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Trivia Question #1: Which two places are in the same time zone?
Trivia Question #2: What color have the gondolas of Venice been painted since 1562?
Trivia Question #3: Which Simpsons character is not voiced by Harry Shearer?
Trivia Question #4: Who lead The New York Dolls?
Trivia Question #5: What was the real name of Butch Cassidy?
Trivia Question #6: France’s longest river runs through a valley famous for its vineyards and its Renaissance chateaux. What river is this?
Trivia Question #7: From which plant do we get vanilla?
Trivia Question #8: Pick the company that has the slogan "Because So Much IS Riding On Your Tires."
Trivia Question #9: In hockey, it's a position. In basketball, it's a foul. What is it?
Trivia Question #10: Who wrote: "Leave her to heaven And to those thorns that in her bosom lodge, To prick and sting her."
Trivia Question #11: Despite some 18 pregnancies, which British queen had only one child, William, who survived infancy and none who lived past age 11?
Trivia Question #12: Which bird did American founding father Benjamin Franklin prefer for the national bird of the new United States?
Trivia Question #13: What latter-day TV star was nominated for Oscars for roles in "Gaslight," "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "The Manchurian Candidate"?
Trivia Question #14: In which country was tennis player Martina Navratilova born?
Trivia Question #15: What record did Ernie Banks set in 1955?
Trivia Question #16: Which R&B quartet includes Cindy Herron, a former Miss Black California?
Trivia Question #17: This is known as the world's longest dogsled race:
Trivia Question #18: In 1957, the first full-scale, commercial nuclear power plant in the United States began operating in what state?
Trivia Question #19: Lethologica is when you have something on the tip of your tongue. What is lethonomia?
Trivia Question #20: How many days was the Titanic at sea before sinking?
Trivia Question #21: Which of these insects contains the chemical substance known as "luciferin"?
Trivia Question #22: What Mike Myers character had a cat named Mr. Bigglesworth?
Trivia Question #23: Which of the following islands is not one of the Greater Antilles?
Trivia Question #24: What name is given to the member of the British government who controls the public income and expenditure?
Trivia Question #25: In 1835, James Gordon Bennett founded the Herald. In 1841, Horace Greeley founded the Tribune. Where?
Trivia Question #26: Found in North Africa, what kind of animal is the fennec?
Trivia Question #27: Which country claims the mazurka as its national dance?
Trivia Question #28: The tiny space between two nerve cells is called a:
Trivia Question #29: Who wrote: "The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts."
Trivia Question #30: What subject was explored in Euclid's "Elements"?
Trivia Question #31: Who released a rap version of his country hit "On the Road Again"?
Trivia Question #32: In what state would you find Old Faithful, Devils Tower and the Grand Tetons?
Trivia Question #33: Which Scientific American author is best-known for his mathematical puzzles and diversions?
Trivia Question #34: Which country's citizens were the first to settle on the Delaware River?
Trivia Question #35: In which country was baseball player Rod Carew born and raised?
Trivia Question #36: Which 20th-century president moved out of the White House for four years while the interior was rebuilt?
Trivia Question #37: Which American star is known as Madge in England, where she started spending a lot of time in 2000?
Trivia Question #38: In the Sega system, what is Sonic?
Trivia Question #39: Short for "Chief Administration of Collective Labour Camps," where would you have found a gulag?
Trivia Question #40: What is the smallest display element on a video display screen?
Trivia Question #41: Which president made this famous statement in his inaugural address, "And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."?
Trivia Question #42: Which of the following countries was not part of Gran Colombia?
Trivia Question #43: Named for La Grande Chartreuse, the Carthusian monastery where it was first made, the liquer chartreuse gave its name to what color?
Trivia Question #44: Russian-born Konstantin Stanislavsky is famous for his influence on what art?
Trivia Question #45: "All children, except one, grow up."
Trivia Question #46: In part because she worked with Malcolm McLaren's boutique, designer Vivienne Westwood became famous for what musical look?
Trivia Question #47: In "Sonnets from the Portuguese," when Elizabeth Barrett Browning asked, "How do I love thee?", how many ways did she come up with?
Trivia Question #48: In which city are you most likely to be served couscous?
Trivia Question #49: Chad Kroeger of Nickleback sang the theme song for what 2002 movie "hero"?
Trivia Question #50: What Web site is run from Austin, Texas, by a film-collectibles merchant named Harry Knowles?
Trivia Question #51: Whose record is it: "Say It Loud - I'm Black And I'm Proud" (1968)?
Trivia Question #52: If lovers are said to be "star-crossed," their relationship is:
Trivia Question #53: How did Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 change sports?
Trivia Question #54: Perhaps appropriately, Major League Baseball's only air-supported dome (as of 2002) is named for a politician. Which one?
Trivia Question #55: For whom or what is jimson weed named?
Trivia Question #56: The first of these machines was probably invented in about 1834 by Walter Hunt, but he lost his patent because he waited too long to file. What was it?
Trivia Question #57: Shortly after Daguerre introduced his photographic process in 1839, what country bought all rights to it as its gift to the world?
Trivia Question #58: The parabola, hyperbola, circle, and ellipse are all part of the ________ section.
Trivia Question #59: What is the name of the theater that residents of Springfield watch movies in?
Trivia Question #60: What is the distance from the Earth to the Sun.
Trivia Question #61: In what year did Prohibition end in the U.S.A.?
Trivia Question #62: Which of these women did not win her first Oscar for playing a prostitute?
Trivia Question #63: What film did director Satyajit Ray accuse Steven Spielberg of plagiarizing from a script of the Indian's, called "The Alien"?
Trivia Question #64: How did the Yankees' Ron Blomberg become the answer to a trivia question on April 6, 1973?
Trivia Question #65: Which novel was not written by Saul Bellow?
Trivia Question #66: The following soccer team suffered an airplane crash on Mr. Burn's power plant:
Trivia Question #67: Known for its in-park swimming pool, Bank One Ballpark in what city has been home to the Arizona Diamondbacks?
Trivia Question #68: All of these were children of TV's large Walton family except:
Trivia Question #69: Built in 1923, in what part of New York would you find Yankee Stadium?
Trivia Question #70: In the opening, while Bart skates down the street, he passes people. Who does he pass last?
Trivia Question #71: The Furies were born of the blood of _______ when he was castrated by his son, Cronus.
Trivia Question #72: If you like white chicken meat, what should you ask for?
Trivia Question #73: When did the Romans invade Britain?
Trivia Question #74: How many sheets of paper are in a ream?
Trivia Question #75: On January 15, 1919, a 15-foot tidal wave of molasses killed 21 people in what city?
Trivia Question #76: On June 19, 1846, the first recorded game of what sport was played at Elysian Fields in Hoboken, New Jersey?
Trivia Question #77: What classic movie's script was adapted by Julius and Philip Epstein and Howard Koch from an unproduced play called "Everybody Comes to Rick's," by Murray Burnett and Joan Alison?
Trivia Question #78: Saffron, perhaps the world's most expensive cooking spice, comes from which plant?
Trivia Question #79: Pick the company that has the slogan "Your _______ Awaits"
Trivia Question #80: In "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," Jeff Spicoli orders a pizza in Mr. Hand's history class. Who played that surfer dude?
Trivia Question #81: Jan Sibelius said he could psychically sense whenever his music was on the radio. But what nationality was Sibelius?
Trivia Question #82: What caliber are biathlon rifles?
Trivia Question #83: The site of _______, the present-day capital of Texas, was occupied in 1838 by five families, who originally named their nascent community Waterloo.
Trivia Question #84: In what year was the Green Peace ship sunk in a New Zealand harbour?
Trivia Question #85: Who gave Marilyn Monroe a white poodle named 'Mafia'?
Trivia Question #86: Which place name is mentioned most often in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible?
Trivia Question #87: Who are or were Mammon, Asmodeus and Belphegor?
Trivia Question #88: The 1917 Zimmerman Telegram offered territory to which country if it joined Germany in war against the United States?
Trivia Question #89: Pick the musical term for "Moderately soft":
Trivia Question #90: Most of the action in Rebecca Wells' "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" takes place in what state?
Trivia Question #91: What is the word for a grouping of colts?
Trivia Question #92: What does an atlatl throw?
Trivia Question #93: After Washington, who won the greatest percentage of votes in the electoral college?
Trivia Question #94: What golf word was once a $10 coin?
Trivia Question #95: Pick the right statement below.
Trivia Question #96: The number of protons and neutrons contained in the nucleus of an atom is the:
Trivia Question #97: The 2000 presidential election was decided by 537 heavily disputed certified votes in what state?
Trivia Question #98: Two popes died in 1978. One was John Paul I. Who was the other?
Trivia Question #99: What word, which can refer to a rectangular arrangement of elements into rows and columns, comes from a Latin word that describes plants or animals used for breeding?
Trivia Question #100: As head of One Nation, Pauline Hanson used her maiden speech in which nation's parliament to complain about being "swamped by Asians"?
Trivia Question #101: Which of these animals does Leviticus 11 permit a Jew to eat?
Trivia Question #102: The tallest mountain in eastern Canada is Mt Caubvick, which is on the border of which two provinces?
Trivia Question #103: The 1920s city of Zenith is the setting for which famous novel?
Trivia Question #104: What mystery writer also produced the children's book "James and the Giant Peach"?
Trivia Question #105: Which king (and foe of Robin Hood's) sealed the Magna Carta?
Trivia Question #106: What country was the first to plant its flag on the South Pole?
Trivia Question #107: Which Swedish-born actress was discovered by George Burns and had a relationship with Elvis?
Trivia Question #108: Known for its low freezing point, what kind of alcohol would you most likely drink?
Trivia Question #109: This historic speech might have started out "87 years ago" if this president had not been such a great orator.
Trivia Question #110: What was Peter Grant's role in the band?
Trivia Question #111: Who said "Gotta have some faith in the sound/ It's the one good thing that I've got"?
Trivia Question #112: Who was running China when Marco Polo dropped by?
Trivia Question #113: When did the U.S.S.R. celebrate the Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution?
Trivia Question #114: The ten-gallon hat actually only holds two or three quarts. How many quarts are in 10 gallons?
Trivia Question #115: Which is the only U.S. state that lacks natural lakes?
Trivia Question #116: Founded by Dutch TV producers John de Mol and Joop van den Ende, Endemol is a pioneer in what kind of programming?
Trivia Question #117: What is the name of Milwaukee's current baseball team?
Trivia Question #118: The Village People included an Indian, a cowboy, a soldier and all but which of the following?
Trivia Question #119: Which freshwater lake is the world's largest in terms of surface area?
Trivia Question #120: How did golfer Payne Stewart and five other people die mysteriously on October 25, 1999?
Trivia Question #121: Pick the musical term for "Very quick":
Trivia Question #122: Pick the musical term for "Expression":
Trivia Question #123: Women named Cynthia (and Diana, for that matter) get their name from what Greek goddess of hunt also known as Kynthia?
Trivia Question #124: Who wrote: "For aught that I could ever read, Could ever hear by tale or history, The course of true love never did run smooth."
Trivia Question #125: Members of which religious group founded Cadbury to sell chocolate drinks as a healthy alternative to alcohol?
Trivia Question #126: In "National Lampoon's Vacation", what did the Griswalds call their ugly green station wagon?
Trivia Question #127: When this president was shot by Charles Guiteau, doctors went looking for the bullet. In the process, they punctured his liver and snapped a probe between his ribs, killing him. Who was this?
Trivia Question #128: Before marrying her famous husband, what did Melinda French do for a living?
Trivia Question #129: What happened in 476 AD that changed the political face of Europe?
Trivia Question #130: In addition to having the world's largest collection of Hendrix memorabilia, and buying the NBA Portland Trail Blazers and the NFL Seattle Seahawks, what company did Paul Allen co-found?
Trivia Question #131: Define this musical term: "OSSIA OR.":
Trivia Question #132: What is the main ingredient in hominy?
Trivia Question #133: Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of continental Europe. What country is it in?
Trivia Question #134: In 1989, what flop was introduced as the first breakfast soft drink?
Trivia Question #135: Watch out, Superman! Since 1960, a meter has been defined as 1,650,763.73 wavelengths of light emitted by an isotope of which element?
Trivia Question #136: Which country is the world's leading gold producer, after South Africa?
Trivia Question #137: Pick the company that has the slogan "Focus On What Matters."
Trivia Question #138: Like "Hey Jude," most car horns are in what key?
Trivia Question #139: Why do beer drinkers owe a debt of gratitude to Ermal Cleon Fraze, an engineer from Dayton, Ohio?
Trivia Question #140: When former student radical Tom Hayden repudiated his more extreme beliefs, he had mixed luck as a politician in what state?
Trivia Question #141: What sort of waves do most TV remote controls use when you don't want to change the channel yourself?
Trivia Question #142: No doubt you've heard the song "Good King Wenceslas" every Christmas. But which country did the real Wenceslas terrorize into converting to Christianity?
Trivia Question #143: Where was the lowest temperature on Earth recorded?
Trivia Question #144: In which country would you find the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan?
Trivia Question #145: The first "For Dummies" book came out in 1991. What was it about?
Trivia Question #146: Who would use steganography?
Trivia Question #147: When he was 24, which future president had a nervous breakdown and spent several weeks recuperating in Dr. Kellogg's sanatorium in Battle Creek, Michigan?
Trivia Question #148: What junk food did Dan White blame for his shooting of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and gay City Councillor Harvey Milk?
Trivia Question #149: What word describes both a small fish and a way to cook it?
Trivia Question #150: In "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", there was a guy in a wheelchair. What was his name?
Trivia Question #151: What is both the number of territories to conquer in Risk, and the number of spaces in the outer ring of Trivial Pursuit?
Trivia Question #152: Until a bitter debate in 1965, the Red Ensign was which country's unofficial flag?
Trivia Question #153: Which organization could you run away to and join under an assumed name, a practice known as the anonymat?
Trivia Question #154: Whose face is supposedly a composite of 23 Congressional Medal Honorees?
Trivia Question #155: Who co-wrote "The Autobiography of Malcolm X"?
Trivia Question #156: Who wrote the children's tale "The Old Man of Lochnagar"?
Trivia Question #157: What is the largest lake in South America?
Trivia Question #158: Pick the product that has the slogan "Powerful Pain Relief And Much More."
Trivia Question #159: By heating limestone and clay, then grinding it into a fine powder, you are making a typical:
Trivia Question #160: I won an Oscar for writing the screenplay of the movie for which George C. Scott declined his Oscar, and I directed the movie for which Marlon Brando declined his Oscar. Who am I?
Trivia Question #161: Invented by James Hargreaves in 1764, what would you have done with a spinning jenny?
Trivia Question #162: The name of what reptile means "worm of the pebbles"?
Trivia Question #163: Which European country was first to drink tea?
Trivia Question #164: Literally meaning "retaliation weapon," what were Vergeltungswaffe 1 and Vergeltungswaffe 2?
Trivia Question #165: What is the minimum wind speed for a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale?
Trivia Question #166: Between 1931 and 1969, how many Oscars did Walt Disney receive?
Trivia Question #167: Who sued a Manhattan throat specialist for ruining her vocal cords during an operation?
Trivia Question #168: If you wanted to mine an ore called bauxite, what would you be looking for?
Trivia Question #169: In what country was Tolstoy murdered?
Trivia Question #170: Noah sent out a dove to see if the flood waters had receded, but it came back to the ark. Noah then waited before he sent out the second dove. How long did he wait before releasing the second dove? (this is the dove that came back with the olive leaf)
Trivia Question #171: Which Canadian prime minister died at Windsor Castle, only minutes after Queen Victoria made him a member of the Privy Council?
Trivia Question #172: Lewis Carroll really, really liked little girls, taking nude pictures of many of them. Which book did he write?
Trivia Question #173: Who wrote: "I enjoyed my own nature to the fullest, and we all know that there lies happiness, although, to soothe one another mutually, we occasionally pretend to condemn such joys as selfishness."
Trivia Question #174: Objecting to their name, what band did Toronto mayor June Rowlands prevent from playing at a New Year's Concert in Nathan Phillips Square?
Trivia Question #175: Where and when did Louis-Ferdinand Celine live?
Trivia Question #176: In April 1997, what book finally dropped off the New York Times bestseller list, after having spent a whopping 694 weeks there?
Trivia Question #177: Who was the guy on Sesame Street who ran the soda fountain?
Trivia Question #178: When did Squaw Valley, California host the Winter Olympics?
Trivia Question #179: Which explorer is credited with introducing the potato to Ireland and tobacco to England?
Trivia Question #180: In AD 897, Formosus was exhumed by his successor, Stephen VI, who had him tried and thrown into the Tiber. Both men held what position?
Trivia Question #181: Who wrote "The Count of Monte Cristo"?
Trivia Question #182: What year was John Adams born?
Trivia Question #183: Who was the only president to serve in the House of Representatives after his presidency?
Trivia Question #184: Maine didn't become a state until 1820. Who ran the place before that?
Trivia Question #185: In diameter, this planet is about twice the size of Pluto.
Trivia Question #186: Which Canadian city was once called Pile O' Bones?
Trivia Question #187: What is December 26 known as in Austria, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland?
Trivia Question #188: The muskellunge is a member of the _______ family.
Trivia Question #189: Who was shot in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles?
Trivia Question #190: What comic-book character first appeared in "Pep" comics before getting a book of his own in 1942?
Trivia Question #191: Which language is not among the ten most frequently spoken in the world?
Trivia Question #192: Pick the date this occurred: Japanese retreat to Chinese coast.
Trivia Question #193: What Beatles-connected rumour was going in 1969?
Trivia Question #194: What WHA team lured Gordie Howe out of retirement so that he could play with his two sons?
Trivia Question #195: Which animal is not a rodent?
Trivia Question #196: What odd landmark would you find in Wawa, Ontario?
Trivia Question #197: Who provided the voice for Poochie, a short-lived character on the "Itchy and Scratchy" cartoon show?
Trivia Question #198: Exhaled air has what % of its oxygen left?
Trivia Question #199: In "Thunderball", how did the world's governments indicate their acceptance of Blofeld's demands?
Trivia Question #200: A cheese from Quebec is similar to a French cheese called Port du Salut. Trappist monks make both cheeses. What is the Quebec cheese called?

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