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Trivia Question #1: In what city did the Renaissance begin in?
Trivia Question #2: Pick the company that has the slogan "Innovation."
Trivia Question #3: On which river did the Lorelei lure mortals to their deaths?
Trivia Question #4: Who gives voice to Sideshow Bob Terwilliger on "The Simpsons"?
Trivia Question #5: Which member of royal family was the first to give an interview on TV?
Trivia Question #6: Which ageless toy was originally made from the knuckle bones of dogs and sheep?
Trivia Question #7: Which sex chromosome combination will produce a female?
Trivia Question #8: Who is the Winged Messenger?
Trivia Question #9: In what movie, Bond's first, does he go to Jamaica to investigate a fellow agent's murder?
Trivia Question #10: What was the name of the state established by the Mormons in what is now Utah?
Trivia Question #11: Who won baseball's first World Series?
Trivia Question #12: The hormone prolactin is known to stimulate or increase:
Trivia Question #13: Which profession did Robert Adam, Peter Behrens and Walter Gropius share?
Trivia Question #14: What company's first product was an electric rice cooker with an unfortunate tendency to shock users and catch fire?
Trivia Question #15: "Rodeo" is considered the first major American:
Trivia Question #16: The digits in this number sum to 9. And it is the first number greater than one billion that is evenly divisible by 9. What is it?
Trivia Question #17: What is the only sports team to play professionally on all seven continents, and on Gilligan's Island besides?
Trivia Question #18: Since 1991, the TV show 'Talk Soup' has aired on what cable network?
Trivia Question #19: Define this musical term: "MäSSIG":
Trivia Question #20: What do amperes measure?
Trivia Question #21: What is gross migration?
Trivia Question #22: Which county follows France is proportion of total energy derived from nuclear power (73%)?
Trivia Question #23: In the 1800s, what aerialist named a tight-fitting garment for himself?
Trivia Question #24: In 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent the first e-mail message. What did it say?
Trivia Question #25: What part of John the Baptist's body did Salome demand after she danced at a birthday party?
Trivia Question #26: Modern man evolved in this geologic epoch, which ended just 10,000 years ago:
Trivia Question #27: In 1964, when Minnesota Viking linesman Jim Marshall took a fumbled ball 66 yards to his own end zone, it was ruled a safety. How many points did that give the 49ers?
Trivia Question #28: Diamond, graphite and charcoal are all forms of which element?
Trivia Question #29: During the 2001 British election, what semi-Asian food did Foreign Secretary Robin Cook describe as "a true British national dish"?
Trivia Question #30: On July 3rd, 1969 Brian Jones was found dead in his ________?
Trivia Question #31: What sport was the setting for the movie "The Legend of Bagger Vance"?
Trivia Question #32: Durian is a fruit from southeast Asia. What is durian's best-known characteristic?
Trivia Question #33: Despite his punk looks, Nigel Kennedy became known for playing what classical instrument?
Trivia Question #34: Define this musical term: "MAIN GAUCHE (M.G.)":
Trivia Question #35: What 2002 World Series champion introduced us to a cheerleading capuchin called the Rally Monkey?
Trivia Question #36: All of these fabrics contain synthetic fibers except:
Trivia Question #37: Pick the company that has the slogan "If We Don't Have Your Book Nobody Does."
Trivia Question #38: To which tribe did the Indian leader and Canadian hero Tecumseh belong?
Trivia Question #39: Who created the story of Rudolph, the reindeer with a shiny red nose?
Trivia Question #40: What was the first American team in the National Hockey League?
Trivia Question #41: If you were doing a Rorschach test, what would you be doing?
Trivia Question #42: Each size of champagne bottle has a specific name. The largest bottle is called a:
Trivia Question #43: The name of which instrument literally means "bell players"?
Trivia Question #44: Like his boy Jesus, what did Joseph do for a living?
Trivia Question #45: With a .690 career winning percentage, who is the "winningest" 20th-century pitcher?
Trivia Question #46: You know about the slot on a Phillips screwdriver. But in Canada, you can get a Robertson screwdriver. What shape is the Robertson socket?
Trivia Question #47: What Walter Lantz cartoon character had a niece and nephew named Splinter and Knothead?
Trivia Question #48: Where is the University of Oklahoma located?
Trivia Question #49: What vitamin are you lacking if you have scurvy?
Trivia Question #50: Who saw a heavenly ladder with the Lord standing above it?
Trivia Question #51: This literary character was murdered because he protected Daisy Buchanan:
Trivia Question #52: In what war was the city of Mafeking besieged?
Trivia Question #53: In 1958, who became the world's youngest chess grand master?
Trivia Question #54: Who directed the influential horror movie "Halloween"?
Trivia Question #55: Pick the musical term for "Nobly. A term much used by Elgar":
Trivia Question #56: In Catholic tradition, as the attendants of God's home, which of these angels (described only in Isaiah 6:1-7) have the highest heavenly rank?
Trivia Question #57: Gatsby may have been great, but not quite great enough to win the woman he loved most of all. Who was she?
Trivia Question #58: Which of these horror legend giants did not appear in "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein"?
Trivia Question #59: Which ancient dog breed, native to central Africa, is also called "the barkless dog"?
Trivia Question #60: The world's largest pysanka egg is in Vegreville in what province?
Trivia Question #61: What future "Batman" tried out for centerfield with the Cincinnati Reds?
Trivia Question #62: Mary Edwards Walker, the first female surgeon in the US Army, is also the only female winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor. In what war did she serve?
Trivia Question #63: Coleman Hawkins is considered the first master of this jazz instrument.
Trivia Question #64: Capt. Henry Wirz was the only Confederate soldier executed for his part in the Civil War. Why?
Trivia Question #65: Who wrote: "It is easier to be a lover than a husband for the simple reason that it is more difficult to be witty every day than to say pretty things from time to time."
Trivia Question #66: A gold-plated version of what 33-rpm record, one of John F. Kennedy's favorites, was left on the moon?
Trivia Question #67: Where can you find the first reference to the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"?
Trivia Question #68: Pick the musical term for "collo":
Trivia Question #69: Light travels about _______ miles a year.
Trivia Question #70: Where are the Philip Marlowe novels set?
Trivia Question #71: USA states: What's the capital of Oklahoma?
Trivia Question #72: What rock group was formed in 1968 by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham?
Trivia Question #73: Pick the company that has the slogan "It Just Tastes Better."
Trivia Question #74: The All American Girls' Professional Baseball League was founded by Phillip Wrigley, the owner of which major league team?
Trivia Question #75: Whose first published work, "On Aphasia," appeared in 1891 and dealt with the inability to pronounce words or to name common objects?
Trivia Question #76: In what year will the United States celebrate its second sesquicentennial?
Trivia Question #77: After Cuba and Hispaniola, what is the largest island in the Caribbean?
Trivia Question #78: What was Panthalasa? (it existed 200 million years ago)
Trivia Question #79: Pick the musical term for "Go on at once":
Trivia Question #80: In which city were the Olympic summer games in 1948?
Trivia Question #81: A Model-T Ford drove airborne over Washington in this fantasy movie:
Trivia Question #82: While rolling through the hood, you and your homeys see a bustle in your hedgerow. What would Led Zeppelin have you do?
Trivia Question #83: Pick the company that has the slogan "It's Hamburger Bliss."
Trivia Question #84: Despite having reputably said that anyone who hates dogs and kids can't be all bad, my will established a home for orphans ... provided they were white. Who am I?
Trivia Question #85: Whose head was on the US $10,000 bill?
Trivia Question #86: Pick the company that has the slogan "Make It Yours."
Trivia Question #87: What year did Led Zeppelin 's last-ever gig take place?
Trivia Question #88: From which American city might you drive due south to get to Windsor in Canada?
Trivia Question #89: What city is served by Heathrow Airport?
Trivia Question #90: What Caribbean music shares its name with a mythological sea nymph who kept Odysseus a virtual prisoner for seven years?
Trivia Question #91: The Maldives lie along which line of longitude?
Trivia Question #92: In addition to being the Wade of Roe v. Wade, District Attorney Henry Wade prosecuted which criminal?
Trivia Question #93: What Virginia-born golfer developed a sidewinder putting technique in which he faced the hole and struck the ball with his hand low on the club shaft?
Trivia Question #94: Hole-y Emmenthaler cheese is named for the Emme River valley. Where is this valley?
Trivia Question #95: What French city is the headquarters of Interpol?
Trivia Question #96: When Homer Simpson was a teenager, what was his name on his fake ID?
Trivia Question #97: Who directed "The Squaw Man," the first full-length feature film filmed in Hollywood?
Trivia Question #98: Because Japanese enamel was the fastest drying paint, what color did Henry Ford paint all his Model T's?
Trivia Question #99: By what name is Denali better known?
Trivia Question #100: In February 1964, what was the first Beatles single to reach Billboard's number-one spot?
Trivia Question #101: Ann Bolyn, a wife of Henry VIII, had an extra?
Trivia Question #102: Who's the artist of "Forever Your Girl" from 1989?
Trivia Question #103: What is football great Joe Namath's nickname?
Trivia Question #104: Aside from those used by high officials, all gondolas in Venice are what color?
Trivia Question #105: Amsterdam is the capital of which country?
Trivia Question #106: If Hootie is the lead singer of the Blowfish, what is Hootie's real name?
Trivia Question #107: Which person would you go to if you needed to have a barrel repaired?
Trivia Question #108: How thick is the thickest part of Greenland's ice sheet?
Trivia Question #109: Which of the 12 classical Ionian cities was the site of conflict between early Christians and devotees of Artemis?
Trivia Question #110: What exploded outside the Houses of Parliament in 1869?
Trivia Question #111: Which is the northernmost country in South America?
Trivia Question #112: Who wrote "Madame Bovary"?
Trivia Question #113: Dr. King was awarded honorary degrees from various colleges and universities in the United States and several foreign countries. How many were there in total?
Trivia Question #114: Which capital is farthest east?
Trivia Question #115: Who wrote: "The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose."
Trivia Question #116: According to an African legend, the Mountain of the Moon was said to have been the source of the Nile. What do we call that mountain today?
Trivia Question #117: Dante Alighiere met the love of his life in 1274. Her last name was probably Portinari. What was definitely her first name?
Trivia Question #118: Who wrote: "All ambitions are lawful except those which climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind."
Trivia Question #119: Despite having had polio as a child, Ray Ewry won eight gold medals (or 10, if you count the 1906 games), all in which discontinued sport?
Trivia Question #120: While he was editor of the Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer, what author of "The Wizard of Oz" once wrote, "Our only safety depends upon the total extermination of the Indians"?
Trivia Question #121: What are both the Chrysler Cirrus and Dodge Stratus named for?
Trivia Question #122: Who wrote "The Life and Hard Times of Heidi Abromowitz"?
Trivia Question #123: What potassium compound, originally called potassium carbonate, did we originally get by leaching wood ashes?
Trivia Question #124: Who decides whether you get into the Baseball Hall of Fame?
Trivia Question #125: Where do solenoid and cone combinations produce woofers and tweeters?
Trivia Question #126: Who fought the Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion?
Trivia Question #127: From 1925 until 1961, which of these Russian cities was known as Stalingrad?
Trivia Question #128: What Ontario city was formed by merging Keewatin, Norman and Rat Portage?
Trivia Question #129: In the late 1960s and early 1970s, who appeared in such science fiction movies as "Planet of the Apes," "The Omega Man" and "Soylent Green"?
Trivia Question #130: What would you be doing if you were invaginating something?
Trivia Question #131: What internationally famous company, founded in 1959, was located in Detroit at 2648 West Grand Boulevard?
Trivia Question #132: Of Canada's 20 largest cities, which one has the highest elevation?
Trivia Question #133: Which song: "I've been to Hollywood, I've been to Redwood"?
Trivia Question #134: For the book "A Fine Balance," who was the first Canadian to have a book in the Oprah Book Club?
Trivia Question #135: Which was the heaviest dinosaur?
Trivia Question #136: In 1994, whose fatal stroke landed him a record 55th appearance on the cover of Time Magazine?
Trivia Question #137: What is the primary ingredient of the famous German dish sauerbraten?
Trivia Question #138: Which event is called Sho'ah in Hebrew?
Trivia Question #139: Which of the following animals is not a crustacean?
Trivia Question #140: What great astronomer lost part of his nose in a duel over mathematics?
Trivia Question #141: Every day, millions of people hear Elwood Edwards tell them the name of a Tom Hanks movie, more or less. What is that movie?
Trivia Question #142: Also known as Hermes, what god is used in the FTD logo?
Trivia Question #143: Which famous literary piece was written first?
Trivia Question #144: Pick the company that has the slogan "Put It To The Test."
Trivia Question #145: In 1980, they released a movie about a real person named John Merrick. What was the movie?
Trivia Question #146: Where did Edam and Gouda cheese originate?
Trivia Question #147: Which band did a cover version of "Whole Lotta Love" in 1970 which became the theme tune to the programme "Top of the Pops"?
Trivia Question #148: From the German words suggesting "obligation to move," "zugzwang" usually means a forced move that worsens your position in what game?
Trivia Question #149: Pick the date this occurred: Ceasefire on Western Front.
Trivia Question #150: In January 2001, Laurent Kabila was shot to death by his own bodyguards in what country?
Trivia Question #151: Who's identity did Homer Simpson assume to stay at the Retirement Castle with his dad?
Trivia Question #152: Which of the Great Lakes is on the average the most shallow?
Trivia Question #153: Which alcoholic beverage is fermented twice?
Trivia Question #154: What was the first toy ever advertised on TV?
Trivia Question #155: What breed of dog might you see riding on the Budweiser Wagon, as it's pulled by a team of Clydesdales?
Trivia Question #156: Whitney Houston is which famous singer's cousin?
Trivia Question #157: Until 1985, this Sesame Street character had spent 14 years hiding from everybody but Big Bird. Who is he?
Trivia Question #158: Who wrote a poem about daffodils, in which he wanders lonely as a cloud?
Trivia Question #159: Napoleon liked which invention so much he made Alessandro Volta a count?
Trivia Question #160: What are coprolites?
Trivia Question #161: To a historian, "Mogul" means a Moslem empire. To a cinephile, a mogul means a studio boss. What does "mogul" mean to a skier?
Trivia Question #162: Launched by Francis McNamara, what is considered the first credit card?
Trivia Question #163: Who wrote: "But, for my own part, it was Greek to me."
Trivia Question #164: How many glasses of milk will an average cow produce in a lifetime?
Trivia Question #165: What science fiction sounding word describes an unwitnessed, handwritten will?
Trivia Question #166: In Animal Farm, how did Napoleon drive Snowball away from Animal Farm?
Trivia Question #167: Which of the following was the 1938 Georgia birth register used for?
Trivia Question #168: Courage Under Fire was set in large part during what war?
Trivia Question #169: In what year did Cape Kennedy get changed to Cape Canaveral?
Trivia Question #170: Whose production company is called Worldwide Pants?
Trivia Question #171: What body of water was surrounded by Roman territory?
Trivia Question #172: In what year did Daffy Duck make his debut?
Trivia Question #173: Discovered in 1944, for what married couple is the transuranium element number 96 named?
Trivia Question #174: Who made "Natural High" (1978)?
Trivia Question #175: Who won the Men's 100m Finals in the Olympic Games 2000?
Trivia Question #176: Who wrote: "The experience of this sweet life."
Trivia Question #177: The Caspian Kara-Kum desert is primarily in which country?
Trivia Question #178: Which type of land cover covers the greatest area on the earth?
Trivia Question #179: Where is Edmund Hillary from?
Trivia Question #180: What was the host country of the soccer world cup in 1998?
Trivia Question #181: How deep does the title of a Jules Verne book go "under the sea"?
Trivia Question #182: All of these films were based on plays except:
Trivia Question #183: Which word refers to something ominous?
Trivia Question #184: Who designed the White House?
Trivia Question #185: In 1985, what acclaimed Canadian writer and historian wrote a porno novel called "Masquerade" under the pseudonym Lisa Kroniuk?
Trivia Question #186: Because a kilobyte does not have 1000 bytes, the International Electrotechnical Commission has proposed renaming it the kibibyte. But for now, how many bytes are there in a kilobyte?
Trivia Question #187: Who wrote a book in which Rodion Raskolnikov kills a pawnbroker named Alyona Ivanovna?
Trivia Question #188: If you want to visit a palace in South America, look for a sign saying:
Trivia Question #189: The Benes Decrees forced the Sudeten Germans out of which country?
Trivia Question #190: Who wrote: "What is art? Nature concentrated."
Trivia Question #191: What author of "Lady Chatterly's Lover" married Freida von Richthofen, the Red Baron's sister?
Trivia Question #192: Who was the only player inducted into both the Baseball and Pro Football Hall of Fame?
Trivia Question #193: Which member of the Fonda family appeared in the movies "Jackie Brown" and "Point of No Return"?
Trivia Question #194: Under the Gregorian calendar, which of these years was a leap year?
Trivia Question #195: Which of these 1990s TV series features the character "Seven of Nine"?
Trivia Question #196: Which is the most populous city in Switzerland?
Trivia Question #197: In which book will you find the story of a man who has his IQ raised from 68 to 200?
Trivia Question #198: According to its license plates, what province is "Canada's ocean playground"?
Trivia Question #199: Formerly home to grand masters of the Knights of Saint of Jerusalem, Valletta is today which Mediterranean country's capital?
Trivia Question #200: At which Olympics were 11 Israeli athletes murdered?

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