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Trivia Question #1: The Sangamon River is in what Midwestern state?
Trivia Question #2: What was W.H. Auden's first name?
Trivia Question #3: Define this musical term: "MA NON TROPPO":
Trivia Question #4: Who was the author of the book "Pride and Prejudice"?
Trivia Question #5: Who collabrated with Karl Marx on "The Communist Manifesto?
Trivia Question #6: What is the capital of Massachusetts?
Trivia Question #7: Outside the United States, what does Grand Prix usually mean?
Trivia Question #8: Where on a human being would you find keratin?
Trivia Question #9: After just 74 seconds, an O-ring rupture set off a fiery explosion in the main fuel tank of which space shuttle?
Trivia Question #10: What group released the song Wild Thing in 1966?
Trivia Question #11: What former Nashville boot shop clerk refused an American Music Award in 1996 because he didn't think he deserved it?
Trivia Question #12: For which team did Gordie Howe play through most of his professional career?
Trivia Question #13: Who sang vocals on "Stairway to Heaven" on Jimmy page's solo tour in 1988?
Trivia Question #14: In which of the following series did Tony Randall play a homosexual?
Trivia Question #15: Who was the only boxer to KO Muhammad Ali in a heavyweight title bout?
Trivia Question #16: If the doctor tells you to take your pills bid, how often should you take them?
Trivia Question #17: A famous 19th-century soprano, what was Jenny Lind's nickname?
Trivia Question #18: Pick the date this occurred: Soviets re-take Smolensk.
Trivia Question #19: Strictly speaking, North America's "buffalo" are bison. But what do we call European bison?
Trivia Question #20: Part of the world's busiest port is called Europort. Where is the world's busiest port?
Trivia Question #21: What kind of beans go well with liver of census taker and a nice Chianti?
Trivia Question #22: By experimenting principally with what type of organisms did Gregor Mendel (1822—1884) discover the laws governing heredity?
Trivia Question #23: Most Commonwealth members speak English. Most members of the Lusophonia speak what language?
Trivia Question #24: Who wrote: "A writer's problem does not change. It is always how to write truly and having found out what is true to project it in such a way that it becomes part of the experience of the person who reads it."
Trivia Question #25: Alvy Singer is a Woody Allen character from which of his films?
Trivia Question #26: Who was nominated for Oscars for playing Victor Hugo's daughter Adele and Auguste Rodin's lover Camille Claudel?
Trivia Question #27: When would a US auto racer see a white flag?
Trivia Question #28: Montezuma never did get his revenge, but he was the leader of which people?
Trivia Question #29: Who was the first Quarterback to throw for 300 yards in a Super Bowl?
Trivia Question #30: After the U.S., which country produces the most geothermal energy?
Trivia Question #31: What 1951 Elizabeth Taylor movie was based on Theodore Dreiser's "An American Tragedy"?
Trivia Question #32: Pick the date this occurred: Soviets enter East Prussia.
Trivia Question #33: Who is credited with composing the James Bond theme?
Trivia Question #34: Where is the lowest price the law?
Trivia Question #35: While inventing the telephone in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell also invented something else. What?
Trivia Question #36: According to the Beatles' song, "A Day in the Life," how many holes did it take to fill the Albert Hall?
Trivia Question #37: Which TV detective had a cockatoo named Fred?
Trivia Question #38: What would you be suffering from if you were experiencing dyspepsia?
Trivia Question #39: In 1999, Dick Wilson revived his "Mr. Whipple" character in ads for which product?
Trivia Question #40: What is the word for a grouping of plovers?
Trivia Question #41: The Most Valuable Player in the _____ wins The Podoloff Trophy.
Trivia Question #42: What was Diana Ross's first solo effert?
Trivia Question #43: Consort of Gaea and father of the Titans, he is the earliest supreme god of the Greeks:
Trivia Question #44: Which metropolitan area has the largest population?
Trivia Question #45: In 1996, what NHL team was called the Red Army, because of its 10 Russian players?
Trivia Question #46: Known for its safaris and the Olduvai Gorge, where is Serengeti National Park?
Trivia Question #47: In 1978, the Red Brigades kidnapped and killed Aldo Moro, who once had been what country's prime minister?
Trivia Question #48: You may remember the raid on Entebbe, but do you remember where Entebbe is?
Trivia Question #49: Using blasts of air from a furnace, what would you make with the Bessemer process?
Trivia Question #50: In American politics, who was incriminated by the "pumpkin papers"?
Trivia Question #51: What high-IQ animal is known as the "chameleon of the sea" and has blue, copper-based blood pumping through its three hearts?
Trivia Question #52: Which of these has the shortest wavelength?
Trivia Question #53: A February 2001 episode of what show featured five births on live TV?
Trivia Question #54: You can see the 370-foot-high spire of Saint Stephen's Cathedral from just about anywhere in what city?
Trivia Question #55: He not only created Mike Hammer, but played him in the 1963 movie "The Girl Hunters"?
Trivia Question #56: Pick the company that has the slogan "Moving At The Speed Of Life."
Trivia Question #57: What is skater Jo Jo Starbuck's real name?
Trivia Question #58: Which of the apostles had been a hated tax collector at the Palestinian lake port of Capernaum?
Trivia Question #59: Which modern American poet is associated with the Beat Generation of the 1950s?
Trivia Question #60: Austrian monk Gregor Mendel's 1866 book lay the foundation for this modern science:
Trivia Question #61: Which of these was part of the ancient pentathlon, but not the modern version?
Trivia Question #62: Who won the Men's 200m Finals in the Olympic Games 1996?
Trivia Question #63: What is your body's largest organ?
Trivia Question #64: Vaduz is the capital of which country?
Trivia Question #65: What is the official language of Nigeria?
Trivia Question #66: What do the A and the M in Texas A&M stand for?
Trivia Question #67: "... A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is said by which character?
Trivia Question #68: Who has been played by William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann?
Trivia Question #69: Which city is farthest south?
Trivia Question #70: If in a court case, I assert laches as a defense, what am I claiming?
Trivia Question #71: What was Goerring's profession before WWII?
Trivia Question #72: At which battle did Colonel William Prescott supposedly say to his men, "Don't one of you fire until you see the whites of their eyes"?
Trivia Question #73: What does your car's camshaft do?
Trivia Question #74: Fiasco comes from an Italian word for what occupation, possibly because Venetians used the word to describe defective pieces?
Trivia Question #75: As of 2001, who was the only Canadian prime minister to hold a PhD?
Trivia Question #76: What is the only figure skating jump taken from a forward position?
Trivia Question #77: According to a well-known proverb, "You have to learn to walk before you can" what?
Trivia Question #78: On "Saturday Night Live," he anchored "Weekend Update." But his brother actually was a reporter in Canada. Name him.
Trivia Question #79: Define this musical term: "RIGOROSO":
Trivia Question #80: Which statement about the Aleutian Islands is correct?
Trivia Question #81: What US state borders four of the five Great Lakes?
Trivia Question #82: Where was the papacy located during its "Babylonian Captivity" between 1309 and 1377?
Trivia Question #83: On the very day that John F. Kennedy was shot, what future president was across town at a Pepsi convention?
Trivia Question #84: Called the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean, what is Stromboli?
Trivia Question #85: It appears that the Minoans engaged in an odd sport where they did acrobatic leaps over and off what unlikely animals?
Trivia Question #86: During which war were the first Victoria Crosses awarded?
Trivia Question #87: The smallest US state also has the longest official name. What gets added to "State of Rhode Island"?
Trivia Question #88: What does "dinosaur" mean in Greek?
Trivia Question #89: The Punch Line consisted of Toe Blake, Elmer Lach and what hockey legend?
Trivia Question #90: What is the only Canadian province whose postal codes begin with the same letter of the alphabet that its name does?
Trivia Question #91: Which prefix would you use if you wanted to indicate that something was made of wood?
Trivia Question #92: Edward Lorenz nicknamed his model of heat convection for an animal that he said could change the weather. Which animal is this?
Trivia Question #93: In Greek mythology, which of the following was a fire-breathing she-monster with a lion's head, a goat's body and a serpent's tail?
Trivia Question #94: In 1983-84, Jari Kurri, Paul Coffey, Mark Messier and Grant Fuhr all played with The Great One on what Stanley Cup winning team?
Trivia Question #95: Which of these food terms means to mash or pulp into a thick paste?
Trivia Question #96: You know Rocco Marchegiano better under the name he adopted as a champion in which sport?
Trivia Question #97: What was the nightjar once called, in the mistaken belief that it sucks milk?
Trivia Question #98: Who did Faith Hill marry in 1996, at an annual Swampstock charity event in Rayville, Louisiana?
Trivia Question #99: Roughly speaking, the Côte d'Azur extends from La Spezia in Italy to Hyères in France. By what name is it better known?
Trivia Question #100: Which famous nihilist philosopher wrote "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"?
Trivia Question #101: What is the capital of Morroco?
Trivia Question #102: Which of these is the name, not of one of the X-Files's fictional Lone Gunmen, but of a real-life conspiracy-minded radio host?
Trivia Question #103: In 1945, photographer Joe Rosenthal convinced some Marines to re-raise a flag on which island?
Trivia Question #104: Canadian-reared James Gosling wrote what computer language as part of Sun Microsystems' plan to network household and office appliances?
Trivia Question #105: Pick the musical term for "Moderately loud":
Trivia Question #106: Which Russian Nobel Prize winner was not exiled to some part of the western world?
Trivia Question #107: What kind of gems are Star of Murfreesboro, the Star of Arkansas and the Star of Shreveport?
Trivia Question #108: The Prado in Madrid takes its name from a Spanish word that reflects its status until about 1740. What is this word?
Trivia Question #109: Bob Woodward and who made the Watergate scandal public and wrote "All the President's Men"?
Trivia Question #110: During which fateful year did Mao Zedong gain control of China, South Africa establish apartheid and Germany become divided?
Trivia Question #111: What US states other than Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington has an active volcano?
Trivia Question #112: What is unique about all the mammals in the Order Marsupialia?
Trivia Question #113: What did medieval monks do in a scriptorium?
Trivia Question #114: Where and when did Emily Bronte live?
Trivia Question #115: What actor, born Archie Leach in England, was a juggler before he became a star?
Trivia Question #116: What actor's last movie, The Misfits, was also Marilyn Monroe's last movie?
Trivia Question #117: What are the Pitman and Gregg systems?
Trivia Question #118: If you get an angiogram, what is the doctor getting a picture of?
Trivia Question #119: Where are the Tibeseti Mountains?
Trivia Question #120: You should be most concerned about a dog attacking when it is:
Trivia Question #121: Guernica, the subject of Picasso's painting, was a sacred city to these people:
Trivia Question #122: While Lake Baikal is the world's deepest, what is the world's second deepest lake?
Trivia Question #123: Which book was written by Emily Bronte?
Trivia Question #124: Where are you most likely to hear Papiamento, a language that mixes Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch?
Trivia Question #125: One hundred kopecks equal what unit of currency whose name literally means "cut piece"?
Trivia Question #126: In his campaigns for president, who defeated Herbert Hoover, Alf Landon, Wendell Willkie, and Thomas Dewey?
Trivia Question #127: Which Pulitzer Prize-winning novel also won an Oscar for best picture?
Trivia Question #128: What was President Thomas Wilson's middle name?
Trivia Question #129: Pick the company that has the slogan "Cars Like Us. People Love Us."
Trivia Question #130: Louis Riel was executed for his role in an 1880s rebellion against which country?
Trivia Question #131: The merrythought is an old British name for the furculum of a domestic fowl. What do you probably call it?
Trivia Question #132: Who succeeded Walter Cronkite as the anchor of "The CBS Evening News"?
Trivia Question #133: Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta sang a duet, "You're the ________"?
Trivia Question #134: The new moon is invisible. What phase comes after that?
Trivia Question #135: Who wrote "Sorrows of Young Werther" ("Die Leiden des jungen Werthers")?
Trivia Question #136: Supposedly, the bones of the three Magi are in a Gothic cathedral that is also home to a huge bell called the Kaiserglocke. Where is it?
Trivia Question #137: Who wrote: "A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."
Trivia Question #138: As Fyodor Dostoyevsky (or perhaps Raskolnikov) could tell you, what does "Prestuplenie i nakazanie" mean in English?
Trivia Question #139: What company paid a Portland art student just US$35 for its famous "swoosh" logo?
Trivia Question #140: Pick the company that has the slogan "Real Solutions For Real Markets."
Trivia Question #141: Where was Kunta Kinte, the protagonist of Roots, from?
Trivia Question #142: The name of which of these drinks means "Daisy" in Spanish?
Trivia Question #143: What were Charlemagne's knights called?
Trivia Question #144: Once called Trimountaine, because of the three large nearby hills, what New England city was renamed for an English town in Lincolnshire?
Trivia Question #145: What is the word for a grouping of ants?
Trivia Question #146: In which century did the first accurately dated Olympic Games take place?
Trivia Question #147: In which city did federal troops help nine black students enroll in high school in 1957, after Elizabeth Eckford's efforts to enroll were blocked?
Trivia Question #148: What did American psychologist Abraham Maslow assemble into a pyramidic-shaped hierarchy?
Trivia Question #149: Pierre "Pig's Eye" Parrant founded a Minnesota city he called Pig's Eye. What did a priest renamed it?
Trivia Question #150: Who released "The Souther, Hillman, Furay Band" in 1974?
Trivia Question #151: Which is not the name of an individual star?
Trivia Question #152: Who gave the first celebrity guest voice on The Simpsons?
Trivia Question #153: Hilo is the seat of what county, which shares its name with the state that it's in?
Trivia Question #154: The heavy-set singer named Marvin Lee Aday is better known in the Rock World as:
Trivia Question #155: What is the name of Jon Arbuckle's famous cat?
Trivia Question #156: The Little League World Series takes place in Williamsburg in what state?
Trivia Question #157: Who invented the four-stroke internal-combustion engine?
Trivia Question #158: What color is a zebra?
Trivia Question #159: Where was Lee Harvey Oswald when he is believed to have shot John F. Kennedy?
Trivia Question #160: Who released "Red Sails In The Sunset" in 1984?
Trivia Question #161: What food does pomology study?
Trivia Question #162: What is the most common Christian name of U.S. Presidents?
Trivia Question #163: In which city was tennis player Boris Becker born?
Trivia Question #164: What color is an amethyst?
Trivia Question #165: What rock star's books of poetry include The Lords, The New Creatures, Wilderness, and The American Night?
Trivia Question #166: In the US Navy, what you need the Seabees for?
Trivia Question #167: In addition to being a group of superheroes, the X-Men are also a football team. Where do they play?
Trivia Question #168: Edwin Land developed the first synthetic light-polarizing material. What company did he eventually found?
Trivia Question #169: In 1850, an 11-year-old Sikh prince named Maharajah Dalip Singh surrendered the Koh-i-Noor to Queen Victoria, who didn't like it much. What was the Koh-i-Noor?
Trivia Question #170: Define this musical term: "POCO":
Trivia Question #171: What was the Analytical Engine that Charles Babbage designed in the 1830s?
Trivia Question #172: In 1917, which two tool-and-die cutters invented the first practical power drill?
Trivia Question #173: What is a cyclamen?
Trivia Question #174: How many members made up Led Zeppelin?
Trivia Question #175: What Beatle album came with a 24-page,full-color picture book?
Trivia Question #176: In 1838 and 1839, France went to war with Mexico after Mexican soldiers looted a shop owned by a French national. What was this war called?
Trivia Question #177: In which state did 300,000 music lovers dig the groovy vibes of the first Woodstock concert?
Trivia Question #178: Where and when did Lu Xun live?
Trivia Question #179: What city, Australia's northernmost, was named by surveyor John Stokes for one of the passengers on his ship, the HMS Beagle?
Trivia Question #180: Rhode Island may be the smallest US state, but how many independent European states are smaller than Rhode Island?
Trivia Question #181: Pick the date this occurred: German Army re-takes Kharkov.
Trivia Question #182: Who was the author of the book "Season of Migration to the North"?
Trivia Question #183: What Buddhist claims to have helped the Shah escape from Iran and to be the first foreigner to open a successful martial arts studio in Japan?
Trivia Question #184: Pick the company that has the slogan "What's New In Your World?"
Trivia Question #185: Which city was the Portuguese capital in India?
Trivia Question #186: What is an average IQ?
Trivia Question #187: Which country is Copenhagen, Denmark closest to?
Trivia Question #188: What do you call a paradox compressed into two words?
Trivia Question #189: What does the W. in George W. Bush stand for?
Trivia Question #190: Called the gluteus maximus, where would you find your largest muscle?
Trivia Question #191: Which is the largest of the Aleutian Islands?
Trivia Question #192: What was the first space shuttle to be reused for a second mission?
Trivia Question #193: What Serbian-born tennis player did a spectator stab in 1993 in Hamburg?
Trivia Question #194: The site of Fort Dearborn is now at the eastern end of 18th Street, in what city once called Fort Dearborn?
Trivia Question #195: Technical Sergeant Joseph Louis Barrow is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, but his claim to fame isn't as a soldier. What line of work was he in?
Trivia Question #196: When was Italy united as a country?
Trivia Question #197: What is the world's smallest bird?
Trivia Question #198: The hull of which ship, sunk at Pearl Harbor, is now covered by white concrete and steel?
Trivia Question #199: When is Bart's birthday?
Trivia Question #200: Which of these characters on "Roseanne" was played by two different people?

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