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Trivia Question #1: Which of these was not a character on "The Andy Griffith Show"?
Trivia Question #2: Popular at cottages, what item of furniture is known as an Adirondack in the US and as a Muskoka in Canada?
Trivia Question #3: Which T.S. Eliot work is a play?
Trivia Question #4: In June 1999, Ryan Phillippe married his pregnant girlfriend and co-star from "Cruel Intentions." Who was she?
Trivia Question #5: In the logo for Napster, what animal is wearing headphones?
Trivia Question #6: Many Indians hold land on a "usufruct" basis. What does this mean?
Trivia Question #7: In 1928, in the midst of Prohibition, doctors wrote prescriptions for what as a therapeutic substance?
Trivia Question #8: What have both Ray Barone and Oscar Madison done for a living?
Trivia Question #9: Itís not that Iím naturally shy--Iím just not wearing a shell. Who am I?
Trivia Question #10: As depicted by Stephen King, what was unusual about Carietta White?
Trivia Question #11: What judge of Israel cooked an angel of the Lord a meal that included a pot of broth?
Trivia Question #12: Why would you add carrageenan, an extract of Irish Moss, or sodium alginate, an extract of another seaweed, to ice cream?
Trivia Question #13: Many species of salmon are among the diadromous fish. What does this mean?
Trivia Question #14: Pick the date this occurred: Liberation of Channel Islands.
Trivia Question #15: Mike Judge, who created Beavis and Butthead, also created which of these shows?
Trivia Question #16: Called kangaroo balloting when introduced to Lexington, Kentucky, in 1888, what is the Australian ballot?
Trivia Question #17: Vincent Hamlin was working for a Texas oil company when he fell in love with paleontology. What comic strip did he create?
Trivia Question #18: Which country does Cabinda belong to?
Trivia Question #19: After she died, mitochondrial DNA analysis of Anna Anderson's hair and intestinal samples proved that she was actually Franzisca Schonzkowska, and not which country's lost Princess Anastasia?
Trivia Question #20: Who wrote "For Whom the Bell Tolls"?
Trivia Question #21: The French created the modern deck of playing cards, defining the suits and combining the knight and the page to create what new card?
Trivia Question #22: About how much did the Mayflower weigh?
Trivia Question #23: What sort of booze is Newfie Screech?
Trivia Question #24: Where is Jabberwocky wood found?
Trivia Question #25: Why was playwright Ben Jonson thrown in jail in 1598?
Trivia Question #26: In Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," what lucky bird does the mariner kill (and, subsequently, have to wear around his neck)?
Trivia Question #27: In which year did the Beatles have 12 singles in US top 100, including the top five?
Trivia Question #28: Dextrocardia usually occurs as part of situs inversus. What is situs inversus?
Trivia Question #29: If your mass on Earth is 80 kilograms, what is your mass on a planet with double the gravity?
Trivia Question #30: Who authored such tales as "White Fang," "Call of the Wild" and "The Sea Wolf"?
Trivia Question #31: What does Enigma mean to a World War II buff?
Trivia Question #32: "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" drove ________?
Trivia Question #33: In which part of the United Kingdom does one find the Cambrian Mountains?
Trivia Question #34: Although the stage version starred Barry Bostwick, Carole Demas and Adrienne Barbeau, none made it to the movie. Which musical?
Trivia Question #35: What NL team played its first two seasons at the Polo Grounds before moving to Shea Stadium?
Trivia Question #36: Who sings "Layla" in 1970?
Trivia Question #37: Which of the following is not a definition of "Manx"?
Trivia Question #38: Which Shakespearean character was also known as the Thane of Cawdor?
Trivia Question #39: For what "pride of the Yankees" is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis named?
Trivia Question #40: Who holds the record for total all-purpose yards in a single Super Bowl?
Trivia Question #41: On "Kung Fu" who called Caine "Grasshopper" and was later murdered by the emperor's nephew?
Trivia Question #42: Pick the date this occurred: British capture Sidi Barrani, Egypt, from Italians.
Trivia Question #43: Frank Shuster, of Wayne & Shuster fame, had a cousin named Joe who was also famous. What did he do?
Trivia Question #44: Even though the play is named for the Moor, who has the most lines in "Othello"?
Trivia Question #45: What playwright wrote "The Ballad of Reading Gaol," about the prison where he was sent after a sodomy conviction?
Trivia Question #46: The Dream of the Red Chamber is considered to be the greatest novel written in which language?
Trivia Question #47: Who wrote: "Knowledge must come through action; you can have no test which is not fanciful, save by trial."
Trivia Question #48: Which country's capital, itself a former Sinhalese capital, is in a suburb of a city named for Christopher Columbus?
Trivia Question #49: Based solely on the literal meaning of his name in Gujarati, which Simpsons character does Gandhi most resemble?
Trivia Question #50: What word describes the tendency of alcohol to evaporate quickly?
Trivia Question #51: How many books of the New Testament consist of only one chapter?
Trivia Question #52: Pick the musical term for "Double":
Trivia Question #53: Which real person was never portrayed in a film by Henry Fonda?
Trivia Question #54: A 1988 world tour featuring Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Sting and Tracy Chapman raised money for what organization?
Trivia Question #55: In 1790, Englishman Edmund Burke published his "reflections" on a revolution in which country?
Trivia Question #56: What might somebody object to a display of the medius?
Trivia Question #57: Define this musical term: "SENZA":
Trivia Question #58: Define this musical term: "GIOCOSO":
Trivia Question #59: From 1958 to 1975, what country was known as the Malagasy Republic?
Trivia Question #60: Who was the author of the book "The Magic Mountain"?
Trivia Question #61: Cedric Gibbons not only designed this award, but he was nominated for it 40 times. What is it?
Trivia Question #62: As of 2000, how many countries ended in the suffix -stan?
Trivia Question #63: Where do we get that paint-removing oleoresin called turpentine?
Trivia Question #64: The library at Alexandria was the most famous of antiquity. Who destroyed it?
Trivia Question #65: Ternary compounds consist of ________ different elements.
Trivia Question #66: In which battle did Lord Nelson die?
Trivia Question #67: Which of these guitar gods was never a member of the Yardbirds?
Trivia Question #68: How many "Nightmare On Elm Street" movies were made in the 80's?
Trivia Question #69: From 1901 to 1950, Connie Mack was manager of what team?
Trivia Question #70: What is the former name of Tokyo?
Trivia Question #71: In which year was Otis Redding killed in an air crash?
Trivia Question #72: What country is nearest to the deepest spot on Earth?
Trivia Question #73: With 1,891 rushing attempts and only 21 fumbles in his career, this runningback holds the best carry to fumble ratio in NFL history.
Trivia Question #74: Pick the musical term for "As":
Trivia Question #75: Which capital city is closest to the Tropic of Cancer?
Trivia Question #76: What is the English translation of Mir, the name of Russia's former space station?
Trivia Question #77: How many times was Martin Luther King Jr. arrested for his participation in civil rights activities?
Trivia Question #78: What rap group was arrested in Florida when they performed the song "As Nasty As They Wanna Be"?
Trivia Question #79: In which section of Boston would you find Bunker Hill?
Trivia Question #80: In 1821, the Mississippi town of Le Fleurís Bluff became the state capital and was renamed _______ in honor of a military hero and future president of the United States.
Trivia Question #81: Who killed Laius and then slept with his wife Jocasta, at which point things got really complex?
Trivia Question #82: There are animal and plant kingdoms, but which of these is not part of the kingdom Protista?
Trivia Question #83: In which country does the prime minister work in a building called the Beehive?
Trivia Question #84: What is the relation of Genghis Khan to Kublai Khan?
Trivia Question #85: If you are a lycanthrope, what do you think you are?
Trivia Question #86: Who was the author of the book "Great Expectations"?
Trivia Question #87: From which normally dangerous plant do we get the drug digitalis?
Trivia Question #88: Which country's capital is Montevideo?
Trivia Question #89: What city did the Dutch call Batavia?
Trivia Question #90: Pick the company that has the slogan "Insuring Over Fourty Million People Worldwide."
Trivia Question #91: Which country was ruled by the Capetian kings?
Trivia Question #92: What is the most popular sexual position in the US?
Trivia Question #93: In the early 1990s, more than 80% of Canadians told Pollara that Charles Williamson, minister of state for economic development, should resign. Why was this odd?
Trivia Question #94: In the 1950s, a baseball team from Boston moved to Milwaukee. Where are they today?
Trivia Question #95: After Wayne Gretzky left the Edmonton Oilers, he played for three NHL teams. Which of these was not one of them?
Trivia Question #96: A decade before starring in her own TV show, who played Laura Petrie on "The Dick Van Dyke Show"?
Trivia Question #97: How were Jacqueline Joyner-Kersee and Florence Griffith Joyner related?
Trivia Question #98: Pick the company that has the slogan "We're Part Of The Cure."
Trivia Question #99: Somalia, Djibouti and _______ are the countries that make up the Horn of Africa.
Trivia Question #100: In 1896, Zanzibar was defeated in what is probably the shortest war ever. Who did it fight for just 38 minutes?
Trivia Question #101: Mary was the mother of Jesus. Who was the mother of Mary?
Trivia Question #102: Created by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, what sort of conveyance is Budgie?
Trivia Question #103: In which Evelyn Waugh novel does the narrator, Charles Ryder, meet Sebastian Flyte while they are both undergraduates at Oxford?
Trivia Question #104: Teddy Roosevelt gets the credit for a charge that Leonard Wood led up San Juan Hill in what country?
Trivia Question #105: Which Chicago street is also known as the Magnificent Mile?
Trivia Question #106: Korak is the son of which fictional hero?
Trivia Question #107: Hugo Chavez, a left-wing ex-paratrooper, led a counter-coup in what country in 2002?
Trivia Question #108: Vilnius is the capital of which country?
Trivia Question #109: What Michael Keaton character shares a name with the brightest star in Orion?
Trivia Question #110: In 1968, the Youth International Party nominated Pigasus as its presidential candidate. Why was this odd?
Trivia Question #111: Founded as a station for convicts, the capital of Queensland is named for what amateur astronomer, who was governing New South Wales at the time?
Trivia Question #112: Where would you find the ruins of the ancient city of Uxmal?
Trivia Question #113: Where and when did Jose Saramago live?
Trivia Question #114: In geometry, you could not draw this shape without lifting the pen off the paper:
Trivia Question #115: Which famous character is both a princess and a slave?
Trivia Question #116: Who is depicted on the Purple Heart?
Trivia Question #117: To whom was Carole Lombard married when she died in a 1942 plane crash near Las Vegas?
Trivia Question #118: What is both the number of dominoes in a standard set and the number of properties you can buy in Monopoly?
Trivia Question #119: Financier John Templeton founded a prize meant to fill what he saw as a gap in the Nobel Prizes. In what field?
Trivia Question #120: After Star Trek was cancelled, who went on to play a master of disguise named Paris on "Mission: Impossible"?
Trivia Question #121: Who asked "Are you gonna go my way?"
Trivia Question #122: What was the name of Oscar Wilde's only novel?
Trivia Question #123: Pick the musical term for "Slow":
Trivia Question #124: What band from Birmingham, England, was named for the villain in "Barbarella"?
Trivia Question #125: Which of these is not an edible fish?
Trivia Question #126: What daytime talk-show host took over McCall's magazine?
Trivia Question #127: As controller-general to Louis XV, which shadowy figure failed to control government spending, but did lend his name to an art form?
Trivia Question #128: Who wrote: "Everything in the world may be endured except continued prosperity."
Trivia Question #129: Erle Stanley Gardner shared what occupation with Perry Mason, whom he created?
Trivia Question #130: Which of these Florida cities is across the bay from Tampa?
Trivia Question #131: Which president served as a Navy fighter pilot in World War II?
Trivia Question #132: "Ginnie Mae" is a term you could expect to hear from a:
Trivia Question #133: Pick the company that has the slogan "Mission Success."
Trivia Question #134: Define this musical term: "TENEREZZA":
Trivia Question #135: What is the name of the part of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum whose energy is lower than X-rays, but higher than visible light?
Trivia Question #136: What war did Eris, goddess of discord, start by throwing a golden apple at the wedding of Peleus?
Trivia Question #137: Which of these was an 1980s hit, not for Madonna, but for Cyndi Lauper?
Trivia Question #138: Which detective-priest was created by Catholic writer G.K. Chesterton?
Trivia Question #139: Which of these Oscar-nominated roles did Jack Nicholson play first?
Trivia Question #140: What is the object of flight shooting in archery?
Trivia Question #141: Jethro on 'The Beverly Hillbillies' was actually the son of a heavyweight boxing champ. What is Jethro's real name?
Trivia Question #142: Who said: "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creatures; the heart of a heartless world; and the soul of soulless conditions"?
Trivia Question #143: In 1775, General Thomas Gage offered to forgive everybody revolting against the British ... except for John Hancock and whom else?
Trivia Question #144: Once called the Paris of the Balkans for its architectural beauty, what city did Nicolae Ceausescu remodel to look more like North Korea?
Trivia Question #145: Reykjavik is the capital of which country?
Trivia Question #146: Which country celebrates Constitution Day when we celebrate Christmas?
Trivia Question #147: What is Agra's most famous tourist attraction?
Trivia Question #148: Appropriately enough, what Barenaked Ladies song was #1 on the Billboard Pop chart for just one week in October 1998?
Trivia Question #149: Which of these famous female celebrities died at the youngest age?
Trivia Question #150: At John's Grill in San Francisco, you can still order chops, baked potato and sliced tomatoes, just as Sam Spade did in what book?
Trivia Question #151: Pick the musical term for "Ger. Minor":
Trivia Question #152: What Tim Burton movie was inspired by a 1962 set of Topps trading cards?
Trivia Question #153: In 1996, barely a quarter of the $13 million I earned came from basketball. The rest came from endorsements and my best-selling book, "Bad as I Wanna Be." Who am I?
Trivia Question #154: In what year was Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho originally released?
Trivia Question #155: Who casts tie-breaking votes in the US Senate?
Trivia Question #156: Which famous author was born on Henley Street, in a house still visited by tourists?
Trivia Question #157: Upon the end of his tenure, this president told the newly arriving president, "If you are as happy in entering the White House as I shall feel on returning to Wheatland, you are a happy man indeed."?
Trivia Question #158: What Shakespearean king urged, "Once more into the breach, dear friend, once more"?
Trivia Question #159: The Soviet Union didn't participate in the Olympics until Helsinki hosted the games. When was this?
Trivia Question #160: Pick the date this occurred: Antwerp/Brussels liberated.
Trivia Question #161: Where and when did Virgil live?
Trivia Question #162: Define this musical term: "A":
Trivia Question #163: What superhero keeps Metropolis safe from crime?
Trivia Question #164: Geoffrey is the mascot for Toys-R-Us. What kind of animal is Geoffrey?
Trivia Question #165: Why did mail stop going to zip code 10048 in 2001?
Trivia Question #166: Which of these TV shows featured the couple Hannah Miller and Marty Gold?
Trivia Question #167: What does an acephalous creature lack?
Trivia Question #168: What kind of acid, also used in tanning and dyeing, is found in the poisons of stinging insects and of stinging nettles?
Trivia Question #169: Which city boasts the Arches of Tiberius and Titus?
Trivia Question #170: In 1933, there were 161,000 Jews in Berlin. Today there are 11,000. How many Muslims live in Berlin today?
Trivia Question #171: What's the name of the author of fantasy novel "The Last Unicorn", which has also been made to a feature length animation movie?
Trivia Question #172: Who wrote: "A person doesn't die when he should but when he can."
Trivia Question #173: In 1924, what unit did the British redefine as being equal to 10 pounds of water at 62 degrees Fahrenheit?
Trivia Question #174: What is the only NFL team to have its logo, three hypocycloids, on just one side of its helmets?
Trivia Question #175: Faraday is the charge on one mole of ________.
Trivia Question #176: Who wrote the 1963 book The Feminine Mystique, which marked the "second wave" of U.S. feminism?
Trivia Question #177: Who was "the court jester" in American Pie?
Trivia Question #178: Which of the following Israeli cities lies on the Mediterranean Sea?
Trivia Question #179: Actor Thandie Newton was educated at Cambridge. But where was she born?
Trivia Question #180: Define this musical term: "UN PEU (UN POCO)":
Trivia Question #181: What word comes to us from the smoke created by aromatic logs used in ancient funeral pyres to mask the smell of burning, rotting corpses?
Trivia Question #182: Who would use an altimeter? And why?
Trivia Question #183: Which of these occupations has the highest mortality per 1000 workers?
Trivia Question #184: What percentage of the human brain is water?
Trivia Question #185: In the United States, what did the Volstead Act prohibit?
Trivia Question #186: Pristina is the capital of what war-torn part of the world?
Trivia Question #187: Which country celebrates Queen Isabella Day on April 22 of each year?
Trivia Question #188: Tyndall is associated with the
Trivia Question #189: Pick the date this occurred: Soviets re-capture Minsk.
Trivia Question #190: What character was inspired by medical school teacher Joseph Bell, who used clever deductions to diagnose diseases?
Trivia Question #191: Chittaranjan Andrade won a 2001 IgNoble Prize for his work on rhinotillexomania among Indian teenagers. What is rhino-whatchamacallit?
Trivia Question #192: Had his knees not been wrecked in a car accident, Burt Reynolds might today be better known as an athlete. Which team actually signed Reynolds?
Trivia Question #193: Which historical figure's name meant "Might of the Trinity"?
Trivia Question #194: On what soap opera did Gerald Ford's son Steven play Andy Richards?
Trivia Question #195: Define this musical term: "INCALZANDO":
Trivia Question #196: In which novel would you read about the ship "Hispaniola"?
Trivia Question #197: Who won the soccer world cup in 1990 in Italy?
Trivia Question #198: A two-humped camel is called a Bactrian. Where is Bactria?
Trivia Question #199: In the Bible, who headed for the Land of Nod, East of Eden?
Trivia Question #200: In which year was tennis star Boris Becker born?

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