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Trivia Question #1: Rodney Dangerfield started out with a career as a ________, but then returned to show business.
Trivia Question #2: On a desolate Canadian highway, a cop used a radar gun to catch Robert Watson-Watt speeding. Why was this ironic?
Trivia Question #3: What city is known for developing pizza and spaghetti, not to mention bel canto songs?
Trivia Question #4: What charter boat got itself lost on "Gilligan's Island"?
Trivia Question #5: What group recorded "Go West," a remixed version of the Soviet anthem?
Trivia Question #6: Which doctor became famous as a medical missionary along the coasts of Labrador and Newfoundland?
Trivia Question #7: The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was a key document in what country's revolution?
Trivia Question #8: Which pair of hockey players became the first father and son combo to win both the Hart Trophy and the Lady Byng Trophy?
Trivia Question #9: Movin' On is a Broadway musical based on whose songs?
Trivia Question #10: Pick the musical term for "In unison after a division (divisi)":
Trivia Question #11: In the David Mamet play "Glengarry Glen Ross," what are the main characters selling?
Trivia Question #12: Oddly enough, whose last plays, including "Long Day's Journey Into Night," debuted at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm?
Trivia Question #13: A book in the Bible, it is an exchange among a chorus of young women, a girl and a king:
Trivia Question #14: Who recorded "I Shot The Sheriff" in 1974?
Trivia Question #15: A line in Thomas Gray's poem "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" gave Thomas Hardy the name of which of his books?
Trivia Question #16: Who wrote: "A prudent mind can see room for misgiving, lest he who prospers would one day suffer reverse."
Trivia Question #17: What is a Molotov cocktail?
Trivia Question #18: Born in Astoria, New York, whose autobiography was called "Who Could Ask For Anything More"?
Trivia Question #19: Who was king of Britain during the U.S. War of Independence?
Trivia Question #20: Eve gained knowledge eating this fruit, and according to Voltaire, it gave Newton knowledge of gravity, when said fruit fell from a tree and bonked him on the head. What fruit is this?
Trivia Question #21: Who invented the diesel engine?
Trivia Question #22: What planet did Clyde Tombaugh become the first person to spot in 1930?
Trivia Question #23: Between which two countries does the Sea of Azov lie?
Trivia Question #24: In which French city was the Normandy Tapestry made?
Trivia Question #25: How many pounds are there in the British unit of measurement called a stone?
Trivia Question #26: Who wrote "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame"?
Trivia Question #27: Who did Don McLean dedicate the American Pie album to?
Trivia Question #28: As of 2001, who was the only person to be the director of both the FBI and CIA?
Trivia Question #29: Who wrote: "Big Brother is watching you."
Trivia Question #30: Who wrote: "You cannot acquire experience by making experiments. You cannot create experience. You must undergo it."
Trivia Question #31: What year were Led Zeppelin mooted to play Knebworth before they famously did in 1979?
Trivia Question #32: In May 1999, marine salvagers found Liberty Bell 7 deep in the ocean. Who was the last person inside Liberty Bell 7?
Trivia Question #33: What did Nat Turner do in 1831?
Trivia Question #34: This state's residents are known as cheeseheads, but the state itself is known as the Badger State, in honor of miners who dug like badgers. What state is this?
Trivia Question #35: Who was the only major US news anchor at the scene when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989?
Trivia Question #36: Paul Bunyan hung out with an ox named Babe. What color was Babe?
Trivia Question #37: Getting its name from the Latin word for charcoal, what element is symbolized on the periodic table by the letter C?
Trivia Question #38: Pick the date this occurred: Yugoslav army surrenders to Germans.
Trivia Question #39: With whom was NBC newsman Chet Huntley most famously paired?
Trivia Question #40: On most pianos, how many keys are black?
Trivia Question #41: In which country would you find the island of Sumatra?
Trivia Question #42: Why was Mrs. P.F.E. Albee important to the world of business?
Trivia Question #43: Which literary classic was first published in the 19th century?
Trivia Question #44: The New York Jets are owned by what family?
Trivia Question #45: Approximately how many light sensitive cells are there in the retina?
Trivia Question #46: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Business Of Caring."
Trivia Question #47: Who was the first president to be inaugurated a day late?
Trivia Question #48: Who wrote "Waiting for Godot"?
Trivia Question #49: Hair is made of keratin. Which of the following is not made of keratin?
Trivia Question #50: Before appearing together in "Taxi," Christopher Lloyd and Danny DeVito were both in what Jack Nicholson movie?
Trivia Question #51: Joule is a unit of ________.
Trivia Question #52: As Puck, bicycle courier David Edward Rainey nauseated us all on what reality show?
Trivia Question #53: In 1978, Daniel Arap Moi became president of this nation:
Trivia Question #54: Who was pope before John Paul I?
Trivia Question #55: When unripe, this bright orange fruit is notoriously bitter:
Trivia Question #56: Where would you find a hunk of limestone that the Arabs call Jabal Tariq, meaning "Tariq's Mount"?
Trivia Question #57: Born in Britain, what future actor became a professional boxer called Packy East in Cleveland?
Trivia Question #58: This mountain is actually a dormant volcano that last erupted in 1707:
Trivia Question #59: When was baseball's World Series cancelled for the first time?
Trivia Question #60: American civilization includes Elvis Presley, from Memphis, Tennessee. But another Memphis used to be the capital of what more ancient civilization?
Trivia Question #61: If someone is twenty years old on Earth, how old would she be in Venus years?
Trivia Question #62: Who are former Philadelphia choirboys Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, Shawn Stockman and Michael McCary?
Trivia Question #63: What island is Pearl Harbor on?
Trivia Question #64: Where were the first Special Olympics held?
Trivia Question #65: It is the busiest month for U.S.births, with more than 11,000 babies delivered each day. That's about 1,300 more per day than January, the slowest month. Which month?
Trivia Question #66: What sport's hall of fame is in its reputed birthplace ... Cooperstown, New York?
Trivia Question #67: According to Revelations 13, what is the number of the beast?
Trivia Question #68: Who was the first U.S. president to make an official visit outside the country while in office?
Trivia Question #69: Zachary Taylor was the first person to call a president's wife the "First Lady," but he did so in 1849, at her eulogy. Who was she?
Trivia Question #70: Which role has won Oscars for two different actors?
Trivia Question #71: If I want to get into the Rock Hall of Fame, what should I do?
Trivia Question #72: Which North African capital city is not located on the coast?
Trivia Question #73: Who was the first to climb Mount Everest?
Trivia Question #74: Also the fear of "certain places," topophobia would most likely affect what people in what certain places?
Trivia Question #75: They are composed of dense bundles of collagenous fibers known as fibroblasts:
Trivia Question #76: If you were using haruspication to tell the future, what would you be looking at?
Trivia Question #77: What event does Candlemas celebrate?
Trivia Question #78: Who released released "B-Movie Matinee" in 1985?
Trivia Question #79: Who became the first Texas governor re-elected to back-to-back four-year terms, although he didn't finish his second term?
Trivia Question #80: Who wrote: "Courage is grace under pressure."
Trivia Question #81: You could probably guess that Jerry Rice holds a record for the most receptions in a single Super Bowl game, but his 11 receptions in Super Bowl XXV actually tied a mark set in an earlier Super Bowl. Which player set originally set that record?
Trivia Question #82: Which French ruler was known as "The Citizen King"?
Trivia Question #83: Which country's capital city also goes by the name Baile Atha Cliath?
Trivia Question #84: In the movie "Sixteen Candles," what was the name of Sam's grandparent’s exchange student?
Trivia Question #85: According to Matthew 2:14, where did Mary and Joseph flee after the birth of Jesus?
Trivia Question #86: Known especially for his role in the "Police Academy" movies, what is Michael Winslow's nickname?
Trivia Question #87: On what date is Bastille Day in Paris celebrated?
Trivia Question #88: Of the WHA teams that joined the NHL in 1979, what is the only one still around (as of 2002) in the same city?
Trivia Question #89: Which country leads Europe in wheat production?
Trivia Question #90: Which sport uses the term "slalom"?
Trivia Question #91: Known for winning an Oscar for adapting "The Godfather" for the screen, who also wrote the screenplays for the first two Superman movies?
Trivia Question #92: Quebecois French is sometimes called Joual. What does Joual mean in French?
Trivia Question #93: This animal comes in two distinct types, the bush and the forest varieties:
Trivia Question #94: Which of the following inventions is the oldest:
Trivia Question #95: What grueling sports event did Spain's Miguel Induráin win five straight times in the 1990s?
Trivia Question #96: Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee took as their joint pseudonym the name of one of their creations. Who?
Trivia Question #97: In which country would you find the Atlas Mountains, the Grand Erg Occidental, and Ahaggar?
Trivia Question #98: Where are Westminster, Norwalk, Hawthorne, Rosemead, and Bellflower all located?
Trivia Question #99: Heat of fusion is the energy required to change a substance from a ________.
Trivia Question #100: Who wrote "Women in Love"?
Trivia Question #101: Who supposedly wrapped herself in a smuggled carpet so she could meet and seduce Julius Caesar?
Trivia Question #102: Based on the 1970 Irwin Shaw novel, what 1976 mini-series followed the Jordache family?
Trivia Question #103: What "second-hand furniture dealer" worked out of the Four Deuces at 2222 South Wabash and the Metropole and Lexington hotels on South Michigan Avenue?
Trivia Question #104: Which president married his teacher?
Trivia Question #105: Dachshunds,whippets and basenjis are all:
Trivia Question #106: Baseball's fabled Toledo Mud Hens are named for what bird?
Trivia Question #107: Define this musical term: "COLLA,":
Trivia Question #108: When are you most likely to suffer from a decompression sickness also known as the bends?
Trivia Question #109: Who was born in a house on Henley Street in Stratford-upon-Avon?
Trivia Question #110: Where did the Phoenicians get a dye called purpura, which turns purple in sunlight?
Trivia Question #111: Although he lacked the lasers to make it work, what did Dennis Gabor, a Hungarian-born British scientist, name from the Greek for "whole message"?
Trivia Question #112: Who wrote "As I Lay Dying"?
Trivia Question #113: If, at the Highland Games, you see a Scot tossing his caber, what's going on?
Trivia Question #114: I was born in Limoges, France, on February 25, 1841, so it's probably not surprising that as a child I worked in Paris, painting designs on porcelain china. Who am I?
Trivia Question #115: Physiognomy was the idea that you could predict a person's future. How?
Trivia Question #116: In Latin America, seviche, also called ceviche, is cooked simply by marinating what food in citrus juice?
Trivia Question #117: Merino wool is the best you can get. Where does it come from?
Trivia Question #118: Pick the date this occurred: Allied forces invade Syria.
Trivia Question #119: Three of these are songs by Australia's Men at Work. Which one was the only US hit for Canada's Men Without Hats?
Trivia Question #120: Who reached the summit of Mount Everest with Edmund Hillary in 1953?
Trivia Question #121: Which disease, caused by the Shigella bacilli, is characterized by copious loss of bodily fluids?
Trivia Question #122: Who was the last Saxon king of England?
Trivia Question #123: What does the musical term Polyphonic texture mean?
Trivia Question #124: Who wrote: "Time the devourer of all things."
Trivia Question #125: What is shiatsu?
Trivia Question #126: What is the name of Bond's CIA counterpart?
Trivia Question #127: There is a tiny yin-yang symbol on the flag on Mongolia. But there is a great big one on another country's flag. Which one?
Trivia Question #128: In which type of restaurant would you order soba noodles?
Trivia Question #129: On average, how many degrees of longitude separate the time zones?
Trivia Question #130: In which year did Robert Stigwood sign The Bee Gees?
Trivia Question #131: Where is the world's highest active volcano?
Trivia Question #132: Even though he abdicated, Edward VIII did rule again. Where?
Trivia Question #133: Despite his interest in helping the deaf, who invented a telephone his own deaf wife couldn't use?
Trivia Question #134: Where did the Barbary pirates hail from?
Trivia Question #135: Anders Celsius gave us a new way to measure temperature. But what did he do for a living?
Trivia Question #136: In just about every episode of Seinfeld you can see a reference to which superhero?
Trivia Question #137: Pick the company that has the slogan "Power Is Nothing Without Control."
Trivia Question #138: I'm federal agent Jack Bauer. And this is the longest day of my life. What show did this line introduce?
Trivia Question #139: In which year was tennis player Steffi Graf born?
Trivia Question #140: Who wrote: "Men of ill judgment oft ignore the good That lies within their hands, till they have lost it."
Trivia Question #141: What is Jochen Rindt the only athlete to have done?
Trivia Question #142: What produces a sound called stridulation?
Trivia Question #143: If you were to line up a human, a cheetah, a turtle and a horse, and have them run a marathon, who would win?
Trivia Question #144: In which state is Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, which has the graves of authors and philosophers Nathanial Hawthorne, Thoreau, and Emerson?
Trivia Question #145: What is the only US state to have seen any occupation by the Axis powers during World War II?
Trivia Question #146: Which linguistically gifted archangel is depicted carrying either a lily or the trumpet with which he will announce the second coming?
Trivia Question #147: Which prefix translates as "in some sense or degree"?
Trivia Question #148: What was the main type of housing used by the Bedouin Nomads?
Trivia Question #149: What two Canadian political parties merged in 1942, under the leadership of Manitoba's John Bracken?
Trivia Question #150: What British city on the North Sea is known as the Granite City?
Trivia Question #151: Who wrote: "Don't discuss yourself, for you are bound to lose; if you belittle yourself, you are believed; if you praise yourself, you are disbelieved."
Trivia Question #152: Which of the following is NOT true of Lon Chaney Sr?
Trivia Question #153: Which country surrounds the Sea of Marmara?
Trivia Question #154: What is the traditional breakfast during the Wimbledon tennis tournament?
Trivia Question #155: Where and when did Johann Wolfgang von Goethe live?
Trivia Question #156: The Yorks eventually won the War of the Roses. What color rose symbolized the Yorks?
Trivia Question #157: Alan Paton's "Cry the Beloved Country" is about which troubled place?
Trivia Question #158: In 1819, who wrote odes to a Grecian urn and to a nightingale?
Trivia Question #159: Which athlete's given names were -- or are -- Frederick and Carleton?
Trivia Question #160: When is an American most likely to be given a Miranda warning?
Trivia Question #161: Who is the only president to become a defendant in a civil court case?
Trivia Question #162: Who succeeded Pete Rozelle as NFL commissioner?
Trivia Question #163: All Saints' Day is November 1. When is All Souls' Day?
Trivia Question #164: Cuculus canorus is known for laying its eggs in other bird's nests. Where might you hear its distinctive two-note call?
Trivia Question #165: Who wrote "All My Love"?
Trivia Question #166: What "Faust" writer also happened to foreshadow Darwin's ideas on organic evolution when he studied the morphology of jawbones?
Trivia Question #167: This green stone is used as a marble substitute:
Trivia Question #168: Which of these is not a kind of quark?
Trivia Question #169: Pick the date this occurred: Bulgaria joins Axis.
Trivia Question #170: What fish is usually smoked to create lox?
Trivia Question #171: Former Oakland A's batboy Stanley Kirk Burrell got his nickname because of his resemblance to Hammerin' Hank Aaron. Who is he?
Trivia Question #172: What Russian-born painter drew on Jewish traditions and folklore for his paintings?
Trivia Question #173: In 1994, the "beautiful mind" of John Nash shared a Nobel Prize. In what field?
Trivia Question #174: Known for a language filled with clicks and clucks, where do the Hottentots live?
Trivia Question #175: Which prefix signifies "all"?
Trivia Question #176: Which fast food chain came first?
Trivia Question #177: Skiing, mountain biking and canoeing all have slalom events. What is the slalom?
Trivia Question #178: Pick the date this occurred: Allies land in Greece.
Trivia Question #179: What Oregon city was named for a Maine city as the result of an 1845 coin toss?
Trivia Question #180: Who were the first people to use paper money?
Trivia Question #181: Which drummer was a child extra in "Oliver!" and later won an Oscar for his work on "Tarzan"?
Trivia Question #182: Which African country is home to the Grand Erg Occidental and Grand Erg Oriental?
Trivia Question #183: Where and when did Samuel Beckett live?
Trivia Question #184: A allotrope is a different form of a/n ________.
Trivia Question #185: What Nova Scotia city produced both an infamous mining disaster ... as well as a singing disaster named Anne Murray?
Trivia Question #186: What peanut butter nougat chocolate bar is named for the Mars family's horse?
Trivia Question #187: In the 1980s TV, how did ALF get his name?
Trivia Question #188: In what language does "poltergeist" mean "noisy ghost"?
Trivia Question #189: What animal do you resemble if you've been described as corvine?
Trivia Question #190: What European country hosted the first motorcycle race in 1896?
Trivia Question #191: For what magazine did Alex Haley interview Miles Davis and Malcolm X?
Trivia Question #192: Which of these U.S. presidents was the first to win the popular vote in three consecutive presidential elections?
Trivia Question #193: Anthony wrote "Sleuth." His twin brother Peter wrote "Equus" and "Amadeus." Name their last name?
Trivia Question #194: Who was the Great Lord Protector of England?
Trivia Question #195: In which country was tennis player Jennifer Capriati born?
Trivia Question #196: Which Middle Eastern food is a light paste made from toasted sesame seeds?
Trivia Question #197: On October 8, 1956, who became the first person to pitch a perfect game during the World Series?
Trivia Question #198: He discovered the "red shift," laying the foundation for the Big Bang theory:
Trivia Question #199: What was the name of the 1960s rock band in the Tom Hanks movie "That Thing You Do"?
Trivia Question #200: Richard Gere built his career on roles in Days of Heaven, American Gigolo and An Officer and a Gentlemen, all of which were rejected by whom?

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