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Trivia Question #1: What country's flag includes a Buddhist wheel called the dharma charkha, as well as bands of saffron to represent Hindus and green to represent Moslems?
Trivia Question #2: Gabon and Ecuador have withdrawn from what organization?
Trivia Question #3: What was the first Sherlock Holmes adventure to be published?
Trivia Question #4: Thanks to its reference book, what Irish beer company has been solving trivia debates since 1955?
Trivia Question #5: From west to east...
Trivia Question #6: What band had #1 hits with "Bills, Bills, Bills," "Say My Name," and "Independent Women Part I"?
Trivia Question #7: What part of its sleeping victim will a vampire bat usually bite?
Trivia Question #8: Lurch was what family's harpsichord-playing butler?
Trivia Question #9: Who wrote I'm a Believer for The Monkees?
Trivia Question #10: Who's head did Courtney Cox say was on her body in "Scream 2"?
Trivia Question #11: Which Academy Award-winning film was not based on a novel?
Trivia Question #12: In an effort to stop the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, there were hundreds of readings of what anti-war play by Aristophanes?
Trivia Question #13: The signature "Xavier Roberts" is stamped on the bottom of which of these popular toys?
Trivia Question #14: On which planet will you find comfortable afternoon temperatures of around 80?
Trivia Question #15: The world's highest battlefield, the Siachen Glacier, is disputed by which two countries?
Trivia Question #16: Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis has sued the NFL for blocking his plans to move the team to what city?
Trivia Question #17: At approximately which latitude is the northern extent of sea ice around Antarctica?
Trivia Question #18: What color is the liqueur known as absinthe?
Trivia Question #19: Who wore a hemp tuxedo to the 1996 Academy Awards and was acquited in Kentucky in August 2000 of possessing marijuana?
Trivia Question #20: Pick the company that has the slogan "What You Never Thought Possible."
Trivia Question #21: Tennis player Mary Pierce was born in which country?
Trivia Question #22: Why does snow appear white?
Trivia Question #23: Who wrote "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"?
Trivia Question #24: In which city might you cross the Grand Canal at a bridge called the Rialto?
Trivia Question #25: Who made the second place in the soccer world cup of 2002?
Trivia Question #26: You're sitting down in front of your Zen master. He asks you this, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" How do you answer?
Trivia Question #27: Pick the company that has the slogan "Is Profit In The Picture?"
Trivia Question #28: What Tory cabinet minister won a gold medal in 1962 with his sister Maria, at the Prague World Figure Skating Championship?
Trivia Question #29: Which of these is not an "American Beauty"?
Trivia Question #30: The ell and the bolt are units of length used to measure:
Trivia Question #31: What is the word for a grouping of seals?
Trivia Question #32: Aesop is best known for writing:
Trivia Question #33: The record "Nice 'N' Naasty" by The Salsoul Orchestra is from which year?
Trivia Question #34: What is the capital of Chad?
Trivia Question #35: What kind of stone was being romanced in "Romancing the Stone"?
Trivia Question #36: Doug Ball won a National Newspaper Award for a photo he took on May 7, 1977, of somebody doing a pirouette behind the Queen. Who?
Trivia Question #37: In a grocery store, what does an encircled U on a package mean?
Trivia Question #38: What Jewish king was sculpted in bronze by Donatello and in marble by Michelangelo?
Trivia Question #39: What is Agent Orange?
Trivia Question #40: Sometimes called the world's fastest sport, what game is off-limits to left-handers?
Trivia Question #41: Clym Yeobright is the title character in what Thomas Hardy book?
Trivia Question #42: President Lincoln appoints Gen. George G. Meade as commander of the Army of the Potomac, replacing Hooker. Meade is the 5th man to command the Army in less than a year.
Trivia Question #43: Which MASH character came from, but never returned to, Bloomington, Illinois?
Trivia Question #44: President Lincoln delivers a two minute Gettysburg Address at a ceremony dedicating the Battlefield as a National Cemetery.
Trivia Question #45: She was born Carol Taylor, but whom did the "lovely lady" Carol Martin marry?
Trivia Question #46: New York City is famous for its cabs. By state law, as of 2001, how many taxis are there in the city?
Trivia Question #47: Which state has set records for the world's greatest single snowfall February 13-19, 1959 and the world's greatest depth of snow on the ground 37' 7" in March 1911?
Trivia Question #48: Moses is thought to have made his Exodus in about 1250 BC. Who, then, was the pharaoh who refused to let his people go?
Trivia Question #49: USA states: What's the capital of Washington?
Trivia Question #50: American Oscar de la Hoya is a world class athlete in this sport:
Trivia Question #51: Finished in 1994, a 31-mile tunnel under what body of water begins near Folkestone and ends near Coquelles?
Trivia Question #52: Pick the right statement?
Trivia Question #53: Windows users sometimes resort to the "Vulcan nerve pinch" to shut down Windows. Which key is not pushed in this "three-fingered salute"?
Trivia Question #54: As of 2002, which of these countries does not have its own monarchy?
Trivia Question #55: What is the word for a grouping of mares?
Trivia Question #56: Which state's license plates read "Ocean State"?
Trivia Question #57: What bridge connects Oakland to San Francisco?
Trivia Question #58: Scientists today make a very approximate estimate that there are _______ galaxies in the universe.
Trivia Question #59: In which year do The Beatles play their last UK tour?
Trivia Question #60: Who did Mary Shelley call "the modern Prometheus"?
Trivia Question #61: Which Western series is forever associated with an overture about Swiss hero William Tell?
Trivia Question #62: Which university is located in College Station?
Trivia Question #63: Which team holds the record for most points scored in a season?
Trivia Question #64: Which poet defended the interests of Protestant landowners during his 1922-28 term as an Irish senator?
Trivia Question #65: Because of a sixth-century mistake made by a Ukranian monk named Dionysius Exiguus, something we use everyday is really screwed up. What?
Trivia Question #66: In 1950, under the name Chang-Cho, who wrote a column in his father's short-lived rugby magazine, called "Tackle"?
Trivia Question #67: You know about the plant and animal kingdoms, but what would you find in the Monera kingdom?
Trivia Question #68: Before they were stars, Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds both appeared on what game show ... twice ... and lost both times?
Trivia Question #69: What former FAO Schwarz display artist also did the costumes and sets when "Where the Wild Things Are" was turned into an opera?
Trivia Question #70: Which song: "So if you are in sight and the day is right/ She's the hunter you're the fox"?
Trivia Question #71: Completed in 1883, the Southern Pacific Railroad's original "Sunset Route" began in California and terminated in what state?
Trivia Question #72: Which state in the U.S. usually has the highest number of deaths by avalanche every year?
Trivia Question #73: What are a wahoo, a tunny and a tarpon?
Trivia Question #74: Which actor's father was not only a New York rail brakeman, but also the "Jeopardy" grand champion for 1968?
Trivia Question #75: Pick the date this occurred: Germany, Italy and Japan sign Tripartite Pact.
Trivia Question #76: What was first test marketed by Krueger Beer in Richmond, Virginia in 1935?
Trivia Question #77: Which of these is not part of Skinnamarink TV?
Trivia Question #78: Who won the soccer world cup in 1966?
Trivia Question #79: What of these is a cheese instead of a mushroom?
Trivia Question #80: Who was the first president from a party calling itself the Democratic Party?
Trivia Question #81: How many soldiers does the Vatican City have in its army?
Trivia Question #82: Instead of AD and BC, Romans used AUC, or Ab Urbe Condito. In what year AUC did the US declare its independence?
Trivia Question #83: The album "Lookin' Through The Windows" (1972) is by ________?
Trivia Question #84: Which of the following typically included the words, "This machine kills fascists"?
Trivia Question #85: In what country would you find the only major city in the world that sits astride two continents?
Trivia Question #86: Which term refers to the action of water carrying minerals as it drains through soil?
Trivia Question #87: He helped develop vector analysis and formulated the concept of chemical potential:
Trivia Question #88: For which movie did Henry Fonda win his only Academy Award?
Trivia Question #89: After WWII, what two countries were separated by a line suggested by Lord Curzon some 25 years earlier?
Trivia Question #90: What Chuck Yeager do in a Bell X-1 called Glamorous Glennis on October 14, 1947?
Trivia Question #91: In 1974 and 1975, who became the only player to win two Heisman trophies (and back to back, too)?
Trivia Question #92: Which candy was originally developed for inclusion in GI rations?
Trivia Question #93: In 1999, a 35-year-old science teacher named Jim Morris played his rookie season for what team?
Trivia Question #94: Since 1911, a pair of marble lions named Patience and Fortitude have stood before which Beaux-Arts building at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street?
Trivia Question #95: This country hosted the 1994 Soccer World Cup:
Trivia Question #96: In 1993, Marc Andreesen was making $6.85 an hour working at the University of Illinois. In his spare time he created the first Web browser for Windows. What was it called?
Trivia Question #97: Every breed of Gallus gallus traces its origin to a red jungle fowl that lived in Indochina about 10,000 years ago. What is Gallus gallus?
Trivia Question #98: Who started out doing secretarial work in Motown's A&R department?
Trivia Question #99: In which movie did Charlie Chaplin first appear in his trademark "Little Tramp" costume?
Trivia Question #100: Who wrote "The Fist of God"?
Trivia Question #101: On which street did The Great Fire of London start?
Trivia Question #102: When Brandon Tartikoff asked Stephen Cannell to create this show, he said he wanted "Road Warrior, Magnificent Seven, Dirty Dozen, Mission: Impossible all rolled into one, and Mr. T drives the car." What is this show?
Trivia Question #103: Define this musical term: "ENERGICO":
Trivia Question #104: ________ is the density of a substance relative to the density of water.
Trivia Question #105: What is the most essential spice in Hungarian cooking?
Trivia Question #106: How did the Bell X-1 make the news in 1947?
Trivia Question #107: Following the U.S., which country consumes the most meat per capita?
Trivia Question #108: In 1969, Katharine Hepburn starred in a Broadway musical based on the life of which French woman?
Trivia Question #109: What was Led Zeppelin's only Top Ten hit song?
Trivia Question #110: Which country's citizens spend the most on tourism (aggregate)?
Trivia Question #111: In 1998, what league, which owns all the teams, added expansion teams called the Detroit Shock and Washington Mystics?
Trivia Question #112: In Showcase #4, forensic chemist Barry Allen got drenched in his own mixtures, becoming the second version of what superhero?
Trivia Question #113: What is the word for a grouping of roebucks?
Trivia Question #114: What country did the Mughal emperors rule from the Red Fort in Delhi?
Trivia Question #115: Unsurprisingly, what Belgian liqueur with a tangerine flavor and cognac base is the main ingredient in a cocktail called a Waterloo?
Trivia Question #116: In 1992, for the very first time, baseball was a full-fledged Olympic sport. What team brought home the gold that year?
Trivia Question #117: Which element listed has the highest melting point?
Trivia Question #118: Known for his sky hook, what NBA star played in a record number of games (1,560) and scored a record number of points (38,387)?
Trivia Question #119: What flavors the liqueur creme de noisette?
Trivia Question #120: The growth of which artist's legs was stunted by a bone disease and by childhood accidents?
Trivia Question #121: Awarded for goal scoring, the first Maurice Richard Trophy was won in a year (the first since 1969-70) with no 50-goal scorers. Who won it?
Trivia Question #122: They were the only British rulers of the House of Orange:
Trivia Question #123: What state has considered replacing John Ingalls and George Glick as its representatives in Statuary Hall with Dwight Eisenhower and Amelia Earhart?
Trivia Question #124: In Canada, if a debt is higher than X cents, it is illegal to pay it with pennies. What is X?
Trivia Question #125: In which city's Pike Place Market did Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegl open the first Starbucks?
Trivia Question #126: What is the most commonly broken bone in the human body?
Trivia Question #127: Juniper berries are often used to provide the flavor in this alcoholic beverage:
Trivia Question #128: The computer-generated TV star Max Headroom was a spokesperson for which one of these products?
Trivia Question #129: Where is Lake Pontchartrain?
Trivia Question #130: Louis and Richard Leakey did much of their work in the Olduvai Gorge. Where is this gorge?
Trivia Question #131: Name the wonderful title of Lawrence Welk's autobiography:
Trivia Question #132: Which Asian country is home to the most nuclear power plants?
Trivia Question #133: Algeria does not border which country?
Trivia Question #134: Tijuana is just south of which American city?
Trivia Question #135: During which king's reign was Cardinal Thomas Wolsey the lord chancellor of England?
Trivia Question #136: St.Petersburg, Russia is adjacent to the?
Trivia Question #137: Who once said, "Just as Poland had a rebellion against totalitarianism, I am rebelling against broccoli"?
Trivia Question #138: In a triple bond ________.
Trivia Question #139: Pick the musical term for "Then":
Trivia Question #140: Which famous national song first appears in 1917 as part of a collection called "Saltbush Bill, J.P., and Other Verses"?
Trivia Question #141: In an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, a London cabdriver wrote down every number from 1 to a million. How many sheets of paper did it take?
Trivia Question #142: And the matches weren't faked either. For what sport was an ancient Greek named Milon of Croton famous?
Trivia Question #143: Pick the musical term for "Becoming gradually slower":
Trivia Question #144: Which Kahn was a songwriter for Broadway and Hollywood?
Trivia Question #145: Dorothea Brooke is the heroine of this classic novel:
Trivia Question #146: Aristotle thought we think with our hearts. What part of our body did he think cools us down?
Trivia Question #147: Whose 1776 pamphlet "Common Sense" called for American independence?
Trivia Question #148: Who wrote: "No, not rich. I am a poor man with money, which is not the same thing."
Trivia Question #149: Who was both the first female Speaker of the House and the first female governor general?
Trivia Question #150: What kind of "doc" was Doc Holliday?
Trivia Question #151: USA states: What's the capital of Vermont?
Trivia Question #152: This reclusive billionaire died in 1976:
Trivia Question #153: Which was the first country to elect a woman as a prime minister?
Trivia Question #154: Not only did both of my parents win Nobel Prizes, but I shared one with my own husband in 1935. Who am I?
Trivia Question #155: How many books of the Old Testament did the Minor Prophets write?
Trivia Question #156: As measured from its base, what is the highest mountain on earth?
Trivia Question #157: Who wrote "The Catcher in the Rye"?
Trivia Question #158: In the first "Scream" movie, what was Stu's motive for the killings?
Trivia Question #159: What type of galaxy is the Milky Way?
Trivia Question #160: Where would you find such major cities as Port Elizabeth, Kimberley and Durban?
Trivia Question #161: Which president offered America a Square Deal?
Trivia Question #162: This room is not on the board of the popular murder mystery game, "Clue":
Trivia Question #163: During the American Revolutionary War, what was a "Tory"?
Trivia Question #164: Although Jimi Hendrix's biggest hit was "All Along the Watchtower," who actually wrote and recorded that song first?
Trivia Question #165: What trophy does the NHL's most valuable player get to take home?
Trivia Question #166: Define this musical term: "GRANDIOSO":
Trivia Question #167: In addition to buying Mark McGwire's 70th home run ball, Canadian Todd McFarlane created what superhero?
Trivia Question #168: The Murder of Gonzago is the play within what Shakespeare tragedy?
Trivia Question #169: In what city did Leonardo da Vinci paint the Last Supper, as a fresco in a refectory in a Dominican monastery adjacent to the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie?
Trivia Question #170: "I Cant Quit You Baby" from the album "Coda" is from which live soundcheck?
Trivia Question #171: The Union Army under Gen. Irvin McDowell suffers a defeat at Bull Run 25 miles southwest of Washington. Confederate Gen. Thomas J. Jackson earns the nickname "Stonewall," as his brigade resists Union attacks.
Trivia Question #172: Bette Midler and _______ played two pairs of twins in the comedy film "Big Business."
Trivia Question #173: Who began life named Philippos Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg?
Trivia Question #174: Who was the first president who had previously been publisher of a newspaper?
Trivia Question #175: Filling 3.16% of the sky, what "multi-headed" constellation with 68 visible stars is considered the "largest"?
Trivia Question #176: When it opened in 1965, which of these U.S. landmarks was nicknamed "The Eighth Wonder of the World"?
Trivia Question #177: In 1839, New Brunswick fought a border war called the War of Pork and Beans. With what US state was it quarrelling?
Trivia Question #178: Which sport, in which competitions are often designated by the letters K or C, was founded largely by John MacGregor in the 1860s?
Trivia Question #179: Albert DeSalvo may have been braggart looking for publicity and cash, but if he really was the killer he said he was, what city did he terrorize between 1962 and 1964?
Trivia Question #180: Immortalized in song, he was the English gambler who "broke the bank at Monte Carlo":
Trivia Question #181: What is the word for a grouping of moles?
Trivia Question #182: Where and when did Yasunari Kawabata live?
Trivia Question #183: What musical instrument has a "frog" in the U.S. and a "nut" in Great Britain?
Trivia Question #184: Found at 82 Boulevard de Clichy, the Moulin Rouge has a red "moulin" on its rooftop. What is moulin?
Trivia Question #185: In the Boris Pasternak novel, what was Dr. Zhivago's first name?
Trivia Question #186: Signed by more than fifty nations, the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact was an agreement denouncing what?
Trivia Question #187: Who was the author of the book "The Red and the Black"?
Trivia Question #188: Just the facts, ma'am. Which show's theme song was also known as "Danger Ahead"?
Trivia Question #189: What "aquatic footwear" is actually another name for a poisonous pit viper called the cottonmouth?
Trivia Question #190: Born Fiona Maggart, she uses her fruity middle name as part of her stage name. What is it?
Trivia Question #191: Who was the author of the book "Pippi Longstocking"?
Trivia Question #192: Who wrote: "It made our hair stand up in panic fear."
Trivia Question #193: Served early while the palate is clear, _______ is always part of a formal Japanese meal.
Trivia Question #194: If you are drinking darjeeling, you are drinking:
Trivia Question #195: The son of Philip II, Alexander set out on a career of conquering from what kingdom?
Trivia Question #196: What instrument did Yehudi Menuhin become famous for playing?
Trivia Question #197: Who was the first pope to visit the White House?
Trivia Question #198: By what letter is the character Major Algernon Boothroyd best known?
Trivia Question #199: In the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, who speaks Quenya (modeled on Greek) and Sindarin (modeled on Welsh)?
Trivia Question #200: What was the second city to be attacked with a nuclear bomb?

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