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Trivia Question #1: The smallest dog breed is named for what country's largest state?
Trivia Question #2: What bill did the US Treasury discontinue on August 10, 1966?
Trivia Question #3: Which country was known as the Sudanese Republic for two years?
Trivia Question #4: Who wrote: "To be loved, be lovable."
Trivia Question #5: What does a seismograph measure?
Trivia Question #6: All of these trees are evergreens except the:
Trivia Question #7: Aside from rooftop concerts and bogus reunion tours, the Beatles and the Sex Pistols had their last concerts in which city?
Trivia Question #8: In which mountain system would one find the Sangre de Christo mountain range?
Trivia Question #9: Pick the company that has the slogan "Your Needs. Your Airline."
Trivia Question #10: His dad was French and his mom was Spanish, but Albert Camus was born and raised in what country?
Trivia Question #11: A barn owned by Patrick and Catherine O'Leary, at 137 De Koven Street, is believed to have been the source for a fire that burned down what city on October 8, 1871?
Trivia Question #12: Heat energy given off during burning is called ________.
Trivia Question #13: When did the US army begin using M16s?
Trivia Question #14: Which series featured actors Stephanie Zimbalist and future James Bond Pierce Brosnan as detectives?
Trivia Question #15: If you can gaze at the Alban Hills and Tyrrhenian Sea, which capital are you in?
Trivia Question #16: Who wrote: "Men do not accept their prophets and slay them, but they love their martyrs and worship those whom they have tortured to death."
Trivia Question #17: Which devil stars in the Faust legends, including Marlowe's version?
Trivia Question #18: Which comedy legend grew up Jewish in a Mormon community?
Trivia Question #19: Who eclipsed Roy Emerson's record for winning 12 Grand Slam tournaments?
Trivia Question #20: Who wrote: "I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them."
Trivia Question #21: Who was told they "better think" in "The Blues Brothers"?
Trivia Question #22: The UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans are crosstown rivals in what state?
Trivia Question #23: Who wrote "The Picture of Dorian Gray"?
Trivia Question #24: Although Sharona Alperin eventually became a Hollywood real estate agent, in 1978 she was a senior at Fairfax High School, where she inspired boyfriend Doug Fieger to write a song about her. What band was Fieger in?
Trivia Question #25: Julia Roberts appeared in the 200th episode of which TV show, along with her future boyfriend Benjamin Bratt?
Trivia Question #26: In which state would you find Stone Mountain, which is famous for its 90-foot-tall images of Confederate leaders?
Trivia Question #27: The islands of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu are the two largest islands of:
Trivia Question #28: Which of these movies did not star John Wayne?
Trivia Question #29: Who was the first president to be photographed and the first to be defeated for re-election?
Trivia Question #30: Which president's slogan was "Trade, Trade, No Free Trade!"?
Trivia Question #31: What was Simon and Garfunkel's first hit?
Trivia Question #32: Name the Zeppelin song containing these lyrics: "Speak to me only with your eyes, it is to you I give this tune."
Trivia Question #33: Who published the "American Dictionary of the English Language" in 1828?
Trivia Question #34: By what name is Joshua bar-Joseph better known?
Trivia Question #35: Sometime around 1902, Ruhollah Moussavi was born in the little town of Khomein. Where is Khomein?
Trivia Question #36: Which is not an example of a telecommunications satelite?
Trivia Question #37: Which of these shows did Aaron Spelling NOT create?
Trivia Question #38: Which American athlete won a total of nine gold medals over two sets of Olympic Games (in 1968 and 1972)?
Trivia Question #39: "A little learning is a dangerous thing" is a line from a poem by:
Trivia Question #40: What was Mr. T's character afraid of on "The A-Team"?
Trivia Question #41: Which Kondratieff cycle are we presently in?
Trivia Question #42: Which country's flag does not contain green?
Trivia Question #43: The acre is an anagram for what unit, used in the metric system for acres?
Trivia Question #44: Zagreb is the capital of which country?
Trivia Question #45: The Forth Rail Bridge isn't named for a "fourth rail," but because it lets trains cross the Firth of Forth. Where?
Trivia Question #46: What are bolus and chyme?
Trivia Question #47: Thanks to Janet Leigh's need to get rid of some paper, what is the first major movie to show a flushing toilet?
Trivia Question #48: What was the host country of the soccer world cup in 1994?
Trivia Question #49: Which goalie left a promising (and very lucrative) career in the NHL so that he could make $7500 a year articling with the Toronto law firm of Osler, Hoskin and Harcourt?
Trivia Question #50: Hiring your daughter as vice-president is called:
Trivia Question #51: Smut is porn. But what else is smut?
Trivia Question #52: What is the word for a grouping of pigs?
Trivia Question #53: All of these birds are members of the parrot family except:
Trivia Question #54: Which country has the highest per capita consumption of calories?
Trivia Question #55: Who was the first person to win two Nobel prizes?
Trivia Question #56: Which futuristic novel by Aldous Huxley takes place in the 7th century AF (after Ford)?
Trivia Question #57: What name was shared by both the Buchmans' dog on "Mad About You" and by Al Molinaro's character on "The Odd Couple"?
Trivia Question #58: Known for making hashish-laced brownies, who was Gertrude Stein's lover?
Trivia Question #59: What sea separates Britain from Norway?
Trivia Question #60: Elias Howe successfully sued Isaac Merrit Singer for violating his patent on what invention?
Trivia Question #61: Which term is used to refer to a place where oysters are cultivated?
Trivia Question #62: Who won the Men's 200m Finals in the Olympic Games 1936?
Trivia Question #63: The Latin words for "belly talking" now mean something else entirely in English. What?
Trivia Question #64: Who founded Salt Lake City, host city for the 2002 Olympic Games?
Trivia Question #65: "Cheerfully unconcerned or unworried about something." (National Spelling Bee winning word from 1950)
Trivia Question #66: Which country's flag is not red, white, and blue?
Trivia Question #67: If "ER" had been sent on Mount Olympus, when would the doctors deal with ichor?
Trivia Question #68: If you are standing in a "casbah," you are most likely in which of these countries?
Trivia Question #69: In which country are Hausa, English, Yoruba, and Ibo spoken?
Trivia Question #70: Newsmen Arthur Kent, Robert MacNeil, Peter Jennings and John Roberts all started out in what country?
Trivia Question #71: Which country was the first to receive US foreign aid?
Trivia Question #72: Portmeirion in Wales doubled as a village in each week's episode of what British TV series?
Trivia Question #73: When is Easter?
Trivia Question #74: In 2000, Zack de la Rocha left which political conscious band?
Trivia Question #75: What light, silvery element was first used in foil wrap in the 1940s, and in the 1960s started to become popular in cans?
Trivia Question #76: The world's five highest volcanoes are all in what mountain range?
Trivia Question #77: In North America, diamonds are mined in Arkansas and in what Canadian province or territory?
Trivia Question #78: What was the original name of the New York Jets?
Trivia Question #79: Before becoming Regis Philbin's co-host, Kelly Ripa was best known for playing Hayley on what soap opera?
Trivia Question #80: How fast can a crocodile move in water?
Trivia Question #81: In chemistry, the melting point and the freezing point are:
Trivia Question #82: If you're a big fan of William Pierce's "The Turner Diaries," what words best describe you?
Trivia Question #83: The 1969 Woodstock festival was actually held 45 miles from Woodstock. Where?
Trivia Question #84: To attract German immigrants, what was the town of Edwinton, North Dakota, renamed?
Trivia Question #85: Spider-man's girlfriend might know this. What does the J stand for in Mary J Blige's name?
Trivia Question #86: What does ROM, as in "CD-ROM", stand for?
Trivia Question #87: Who wrote: "Small to greater matters must give way."
Trivia Question #88: Eccentric director Tony Kaye hated the final cut of one of his movies so much, he wanted New Line Cinema to credit him as Humpty Dumpty. Ironically, the critics loved this 1998 movie anyway. What was it?
Trivia Question #89: On February 11, 1999, which planet began what will be a 248-year run as the farthest from the Sun?
Trivia Question #90: What is the name of Sarah's brother that she is trying to save in "The Labyrinth"?
Trivia Question #91: What was the last mainland state to join the USA?
Trivia Question #92: Whose presidential election was so heavily disputed that it had to be resolved by a special Electoral Commission?
Trivia Question #93: Which of the following is named for German pediatrician and bacteriologist Theodor Escherich?
Trivia Question #94: Originally called "Bull Tales," which of these comic strips did Garry Trudeau create while at Yale?
Trivia Question #95: Depending on how you interpret things, what word comes from the Arabic for either "calendar of the heavens" or "weather at the camp"?
Trivia Question #96: Who wrote: "Too many have dispensed with generosity in order to practice charity."
Trivia Question #97: What Canadian doctor created the first mobile blood-transfusion service during the Spanish Civil War, but died of a surgical infection while fighting with Mao Zedong's army?
Trivia Question #98: Which TV alien was from the planet Melmac?
Trivia Question #99: Who was the first president with a middle name?
Trivia Question #100: Who became the powerful ruler of western Europe in feudal times?
Trivia Question #101: Called the heir to Billie Holiday, who debuted in 1997 with "Baduizm"?
Trivia Question #102: In the comic strip "Beetle Bailey," what is Beetle's army rank?
Trivia Question #103: Pick the company that has the slogan "We Just Want To Make You Feel Good."
Trivia Question #104: In what month did the Romans celebrate their new year?
Trivia Question #105: In which state was George Bush (the older one) born?
Trivia Question #106: What is Smallpox also known as?
Trivia Question #107: Now deployed in space, what sort of telescope is the Chandra Observatory?
Trivia Question #108: Famous for its flower gardens, what city's Tivoli Gardens also includes restaurants, open-air theaters and an amusement park?
Trivia Question #109: What gives the drink "Black Cow" its dark color?
Trivia Question #110: In 1986, they came out with the first computer-generated talk show host. What was his name?
Trivia Question #111: Alberto "La Bomba" Tomba was the first person in what sport to win medals in three different Winter Olympics?
Trivia Question #112: In "Cast Away," Chuck Noland's bloody volleyball shares a name with which president?
Trivia Question #113: Romansch is one of the four official languages of what European country?
Trivia Question #114: Define this musical term: "VOCE":
Trivia Question #115: In the 1980s, which team fielded a "Sack Exchange" that included defensive linemen Mark Gastineau, Joe Klecko, Marty Lyons and Abdul Salam?
Trivia Question #116: Known for painting sad, desolate scenes, who painted "Nighthawks" and "Early Sunday Morning"?
Trivia Question #117: What country's presidents, including Mary Robinson recently, have lived in Phoenix Park?
Trivia Question #118: Rehoboam led a rebellion that broke up Israel. Who was his not-so-proud papa?
Trivia Question #119: After being pummeled by Lennox Lewis, who speculated it might be time for him to fade away "into Bolivian"?
Trivia Question #120: In which city did the following firsts take place - first President to ride in a car (Teddy Roosevelt), first school for deaf students, first car insurance policy, and first pay telephone?
Trivia Question #121: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Most Well Traveled Vehicles On Earth."
Trivia Question #122: Traditionally since the 1980s, the seasons's Beaujolais Nouveau wines have unveiled on the third Thursday of which month?
Trivia Question #123: Match the slogan "So Easy To Use, No Wonder It's #1."
Trivia Question #124: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Other White Meat."
Trivia Question #125: In what country do actors aspire to win a Bambi?
Trivia Question #126: He may have published "Ivanhoe" anonymously, but we all know who he was now. Don't we?
Trivia Question #127: Which superhero was originally unable to use his ring to affect wood, and then couldn't use it on anything yellow?
Trivia Question #128: In what league were there once teams called the Oakland Golden Seals, the Kansas City Scouts and the Cleveland Barons?
Trivia Question #129: What band backed Neil Young on his album After the Gold Rush?
Trivia Question #130: How did "Mayday" become a code for distress?
Trivia Question #131: What city was the birthplace of orchestra conductor Zubin Mehta and of English writer Rudyard Kipling?
Trivia Question #132: A metric ton contains how many pounds?
Trivia Question #133: The Oracle of Delphi supposedly told King Croesus that if he attacked, he would "destroy a great empire." Which empire did he destroy?
Trivia Question #134: Pick the musical term for "In time, i.e. resuming normal speed after a deviation":
Trivia Question #135: Today Cracker Jacks are a candied popcorn and peanut treat. But until 1896, what did "cracker jack" mean?
Trivia Question #136: What is the name of Muhammad Ali's boxing daughter?
Trivia Question #137: Who wrote "Islands in the Stream"?
Trivia Question #138: Which of these dogs is the tallest breed recognized by the American Kennel Club?
Trivia Question #139: Which is the third largest continent?
Trivia Question #140: Who won the soccer world cup in 1990?
Trivia Question #141: Which country was once Rhodesia?
Trivia Question #142: With which animal did the Greek god Pan share such body parts as legs and ears?
Trivia Question #143: Connecting Lake Erie to the Hudson River, in what state would you find the Erie Canal?
Trivia Question #144: Most transistors have:
Trivia Question #145: The Achaemenid dynasty ruled what country from about 550 BC to 330 BC?
Trivia Question #146: In 1886, where was the first Linotype used?
Trivia Question #147: What household product did Earl W. Tupper invent in 1945?
Trivia Question #148: An excellent source of vitamins, what is the fruit of a rose called?
Trivia Question #149: The existence of Phobos and Deimos was predicted in "Gulliver's Travels," decades before they were found. What are they?
Trivia Question #150: Where would you find the world's deepest cave?
Trivia Question #151: What "Kubla Khan" poet once planned to help fellow Lake Poet Robert Southey build a utopian community on the Susquehanna River?
Trivia Question #152: In 1944, Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rodgers won a Pulitzer Prize for their first collaboration. What musical was this?
Trivia Question #153: Who was Canada's first Liberal prime minister?
Trivia Question #154: Who was the only president to have previously served as the president of a union?
Trivia Question #155: Who's author of "The Age of Innocence"?
Trivia Question #156: What was the name of Queen Elizabeth II's father?
Trivia Question #157: Osgoode Hall is what university's law school?
Trivia Question #158: In 1999, what ex-member of Monty Python joined the cast of "Suddenly Susan"?
Trivia Question #159: Which of these mighty he-men spent a chunk of the Vietnam War teaching girls at that hotbed of Viet Cong activity known as the American School of Switzerland?
Trivia Question #160: In Japanese cuisine, what is wasabi?
Trivia Question #161: Who wrote: "Historians are like deaf people who go on answering questions that no one has asked them."
Trivia Question #162: Diogenes of Sinope used to wander the streets of Athens, carrying a lamp in broad daylight. What was he looking for?
Trivia Question #163: A cerebrovascular accident is commonly known as a/an:
Trivia Question #164: Pick the company that has the slogan "Back In Black."
Trivia Question #165: Which country does not sit on the equator?
Trivia Question #166: If the US president and vice-president both die at the same time, who becomes president?
Trivia Question #167: Pick the date this occurred: Hungary occupied by German Army.
Trivia Question #168: Pick the company that has the slogan "Feel Good Food"
Trivia Question #169: Pick the company that has the slogan "You Supply the Mind, We'll Supply the Tools."
Trivia Question #170: Which is not one of a horse's four natural gaits?
Trivia Question #171: A teacher named Gordon Sumner was renamed for the black and yellow shirts he wore. What is he called today?
Trivia Question #172: Which rock star, and future husband, did "One Day at a Time" star Valerie Bertinelli first meet backstage in Shreveport, Louisiana?
Trivia Question #173: Romanian peace activist Ely Culbertson and American lawyer Charles Goren were both known for their skill at what card game?
Trivia Question #174: Pick the company that has the slogan "Find Your Own Road."
Trivia Question #175: Who wrote: "You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question."
Trivia Question #176: Which of these neo-garage bands wears jackets and ties and claims that it's actually a boy band from Sweden?
Trivia Question #177: Snubbed for her role in "Taxi Driver," whom did the Golden Globes honor the next year for her role in "Freaky Friday"?
Trivia Question #178: Guinea pigs are called "pigs" because they:
Trivia Question #179: An all-star cast performed Pink Floyd's The Wall at what site in 1990?
Trivia Question #180: Cognac is a type of which liquor?
Trivia Question #181: A circumspect person is very:
Trivia Question #182: Which country is home to the mouth of the Vistula River and the Masurian Lakes?
Trivia Question #183: Where and when did Charles Dickens live?
Trivia Question #184: Which president's 135 words made for the briefest inauguration speech in American history?
Trivia Question #185: Buying bread from a man in Brussels, I said, "Do you speak-a my language?" He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich. How tall was he?
Trivia Question #186: Who sought to create "The Great Society"?
Trivia Question #187: This book's ending is actually continued with its opening lines. It ends, "A way a lone a last a loved a long the," and then begins "riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by commodius vicus
Trivia Question #188: Where and when did Marcel Proust live?
Trivia Question #189: What state's capital was named in 1765 for the peaceful resolution of a boundary dispute?
Trivia Question #190: He is one of the foremost figures in the history of landscape painting:
Trivia Question #191: The word "hazard" comes from the Arabic "al-zahr." What does this mean?
Trivia Question #192: According to the Encylopedia Britannica, whose famously stiff upper lip was a result of a non-combat naval injury in World War I?
Trivia Question #193: Excluding "Casino Royale," who was the second person to play James Bond in a movie?
Trivia Question #194: Who wrote Man in Black in 1975 about himself, and Man in White about St. Paul in 1986?
Trivia Question #195: In the 1940s, two of the top Beat icons, Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, met for the first time at what New York university?
Trivia Question #196: Which state's tree is the magnolia?
Trivia Question #197: Which Simpsons' character is voiced by Joe Mantegna?
Trivia Question #198: No wonder its chemical symbol is K. What element used to be called kalium?
Trivia Question #199: According to "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe," what is the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything?
Trivia Question #200: Who is the only major god to have the same name in both the Greek and Roman pantheons?

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