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Trivia Question #1: Define this musical term: "EN PRESSANT":
Trivia Question #2: Clouds that begin with cirr- form above what altitude?
Trivia Question #3: Eleanor of Aquitaine left France's king and married another country's king, namely Henry II. Of what country was Henry king?
Trivia Question #4: Pick the company that has the slogan "Like A Good Neighbor, _______ Is There."
Trivia Question #5: Who's the author of "Rabbit, Run"?
Trivia Question #6: Originally referring to tablespreads and blankets, what word comes from the Latin for "to pluck"?
Trivia Question #7: Define this musical term: "APPROGGRIATURA":
Trivia Question #8: Which statement fits a day with a temperature of 20 degrees celsius?
Trivia Question #9: In 1997, what country toughened up its gun control laws after Thomas Hamilton killed 16 students, a teacher and then himself at an elementary school in Dunblane?
Trivia Question #10: The first man-made object to move faster than the speed of sound, or "break the sound barrier" was:
Trivia Question #11: These fruits have a fleshy outer layer and a hard inner layer:
Trivia Question #12: Abe Saperstein, the London-born son of Polish immigrants, founded a sports team whose first game was played on January 7, 1927, in Hinckley, Illinois. What team is this?
Trivia Question #13: Which record, 6 minutes and 26 seconds long, was the first million-seller for Ray Charles?
Trivia Question #14: ________ discusses the scattering of light in colloids.
Trivia Question #15: What city is Canada's westernmost Great Lakes port?
Trivia Question #16: Invented in 1887 by George Hancock of the Chicago Board of Trade, the first game of what sport took place inside the Farragut Boat Club in Chicago?
Trivia Question #17: What sport is governed by the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs?
Trivia Question #18: Which of these geological eras was dominated by fish?
Trivia Question #19: What small bird makes the longest migration in the world?
Trivia Question #20: Mafia bodyguard Johnny Stompanato was stabbed to death by his girlfriend's teenage daughter. Who was the girlfriend?
Trivia Question #21: What river is known as "The Child of the Ocean"?
Trivia Question #22: Run to the hills! What metal band's lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, started moonlighting as a charter jet pilot, flying thousands of passengers a week out of Gatwick?
Trivia Question #23: Which planet on this list was the most recently discovered?
Trivia Question #24: In October 2001, who surpassed John Quincy Adams to become the oldest ever ex-president of the US?
Trivia Question #25: Who wrote "A Tale of Two Cities"?
Trivia Question #26: Now the state capital of New Mexico, the city of _______ was founded in 1610 as the capital of the Spanish colony of New Mexico.
Trivia Question #27: Pick the company that has the slogan "Partners In Helping You Quit."
Trivia Question #28: Who said, "You know it's going to hell when the best rapper out there is a white guy and the best golfer is a black guy"?
Trivia Question #29: Famous as mountain climbers, where do the Sherpas mostly live?
Trivia Question #30: If you're literally being hoisted by your own petard, what's lifting you up?
Trivia Question #31: How many engines does a Boeing 737 have?
Trivia Question #32: What two countries share Tierra del Fuego?
Trivia Question #33: What lagoon city between the Po and Piave rivers is also known as the Queen of Adriatic?
Trivia Question #34: From 1980 to 2001, who was the only player other than Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux to win an Art Ross trophy?
Trivia Question #35: USA states: What's the capital of Maryland?
Trivia Question #36: Which painter did the Indians call Klee Wyck, meaning The Laughing One?
Trivia Question #37: What word describes both a cornflower and a type of fly?
Trivia Question #38: They say that blood is thicker than water. The relative density of water is 1.00. What is the relative density of blood?
Trivia Question #39: Which adjective does not connote some type of stability?
Trivia Question #40: Before playing Radar on MASH, Gary Burghoff played which round-headed comic strip character in a Broadway musical?
Trivia Question #41: Born in St. Louis, Missouri, future UK citizen Thomas Stearns Eliot became famous in what field?
Trivia Question #42: I?n which year was the first Monterey Folk Festival?
Trivia Question #43: My mother was an Irish opera singer and my father was a part-black and part-Venezuelan aeronautical engineer. Who am I?
Trivia Question #44: Formerly known as Ross' Landing, which city's current name is probably an Indian word for nearby Lookout Mountain?
Trivia Question #45: Match the slogan "Like No Other Vacation On Earth."
Trivia Question #46: Which system in the body includes lymphocytes and phagocytes?
Trivia Question #47: Who does Regan MacNeil's imaginary friend Captain Howdy turn out to be?
Trivia Question #48: All of the following cities are capitals except?
Trivia Question #49: Which of these is the heaviest?
Trivia Question #50: On May 2, 1997, which Hollywood celebrity was caught with a transvestite hooker named Atisone Seiuli?
Trivia Question #51: Which character is not the heroine of a historical romance?
Trivia Question #52: Her name was Lola. Whose song "Copacabana" became a London stage musical in 1994?
Trivia Question #53: American Bandstand's Dick Clark was born Richard Wagstaff Clark on November 30 of what year?
Trivia Question #54: This Woodward and Bernstien book was at the top of the bestseller list right before Nixon resigned in 1974:
Trivia Question #55: Who was the president who had indoor plumbing installed in the White House?
Trivia Question #56: In 2000, Hawaiian authorities charged what celebrity (known for having an even more raucous spouse) with possession of marijuana?
Trivia Question #57: Silent screen vamp Theda Bara had her biggest hit with:
Trivia Question #58: Which country gained its independence after the Spanish-American War?
Trivia Question #59: Who was the only president to serve without having been elected as either vice-president or president?
Trivia Question #60: In which country did Toussaint L'Ouverture launch a revolution of his own during the French Revolution?
Trivia Question #61: What was the name of Homer's barbershop quartet?
Trivia Question #62: According to a 1998 survey by Transparent International, which country is least corrupt?
Trivia Question #63: Define this musical term: "OTTAVA BASSA":
Trivia Question #64: What did an acre originally measure?
Trivia Question #65: Who made his or her film debut in 1948's "Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay!"?
Trivia Question #66: The Prophet Mohammad was buried in which city, to which he fled in AD 622?
Trivia Question #67: Suspended for four years for tampering with a urine sample in 1998, in what sport has Ireland's Michelle Smith competed?
Trivia Question #68: Who lives in Windsor Castle, the largest inhabited castle in Europe?
Trivia Question #69: Chantilly, France is known the world over for producing:
Trivia Question #70: When did BBC ban "A Day In The Life"?
Trivia Question #71: Despite being only 12 years older than Harrison Ford, and seven years older than Dustin Hoffman, who has played both their fathers?
Trivia Question #72: Which of these songs was a hit in the 1980s for the Clash instead of U2?
Trivia Question #73: The sinking of the Titanic, the explosion at Chernobyl and the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 all occurred in what "cruelest" month?
Trivia Question #74: What does a ceilometer measure?
Trivia Question #75: In 1948, halfback Fred Gehrke painted horns on his helmet, making what NFL team the first to use helmet logos?
Trivia Question #76: In the early 1400s, Admiral Cheng Ho took a Chinese fleet of 63 ships west. How far did he get?
Trivia Question #77: In which city did Harvey Milk and George Moscone serve together in municipal government?
Trivia Question #78: April Fools' Day came from _______ when the Gregorian calendar was adopted.
Trivia Question #79: Labrador got its name from a Portuguese explorer named Joao Fernandes. What does lavrador mean in Portuguese?
Trivia Question #80: Define this musical term: "REPETIZONE (REPLICA)":
Trivia Question #81: The largest animal to become extinct in recorded history was the Stellar's sea cow. What was it?
Trivia Question #82: Who released "Contradiction" in 1976?
Trivia Question #83: In what year did the Romans invent the Water-Mill?
Trivia Question #84: Whoa. What actor plays bass with a band called Dogstar?
Trivia Question #85: When Larry Bird and Magic Johnson met in the 1979 NCAA championship game, which team won?
Trivia Question #86: In which European city would you find the Hofburg Palace?
Trivia Question #87: Who rode a decrepit old horse named Rocinante?
Trivia Question #88: Charles Wilson Peale started out making saddles, but ended up becoming famous in what other line of work?
Trivia Question #89: Which country's parliament voted December 1, 1999 not to allow women the right to vote?
Trivia Question #90: Once though to be caused by a tainted atmosphere, the name of what disease literally means "bad air" in Italian?
Trivia Question #91: Starting with "Heartbreak Hotel" and ending with "Return to Sender," how many consecutive Top Ten releases did Elvis Presley have?
Trivia Question #92: Maule's curse affected the inhabitants of:
Trivia Question #93: In a US trial, who or what is determined through the voir dire process?
Trivia Question #94: Later played on screen by Kirk Douglas, who was the subject of Irving Stone's novel "Lust for Life"?
Trivia Question #95: When is Flag Day in the US?
Trivia Question #96: "The Last Temptation of Christ" was writen by the same writer who wrote:
Trivia Question #97: When the needle stops spinning on a magnetic compass, what is it pointing to?
Trivia Question #98: A hacek is a Czech diacritical mark that appears over which letter in the word "hacek"?
Trivia Question #99: Who holds the record for most field goals in a season as a rookie?
Trivia Question #100: Rodeo comes from the Spanish word "rodear." What does this word mean?
Trivia Question #101: The Ambassador Bridge connects Windsor, Ontario, to what US city?
Trivia Question #102: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Hotel Designed By Business Travelers."
Trivia Question #103: Blue sky laws deal with:
Trivia Question #104: Who wrote: "The more one judges, the less one loves."
Trivia Question #105: When Catholics get an oblation, what are they getting?
Trivia Question #106: The subclavian vein carries blood from the _______ to the heart:
Trivia Question #107: Pick the company that has the slogan "Investing Without The Mystery."
Trivia Question #108: Steve Irwin is known for wrestling crocodiles on "Animal Planet." What part of the planet is he from?
Trivia Question #109: By definition, what produces a sonic boom?
Trivia Question #110: Chapter 18 of the Koran mentions a great leader named Zulqarnain. Many Moslems believe that Zulqarnain was actually what Macedonian conqueror?
Trivia Question #111: The international soccer authority is FIFA. This is an acronym in, mostly, which language?
Trivia Question #112: For which novel did John Steinbeck win the Pulitzer Prize?
Trivia Question #113: Her real given names are Mary Elizabeth, and she was born on Christmas Day in 1949, in Quitman, Texas. Who is she?
Trivia Question #114: Which of the following statements about reindeer is false?
Trivia Question #115: Who wrote: "I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day."
Trivia Question #116: How many letters are in the Braille alphabet?
Trivia Question #117: What College football coach was known as 'The Great Pumpkin'?
Trivia Question #118: What pasta dish probably gets its name from a slang word for a chamber pot?
Trivia Question #119: Which of these American women athletes has won five Olympic gold medals?
Trivia Question #120: Who lead the charge of The Light Brigade?
Trivia Question #121: What color is the $20 bill in the game of Monopoly?
Trivia Question #122: Actress Carrie Fisher married this singer on August 16, 1983?
Trivia Question #123: Lt Annie Fox became the first woman to win a Purple Heart, having been at Hickam Field during which battle?
Trivia Question #124: The first city in the Bible is Enoch, named for the son of the man who built it (Gen 4:16-24). Who is this?
Trivia Question #125: What game show host played boring teachers in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and on "The Wonder Years"?
Trivia Question #126: What former architecture student won the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross, but only one Oscar?
Trivia Question #127: Because its soldiers' feet were "stuck to their positions," which state is the Tar Heel State?
Trivia Question #128: Farsi is the official language of:
Trivia Question #129: Stephen Foster's "Old Folks at Home," which mentions the Suwanee River, is what state's official song?
Trivia Question #130: Where was Pope John Paul II born?
Trivia Question #131: A task that is virtually completed is said to be done "for all intents and" what?
Trivia Question #132: In AD 1054, what "guest star" could be seen in daylight for 23 days in China?
Trivia Question #133: Define this musical term: "ADAGIETTO":
Trivia Question #134: Which is the second largest ocean in the world?
Trivia Question #135: Name the setting of the British TV show "Are You Being Served?"
Trivia Question #136: Which of these nations does not share a border with Iraq?
Trivia Question #137: Who was the only president to have been a prisoner of war?
Trivia Question #138: Best known for "The Winds of War," who also wrote "The Caine Mutiny" and "Marjorie Morningstar"?
Trivia Question #139: 20th century scientist Gregory Pincus made important discoveries in this field:
Trivia Question #140: What was author G.K. Chesterton's first name?
Trivia Question #141: Invented in Holyoke, Massachusetts, in 1895, by YMCA phys-ed director William Morgan, what game was originally called Mintonette?
Trivia Question #142: USA states: What's the capital of Pennsylvania?
Trivia Question #143: On which planet is the day twice as long as the year?
Trivia Question #144: Despite being born Katherine O'Flaherty in St. Louis, Kate Chopin became known for writing about which city?
Trivia Question #145: What VH-1 show did Jeff Probst host before "Survivor"?
Trivia Question #146: What wrestler was born James Janos in blue-collar Minneapolis in 1951?
Trivia Question #147: Who was the only president to resign from office?
Trivia Question #148: How many of the world's countries have German as an official language?
Trivia Question #149: Horsechestnuts were once used as:
Trivia Question #150: The comic strip character L'il Abner shares a last name--almost--with what country singer?
Trivia Question #151: How many wives did English king Henry VIII have?
Trivia Question #152: What network had a TGIF lineup on Fridays in the 1990s?
Trivia Question #153: Who wrote: "A woman knows the face of the man she loves like a sailor knows the open sea."
Trivia Question #154: What record label did Led Zeppelin create?
Trivia Question #155: King Nebuchadnezzar II built this wonder for one of his wives. Saddam Hussein has started rebuilding it. What is it?
Trivia Question #156: Lee invades the North with 50,000 Confederates and heads for Harpers Ferry, located 50 miles northwest of Washington.
Trivia Question #157: Who "out-miracled" the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel?
Trivia Question #158: What is the most common method used in American suicides?
Trivia Question #159: Who sings "I've got a Dungeon Master's Guide/ I've got a 12-sided die"?
Trivia Question #160: Of all the people who left Egypt, God only allowed two to reach the Promised Land. One was Caleb. Who was the other?
Trivia Question #161: In which field did sometime-alchemist Paracelsus become famous?
Trivia Question #162: Pick the company that has the slogan "We Help Your Business Do More Business."
Trivia Question #163: Who supplies the voices for Selma and Patty Bouvier?
Trivia Question #164: Pick the company that has the slogan "Challange The Limits."
Trivia Question #165: Whose trademark slurred voice may come from forceps that were misused when he was born, paralyzing a nerve in his face?
Trivia Question #166: In what year did the massive Tangshan (China) earthquake occur?
Trivia Question #167: Who played the lovable maid on the TV sitcom "Hazel"?
Trivia Question #168: On March 11, 2000, which Ottawa Senator accidentally shoved his hockey stick into the eye of Toronto's Bryan Berard?
Trivia Question #169: Instant coffee has been around since the ________.
Trivia Question #170: What movie director was once an "almost famous" teenage reporter for "Rolling Stone" magazine?
Trivia Question #171: In 2001, Jane Swift was believed to become the first governor to give birth in office. Of what state was she acting governor?
Trivia Question #172: After James Monroe won the 1820 election and ended up completing his term, there was a string of presidents elected or re-elected in years ending in zero who died in office. Which "zero year" president broke that string and completed his term?
Trivia Question #173: Where and when did Gilgamesh live?
Trivia Question #174: In which part of London would you find its Houses of Parliament?
Trivia Question #175: In the 1990s, which former prime minister became Canada's consul general in Los Angeles?
Trivia Question #176: In the title of a Jules Verne book, how long did it take to go "around the world"?
Trivia Question #177: In which city were the Olympic summer games in 2000?
Trivia Question #178: How many miles does the average office chair on wheels travel in one year?
Trivia Question #179: If you're a trivia buff, you may know the original buffs followed firefighters, who wore buff coats. What color is buff?
Trivia Question #180: You've just had narcolepsy. What's happening to you now?
Trivia Question #181: Where would you find the ruins of the Hopewell culture?
Trivia Question #182: Which of the following novels was not written by E.M. Forster?
Trivia Question #183: You're in Hungary. You're being attacked by a vampir. How do you kill it?
Trivia Question #184: Syllogism is a form of:
Trivia Question #185: What is the capital of Burundi?
Trivia Question #186: Leopold von Sacher-Masoch wrote Venus in Furs. Today, his name gives us English word describing what kinky habit?
Trivia Question #187: Pick the musical term for "Flying":
Trivia Question #188: What would you expect to see if you were in Pamplona for la corrida?
Trivia Question #189: Duncan Zowie Jones is the son of which rock star?
Trivia Question #190: What animal is known scientifically as Branta canadensis?
Trivia Question #191: What is the more common name for the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance?
Trivia Question #192: Planning a vacation? Where are the Virgin Islands?
Trivia Question #193: Which city's five crime families are still named for Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Lucchese?
Trivia Question #194: Who returned to the movies in the 1981 film "Ragtime" after a twenty-year hiatus?
Trivia Question #195: Which contraceptive device is the most effective in preventing pregnancy (assume typical, imperfect use)?
Trivia Question #196: In what state would you find Machias and its wild blueberry festival?
Trivia Question #197: What was the name of Homer's bowling team?
Trivia Question #198: What year did Buddy Holly have his first three big hits in?
Trivia Question #199: In which year was tennis player Pete Sampras born?
Trivia Question #200: In what language does Samsung mean "three stars"?

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