Question #20: Without sextant, chart or compass, Polynesians navigated vast oceans. How did they do it?
Trivia Question #21: In the title of the 1970 Judy Blume book, who was asking God if He was there?
Trivia Question #22: In April 2001, Aaron Sorkin was busted for possession of magic mushrooms. Which of these shows was he writing at the time?
Trivia Question #23: Belgium borders all of these countries except:
Trivia Question #24: Where would you find the Descartes Highlands and the Orientale Basin?
Trivia Question #25: The mosquito gets its name from the diminutive of the Spanish "mosca," from the Latin "musca." What is a musca?
Trivia Question #26: Who is referred to as the "father of the atomic bomb"?
Trivia Question #27: Hey, smarty-pants! Which city's suburbs include Dum Dum?
Trivia Question #28: When this woman released a solo album called "Tigerlily," she left behind the other 9,999 Maniacs. Who is she?
Trivia Question #29: If I score a bogey on a par-3 green, how many strokes did it take for me to sink the ball?
Trivia Question #30: Which subject does not involve the study of living things?
Trivia Question #31: What interests a lepidopterist?
Trivia Question #32: The TV show "M*A*S*H*" dropped the bleak lyrics in the movie version. What is the song called?
Trivia Question #33: Where was Christopher Columbus born?
Trivia Question #34: Who was the first president to have previously served as a U.S. senator?
Trivia Question #35: What is the largest city in Maryland?
Trivia Question #36: Who played Alan Brady on "The Dick Van Dyke Show," only to reprise the character decades later for an episode of "Mad About You"?
Trivia Question #37: Since the 1960s, what gasoline company had promised to "Put a tiger in your tank"?
Trivia Question #38: Which of the following religions follows the teachings of a 19th-century Persian nobleman?
Trivia Question #39: In which country was tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov born?
Trivia Question #40: Where was Degrassi Junior High?
Trivia Question #41: The Buddhists usually use 108. The Muslims use 99, with a 100th to know they're done. And the Catholic employs 150. Of what?
Trivia Question #42: On August 21, 1983, where was Benigno Aquino shot to death as he got off a plane?
Trivia Question #43: For which movie did Geraldine Page win her Oscar?
Trivia Question #44: This movie set a record with 763 names in the credits ... it would have been 764 if Kathleen Turner hadn't opted out. What is it?
Trivia Question #45: Where did the Venus's-flytrap originally grow?
Trivia Question #46: On TV, what was Penelope Brewster's nickname?
Trivia Question #47: Sing us a song tonight. As "William Martin," who was the piano man at LA's Executive Lounge?
Trivia Question #48: What cause occupies the Hemlock Society, founded by Derek Humphrey?
Trivia Question #49: What brand and color of underwear is Marty wearing in "Back to the Future"?
Trivia Question #50: When it's the same date all over the world, what time is it in London?
Trivia Question #51: Named for Marcel Grateau, where would you find a Marcel wave?
Trivia Question #52: Where and when did Homer live?
Trivia Question #53: Pick the date this occurred: Trier captured by Allies.
Trivia Question #54: More Americans died in WWII in battle than in any other war. What war is a close second?
Trivia Question #55: In March 2000, the British government sent former dictator Augusto Pinochet Ugarte home to what country?
Trivia Question #56: What instrument did John Lennon hold on the Sgt. Pepper album cover?
Trivia Question #57: The United States has 50 states. How many does Australia have?
Trivia Question #58: What is the length of the Earth's orbit around the Sun?
Trivia Question #59: Which athletic feat did Roger Bannister achieve on May 6, 1954?
Trivia Question #60: Which of the following books was NOT written by Henry James?
Trivia Question #61: This guy was the first man to get into the Swimming Hall of Fame?
Trivia Question #62: On what show did a dog named Maui play a dog named Murray?
Trivia Question #63: If you know your Chekhov plays, this will be a snap. What bird do the Russians call "chaika"?
Trivia Question #64: What former Amnesty International researcher and welfare mother got her greatest book idea while on a train from Manchester to London?
Trivia Question #65: Which character in "Alice in Wonderland" is seen always weeping?
Trivia Question #66: From 1893 to 1974, the Superintendent of the United States Naval Observatory lived in a mansion on 34th Street and Massachusetts Avenue. Who lives there now?
Trivia Question #67: What famous director played a French scientist named Lacombe in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"?
Trivia Question #68: Who wrote most of the songs for Roger Daltry's first solo album?
Trivia Question #69: Constantine Falkland Cary Smythe commanded an antiaircraft battalion during World War II. Today, what do you have to do to win an award named for him?
Trivia Question #70: Who did the song 'Are You Experienced?'.
Trivia Question #71: Bumbazine and Albert was a comic strip about a black boy and an alligator. Walt Kelly dropped the boy, added an opossum and renamed the strip. What did he call it?
Trivia Question #72: What animal would you be eating if you were enjoying venison?
Trivia Question #73: In 1966, Prince Charles was sent away as an exchange student to Timbertop, a school in a remote part of which country?
Trivia Question #74: Of the companies originally listed in Dow Jones Industrial Average, what is the only one still there?
Trivia Question #75: What was the occupation of Tom, who was struck blind for peeping at Lady Godiva's ride?
Trivia Question #76: In a 1991 survey, American women said the average length of an erect penis was 4 inches. How many inches did American MEN say the average length was?
Trivia Question #77: Still too square to be hip, what 80s rocker played Gwyneth Paltrow's father in the movie "Duets"?
Trivia Question #78: What TV show ended with a pair of hands clapping forcibly until a station break took over?
Trivia Question #79: In the United States, what is the most change you can have without being able to make change for a dollar?
Trivia Question #80: Which of these is not a place where somebody in France would buy food, but is a place where she might see animals?
Trivia Question #81: According to a common phrase, if you are very sure of something, you can "bet your bottom" what?
Trivia Question #82: What was the name of the cab company on "Taxi"?
Trivia Question #83: Which French city is that country's national anthem named after?
Trivia Question #84: Which religion suggests an Eightfold Path?
Trivia Question #85: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Freedom Of _______."
Trivia Question #86: Which of these vocal ranges is lowest?
Trivia Question #87: The word galaxy comes from the Greek word galacticos. What does galacticos mean?
Trivia Question #88: Three members of what band met at a school of design in Rhode Island?
Trivia Question #89: Where was the HBO program "Oz" set?
Trivia Question #90: Another name for a Rum-and-Coke is:
Trivia Question #91: Nichelle Nichols became the first black person to kiss a white person on a network TV series. Which one?
Trivia Question #92: Although Marutei Tsurunen was born Martti Turunen in Finland, he became the first white member of the Diet, the legislature of which country?
Trivia Question #93: What guitar legend played alongside Eric Clapton on the original recording of "Layla"?
Trivia Question #94: When the United States Sixth Fleet sails into Haifa, where is it?
Trivia Question #95: Pick the company that has the slogan "It's Like A Whole Other Country."
Trivia Question #96: In Einstein's famous equation E=mc2, "E" represents energy and "m" represents mass. What does "c" represent?
Trivia Question #97: Which famous director portrayed Mr. Freeze on TV's Batman show?
Trivia Question #98: Bombay, also called Mumbai, is which country's most populated city?
Trivia Question #99: Which of the following of Colonel Steve Austin's body parts was bionic?
Trivia Question #100: What is the word for a grouping of porpoises?
Trivia Question #101: Who was the Canadian Press newsmaker of the year a record 11 times, included a record eight straight years in a row?
Trivia Question #102: How did Scheherazade prevent the Sultan Schahriar from executing her?
Trivia Question #103: What is the word for a grouping of elephants?
Trivia Question #104: 1986 rock release "Master Of Puppets" is by what band?
Trivia Question #105: I was born on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, Corsica. I died on May 5, 1821, on St. Helena Island. Who am I?
Trivia Question #106: What last name is shared by Joaquin, River and Rain?
Trivia Question #107: What word comes from the open cask of drinking water, around which the crew would exchange stories?
Trivia Question #108: Which film does not revolve around a dog?
Trivia Question #109: What Rudyard Kipling book is set off the coast of Newfoundland and describes people who fish the Grand Banks?
Trivia Question #110: Before becoming a Kentucky senator, Jim Bunning was best known for what sporting feat?
Trivia Question #111: Which of the following sentences uses "vug" correctly?
Trivia Question #112: Joseph Priestly discovered something supposed to cure scurvy. Instead, we use it in drinks. What is it?
Trivia Question #113: Which of these goddesses is the Roman equivalent of Artemis?
Trivia Question #114: Who was shot in Dealy Plaza in November 1963?
Trivia Question #115: What comic legend played Murphy Brown's boss and Josiah Bartlet's secretary?
Trivia Question #116: Where was the Crystal Palace Exposition held in 1851?
Trivia Question #117: Where would you find a former royal residence, built by Philip II, called the Escorial?
Trivia Question #118: Pick the company that has the slogan "How To Run A Hotel."
Trivia Question #119: In which city would you find Ninoy Aquino International Airport?
Trivia Question #120: What kind of plant is the agave?
Trivia Question #121: The fungus Phytophthora infestans is credited with causing which country's 1840s potato famine?
Trivia Question #122: Which president was it who said, "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."?
Trivia Question #123: Which comedy team was famous for its "Who's On First?" baseball routine?
Trivia Question #124: Located north of Mexico, the Ojibwa Indians are better known as the:
Trivia Question #125: How much water does a 10-gallon hat hold?
Trivia Question #126: When, in what year, did the NFL finally begin having overtime in the regular season?
Trivia Question #127: American army engineer Henry Martyn Robert became famous writing about his expertise in what particular subject?
Trivia Question #128: If you took philosophy in university, you can probably guess this one. What is the Danish word for churchyard?
Trivia Question #129: What is the most correct name for the belief that you have multiple personalities?
Trivia Question #130: Pick the date this occurred: Allies liberate Florence.
Trivia Question #131: Pick the company that has the slogan "Success Is Earned."
Trivia Question #132: Which Rolling Stone played sax on the Beatle's song Baby, Your a Rich Man?
Trivia Question #133: What does "ceteris paribus" mean to an economist?
Trivia Question #134: Which Kansas City-born jazz musician became known as Yardbird?
Trivia Question #135: What Asian country's national flag bears a strong resemblance to the American flag?
Trivia Question #136: In 1855, I created a burner that produces a steady, smokeless flame. Who am I?
Trivia Question #137: What "Endymion" poet died in Italy of tuberculosis when he was just 25?
Trivia Question #138: A question about cephalopodan cardiology ... An octopus has eight arms. But how many hearts does it have?
Trivia Question #139: What chain of department stores began in 1879?
Trivia Question #140: Congo is both the name of a country and a river, as are all but which of these countries?
Trivia Question #141: Which South American city is the fourth largest on the continent, following Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro?
Trivia Question #142: Who was the narrator of the original "The Twilight Zone" episodes on TV?
Trivia Question #143: In 1842, this author visited Canada, and from 1874-86, his son Francis was a Mountie. Who was he?
Trivia Question #144: Who co-starred with Katharine Hepburn in "The Philadelphia Story" and "Bringing Up Baby"?
Trivia Question #145: Pick the musical term for "Fr. Lively, quick":
Trivia Question #146: Which urban rodent makes up the Sciuridae family?
Trivia Question #147: Who was the first president to have debated on TV with his main opponent?
Trivia Question #148: Which biblical term refers to the city of Jerusalem?
Trivia Question #149: When John L. O'Sullivan coined the term Manifest Destiny in 1845, what was he arguing for?
Trivia Question #150: In addition to being an academic titan in the world of semiotics, who wrote "The Name of the Rose," a murder mystery set in a medieval monastery?
Trivia Question #151: In cooking terms, how many drops equal one dash?
Trivia Question #152: British explorers called an extinct volcano Diamond Head because they though the volcanic crystals were diamonds. What island were they on?
Trivia Question #153: As of 1999, who is the only racer to win the F1 World Championship, the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500?
Trivia Question #154: Pick the company that has the slogan "Choose Your Travel Partner Wisely."
Trivia Question #155: Zoonosis describes what movement of disease?
Trivia Question #156: What talk show host divorced women named Joan, Joanne and Joanna, but stayed married to a woman named Alexis?
Trivia Question #157: What is the word for a grouping of bass?
Trivia Question #158: Holmes' first name was Sherlock, but are you sleuth enough to remember Watson's?
Trivia Question #159: Charles Goodyear discovered that vulcanized rubber is both tougher and more elastic than regular rubber. How do you vulcanize rubber?
Trivia Question #160: Until NATO bombed Belgrade, writer Thomas Friedman was able to say that there had never been a war between two nations with what franchise?
Trivia Question #161: The longest word used by Shakespeare--honorificabilitudinitatibus--appears in what play?
Trivia Question #162: What star of "Election," appropriately enough, had an ancestor named John who signed the Declaration of Independence?
Trivia Question #163: Of the 37 families of harvestman, what are the members of the Phalangiidae family called?
Trivia Question #164: Define this musical term: "TUTTI":
Trivia Question #165: Hitting three homers in a single World Series game is amazing. Who did it twice?
Trivia Question #166: Define this musical term: "COLLA VOCE":
Trivia Question #167: In 1999, which former US president celebrated his 75th birthday by jumping out of an airplane?
Trivia Question #168: Where did a terrorist SDS splinter group called the Weathermen get their name?
Trivia Question #169: What two vocal groups merged in 1961 to form the Temptations?
Trivia Question #170: All raptorial birds have:
Trivia Question #171: How many times was "Cats" performed on Broadway before it finally closed?
Trivia Question #172: What is the capital of Nepal?
Trivia Question #173: Which championship was first won by Spencer W. Gore?
Trivia Question #174: What does a herbivorous animal like to eat?
Trivia Question #175: The shortest war, between Britain and Zanzibar in 1896, lasted how long?
Trivia Question #176: Aside from former Soviet republics, what is the only Asian country with a Christian majority?
Trivia Question #177: If you were a parrothead, of whom would you be a fan?
Trivia Question #178: In which of these card games do players normally use jokers in standard play?
Trivia Question #179: Which UN body promotes peaces through international collaboration in education, science and culture?
Trivia Question #180: Naturally, redheaded Rusty Staub picked up the nickname Le Grand Orange while playing for what team?
Trivia Question #181: In which year was tennis player Gabriela Sabatini born?
Trivia Question #182: Including the hole in the middle, how many holes are in a Ritz cracker?
Trivia Question #183: How many stars are in our solar system?
Trivia Question #184: What is the last name of the TV "girls" named Lorelai and Rory?
Trivia Question #185: Which is not a Neil Simon play?
Trivia Question #186: What video game system was reportedly delayed because it was powerful enough to interfere with missile launches?
Trivia Question #187: If you were on the road to Mandalay, you'd be headed for the former capital of which country?
Trivia Question #188: John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson and Chester Arthur all managed to be president without doing something all other presidents did. What?
Trivia Question #189: In what country's version of Monopoly is Boardwalk replaced by Robson Street?
Trivia Question #190: What kept getting harder to find, according to Paul Revere and The Raiders?
Trivia Question #191: Of which country did Faustin-Elie Soulouque become emperor?
Trivia Question #192: In 1984, who became the first musician to win Grammy Awards for both jazz and classical in the same year?
Trivia Question #193: Which ballerina was Rudolf Nureyev's partner after 1962?
Trivia Question #194: What Canadian actor became famous for playing Americans in bio-pics, including two performances as Abraham Lincoln?
Trivia Question #195: Which two of the Brontė sisters died within six months of each other?
Trivia Question #196: You can catch Hansen's disease from handling an armadillo. By what name is Hansen's disease better known?
Trivia Question #197: Chinese Communists took over this country in 1950:
Trivia Question #198: What does a demographer study?
Trivia Question #199: Pick the company that has the slogan "Across The Street From The Ordinary."
Trivia Question #200: In which year does Aretha Franklin make her first album for Columbia?

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