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Trivia Question #1: What is the highest mountain peak in the world?
Trivia Question #2: Where was "Houses of the Holy" recorded before the final mixdown?
Trivia Question #3: In 1903, Cy Young helped the Pilgrims beat Pittsburgh to win the very first World Series. Where were the Pilgrims from?
Trivia Question #4: In what year did Garfield High School become the first Seattle high school with more than 50 percent nonwhite student body?
Trivia Question #5: Who wrote: "A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart."
Trivia Question #6: Which plant listed was originally native only to western parts of South America?
Trivia Question #7: The Malthusian theories concern this issue:
Trivia Question #8: Which of these was not one of the first three inductees in the Country Music Hall of Fame back in 1961, but was its first living member?
Trivia Question #9: At the beginning of many videos and DVDs, you see a copyright warning based on a 1977 protocol signed by Interpol in what city?
Trivia Question #10: In what British city was the Magna Carta signed?
Trivia Question #11: When a ballerina extends one leg straight back, what is the movement called?
Trivia Question #12: A wicked scheme could be called any of these terms except:
Trivia Question #13: Pick the company that has the slogan "Get Your Burgers Worth."
Trivia Question #14: Carnivore is derived from Latin words. "Sarcophagus" comes from Greek words that mean the same thing. What?
Trivia Question #15: In addition to being the mother of a bevy of mythic monsters (including the Sphinx, Chimaera and Hydra), what else is an echidna?
Trivia Question #16: David Letterman and Alfred E. Newman both have diastema. What is this?
Trivia Question #17: Pick the company that has the slogan "_______ Rewards."
Trivia Question #18: In 1984, what George Michael group became the first major western rock band to perform in China?
Trivia Question #19: Who wrote "She Stoops to Conquer"?
Trivia Question #20: Which of these Yardbirds songs did Jimmy play on?
Trivia Question #21: Which is not a sailing tactic?
Trivia Question #22: Name the Zeppelin song containing these lyrics: "All I want for you to do is take my body home."
Trivia Question #23: On December 27, 2000, what NHL legend returned to play for a team he now owned?
Trivia Question #24: In 1992, who released a mylar-wrapped book called "Sex," in which she poses nude and frolics with both men and women?
Trivia Question #25: Founded in 1927, what do the letters in the corporate name JVC stand for?
Trivia Question #26: Which of the following is not a movie featuring a performance by Shaquille O'Neal?
Trivia Question #27: In 1910, Duncan Black and his buddy quit their jobs at the Rowland Telegraph Company to create their own business. Who was his partner?
Trivia Question #28: Think you know it all? What club was founded in England in 1946 by Lancelot Ware and Roland Berrill?
Trivia Question #29: Which of these reindeer does not appear in the famous Clement Moore poem?
Trivia Question #30: Two of which comedian's sons became the rhythm section in a David Bowie band called Tin Machine?
Trivia Question #31: Which of your body parts is also called the minimus?
Trivia Question #32: In which Australian state is Melbourne located?
Trivia Question #33: Which is considered a spice rather than an herb?
Trivia Question #34: What member of the iris family gets its name from the Latin word for "sword"?
Trivia Question #35: Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln engaged in a famous series of debates in the 1850s. What office was each man hoping to win?
Trivia Question #36: This 1892 ballad became the first pop smash hit by selling a million copies of sheet music:
Trivia Question #37: On "Police Woman," what was Sgt. Suzanne Anderson's nickname?
Trivia Question #38: It's the greatest thing since sliced bread. When did a bakery produce the first pre-sliced, packaged loaf of bread?
Trivia Question #39: Which of these cheeses originated in the United States?
Trivia Question #40: American Lewis Waterman had his in a fountain; Hungarian George Biro's was on the ballpoint. What had they invented?
Trivia Question #41: Which of the wives of Henry VIII was not only his first, but also the only one to have been both a widow and a virgin when they married?
Trivia Question #42: What director of "Apocalypse Now" also played the director of a TV crew filming the war?
Trivia Question #43: Three of these words are synonyms for a rotating windstorm. Which isn't?
Trivia Question #44: In 1985, what country set its time so that it would be 15 minutes ahead of India's?
Trivia Question #45: How long does it take for light to travel from the surface of the Sun to the surface of the Earth?
Trivia Question #46: In which country was tennis player Stefan Edberg born?
Trivia Question #47: Julius Caesar raised his grandnephew Gaius Octavius to a major Roman priesthood when the boy was just 16. By what name does history remember Octavius?
Trivia Question #48: What colony was founded in 1819 by Thomas Stamford Raffles?
Trivia Question #49: Pick the company that has the slogan "It's Your Future. Be There."
Trivia Question #50: Which of these stories was retold by the Grimm brothers, rather than by Hans Christian Andersen?
Trivia Question #51: What was the name of the smokeless cigarette that RJR lost $325 million on in 1988?
Trivia Question #52: Before becoming U.S. vice president, Dan Quayle represented what state in the U.S. Senate?
Trivia Question #53: Pick the company that has the slogan "We Do Chicken Right."
Trivia Question #54: Who was married to June Smith, but had an affair with Anais Nin ... who in turn had an affair with June Smith?
Trivia Question #55: In French, what letter is most likely to be seen with a cedilla?
Trivia Question #56: Clinophobia is a fear of ________.
Trivia Question #57: A 1990s rock band shares a name with Jethro on "The Beverly Hillbillies." What is it?
Trivia Question #58: Which animal did the Romans call a camelopardalis?
Trivia Question #59: With Hakeem Olajuwon on its roster, what team won its first NBA championship in 1994?
Trivia Question #60: Originally, when did you get an accolade?
Trivia Question #61: Movie mogul Louis B. Mayer once worked with his father in a scrap metal business in what province?
Trivia Question #62: As a child, Jackie Coogan played Charlie Chaplin's "Kid." As an adult, he played Uncle Fester on which show?
Trivia Question #63: Pick the date this occurred: France signs armistice with Germany.
Trivia Question #64: You have two strikes and bunt a foul. What happens?
Trivia Question #65: What Shakespearean title character is Casca the first to stab?
Trivia Question #66: Which series of these horror movies series began at Camp Crystal Lake?
Trivia Question #67: A family of Loxodonta africanus--bulls, cows and calves--can communicate by infrasound. What animal is it?
Trivia Question #68: Define this musical term: "PESANTE":
Trivia Question #69: Of what city was David Crombie the "Tiny Perfect Mayor"?
Trivia Question #70: Edgar Lee Masters wrote "Spoon River Anthology." Where is Spoon River?
Trivia Question #71: What star of Boogie Nights shares a similar name with one of the stars of the 1970s TV series Maude?
Trivia Question #72: As of 2000, whose greatest hits package is vying with Michael Jackson's "Thriller" as the best-selling album of all time?
Trivia Question #73: Match the slogan "Get The Feeling."
Trivia Question #74: Shockingly, at age 45, George Foreman won the heavyweight title from somebody, only to lose it when he refused a rematch. Who?
Trivia Question #75: What were the first products marketed in aerosol containers?
Trivia Question #76: 19th century Englishman Sir Robert Peel is remembered for his reorganization of:
Trivia Question #77: In 1999, what did Jesse Helms mean when he said of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, "I note your distress at my floccinaucinihilipilification of the CTBT"?
Trivia Question #78: Raymond Moley, Rexford Tugwell and Adolph Berle, Jr, formed which president's Brain Trust?
Trivia Question #79: What Canadian media mogul was born in Kulab, Tajikistan, in 1942?
Trivia Question #80: Define this musical term: "A PIACERE":
Trivia Question #81: What former beekeeper did Tenzing Norgay accompany for the first successful climb up Mount Everest, in 1953?
Trivia Question #82: How many people have walked on the moon?
Trivia Question #83: Which of these American writers is not a noted poet?
Trivia Question #84: What drug did chemists at Pfizer discover while looking for a way to treat heart disease?
Trivia Question #85: What does the Douglas scale measure?
Trivia Question #86: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Power Of Yes."
Trivia Question #87: The Hindus call it "atman" and the Egyptians used to call it "ka" or "ba". What do we call it?
Trivia Question #88: What is Cambodia now called?
Trivia Question #89: Pick the company that has the slogan "Learning Feels Good."
Trivia Question #90: What sea does the Nile River empty into?
Trivia Question #91: Before he died in 2002, who appeared in a record 14 TV series, including "Vega$" and "Spenser: For Hire"?
Trivia Question #92: Who wrote: "Man has been endowed with reason, with the power to create, so that he can add to what he's been given. But up to now he hasn't been a creator, only a destroyer."
Trivia Question #93: Who was the first president broadcast on radio?
Trivia Question #94: Who was the second man to step foot on the moon?
Trivia Question #95: Who founded a drug and alcohol rehab center called Crossroads on the Caribbean island of Antigua?
Trivia Question #96: What tree is commonly called "the quaking aspen"?
Trivia Question #97: Who wrote: "The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for and I hate very much to leave it."
Trivia Question #98: Define this musical term: "MISURA":
Trivia Question #99: Because he married a Canadian, what New Hampshire born writer had a maple leaf tattooed on his left shoulder?
Trivia Question #100: Who played three roles in each of two movies: Dr. Strangelove and The Mouse That Roared?
Trivia Question #101: What does the Australian slang word hooroo mean?
Trivia Question #102: A pool in which the bettor must pick the horses to come in 1st and 2nd in a race is called:
Trivia Question #103: At approximately what speed do raindrops fall?
Trivia Question #104: What is North Dakota's most populous city?
Trivia Question #105: Which influential figure did not live during the 19th century?
Trivia Question #106: Who is most likely to use a bolometer to measure heat?
Trivia Question #107: Who wrote: "He was as fresh as is the month of May."
Trivia Question #108: For a guy who doesn't really exist, Alan Smithee sure has had an active Hollywood career. What does Alan Smithee usually do?
Trivia Question #109: This country singer met his future wife when he was working as a bouncer, when he tossed her out after she threw a punch in the ladies room. Who is he?
Trivia Question #110: In 1984, who won the F1 Driver's Championship by just half a point?
Trivia Question #111: What part of the world did Francis Drake originally name New Albion?
Trivia Question #112: In March 2001, the Taliban destroyed two giant, historic statues of whom?
Trivia Question #113: What state is Pike's Peak located in?
Trivia Question #114: Which former KGB chairman took over the Soviet Union's communist party after Leonid Brezhnev died?
Trivia Question #115: Which country's prime minister was shot dead on February 28, 1986?
Trivia Question #116: What US State borders only one other?
Trivia Question #117: What is the only one of the Great Lakes that does NOT border on Canada?
Trivia Question #118: Who wrote "The Giver"?
Trivia Question #119: Mephitis mephitis is the scientific name for a weasel, not a rodent. What is Mephitis mephitis?
Trivia Question #120: Which was the first jetliner to be flown commercially?
Trivia Question #121: The real-life bad, bad Leroy Brown was at Fort Dix, New Jersey, along with what songwriter?
Trivia Question #122: Which Russian leader held power for the longest time?
Trivia Question #123: What act was Karl Wallenda performing when he was killed in San Juan, Puerto Rico?
Trivia Question #124: If you know your operations, you probably know which body part we get the word "hysterical" from. Which one is it?
Trivia Question #125: The phrase "dog days" dates from:
Trivia Question #126: What is the word for a grouping of rooks?
Trivia Question #127: Which divinity does not belong to the pantheon of ancient Egyptian gods?
Trivia Question #128: Which founding member of the Rolling Stones left the band in 1992?
Trivia Question #129: Of the four genera in the cat family, which beasts have Acinonyx all to themselves?
Trivia Question #130: Who was the last person to set foot on the moon?
Trivia Question #131: Although no Canadian writer has won the Nobel Prize for Literature, one Canadian-born writer has. Who?
Trivia Question #132: Pick the musical term for "As above":
Trivia Question #133: Pick the date this occurred: Hanover falls to Allies.
Trivia Question #134: Who wrote "Frankenstein"?
Trivia Question #135: The Air Force's football team's name is ________.
Trivia Question #136: Formerly the first black agent for William Morris, what is the first name of cookie magnate Famous Amos?
Trivia Question #137: Throughout the 1990s, El Nino was messing up our weather. But what does El Nino literally mean in Spanish?
Trivia Question #138: What lake, the world's deepest, is fed by 336 rivers but only drained by one (the Angara)?
Trivia Question #139: Where are the East Indies?
Trivia Question #140: How many hands does the Hindu goddess Kali have?
Trivia Question #141: What diabetic was the general manager for Team Canada at the 1998 Olympics?
Trivia Question #142: Who was goalkeeper of Germany in the soccer world cup 2002?
Trivia Question #143: Naturally enough, somebody named Julius Caesar Watts, Jr, ended up in Congress. But what did JC Watts do before that?
Trivia Question #144: "Lamb stew is much ado about mutton" is an example of a:
Trivia Question #145: How many inches are there, roughly, to the meter?
Trivia Question #146: What pop singer plays God in the 1999 movie Dogma?
Trivia Question #147: What Monty Hall game show gave out gag prizes called zonks?
Trivia Question #148: Who played the Reverend Matthew Fordwick for five seasons on "The Waltons," only to play a much randier character a few years later?
Trivia Question #149: How many times per second is the TV screen image redrawn?
Trivia Question #150: What is being "numbered" in the opening chapters of Numbers?
Trivia Question #151: There were four British kings in a row who had the same name. What was this name?
Trivia Question #152: In the Disney movie, was Bambi a boy deer or a girl deer?
Trivia Question #153: A therianthropic god is depicted as part-human and part-animal. Which of these gods is therianthropic?
Trivia Question #154: What presidential daughter has written successful murder mysteries, many of them set in Washington DC?
Trivia Question #155: Define this musical term: "MOTO MOVIMENTO":
Trivia Question #156: The name "Dada" was given to an early 20th-century arts and literary movement. What was Dada's original meaning in French?
Trivia Question #157: President Lincoln issues a Proclamation of Blockade against Southern ports. For the duration of the war the blockade limits the ability of the rural South to stay well supplied in its war against the industrialized North.
Trivia Question #158: USA states: What's the capital of Virginia?
Trivia Question #159: Jules Rimet was president of FIFA from 1921 to 1954. The prize in what competition used to be named for Rimet?
Trivia Question #160: Now owned by Eton College, Casa Guidi in Florence used to be home to which poetic couple?
Trivia Question #161: To which island was Napoleon exiled to in 1814?
Trivia Question #162: What nationality was A. Flemming, the inventor of the thermionic valve?
Trivia Question #163: What Disney character was originally named Dippy Dawg in 1932?
Trivia Question #164: What color was the manna that God provided for the Israelites while they were in the wilderness?
Trivia Question #165: Thanks to the work of Nietzsche and other German scholars, what calmly rational Greek god is considered to be the opposite of Dionysus?
Trivia Question #166: In 1999-00, what Portland Trail Blazer set a record for technical fouls?
Trivia Question #167: After D-Day, a marvel of engineering moved gas under the English channel. This pipeline shared a name with what Disney character?
Trivia Question #168: Which musician was once a gym teacher in Springfield, Nova Scotia?
Trivia Question #169: What Pacific Island boasts Mount Suribachi?
Trivia Question #170: What does "nimbus" usually mean in the name of a cloud?
Trivia Question #171: All of these songs are national anthems except:
Trivia Question #172: This one time, at band camp, we saw this movie, starring Alyson Hannigan, from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"? What was it called?
Trivia Question #173: Who wrote the Greek tragedy Antigone?
Trivia Question #174: The Yankees' Dave Winfield did it in 1983. The Diamondbacks' Randy Johnson did it in 2001. What?
Trivia Question #175: Considered a cousin of English, Friesian is spoken in Friesland in what country?
Trivia Question #176: Antarctica is the southernmost continent. But at Tierra del Fuego, which continent comes closest to Antarctica?
Trivia Question #177: Which porn star did the U.S. try to convict for obescenity in movies?
Trivia Question #178: What state recorded a 66.3% increase in population, more than any other state, from 1990 to 2000?
Trivia Question #179: What was Stevie Wonder's first self-produced album?
Trivia Question #180: Which country's national anthem includes these rarely-sung words: "On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,/Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes"?
Trivia Question #181: Which film did not earn a black performer an acting Oscar?
Trivia Question #182: USA states: What's the capital of Arizona?
Trivia Question #183: Where is Ohio State University located?
Trivia Question #184: Who was called the Golden Jet?
Trivia Question #185: Which AFL team won consecutive titles in their fifth and sixth seasons as a franchise?
Trivia Question #186: Where would a nabob have made his fortune?
Trivia Question #187: A black panther is actually a melanistic variation of what big cat?
Trivia Question #188: Which book of the Pentateuch was named for the priests of one of the tribes of Israel?
Trivia Question #189: Collectively, who are Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po?
Trivia Question #190: Who was the author of the book "The Idiot"?
Trivia Question #191: Who shot and killed Jesse James?
Trivia Question #192: Which machine, which helped propel the Industrial Revolution, did James Hargreaves invent in 1764?
Trivia Question #193: Which president made the famous quote, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"?
Trivia Question #194: I thought by now you'd realize, which song from "One of These Nights" won the Eagles their first Grammy?
Trivia Question #195: What was the first space shuttle to actually make it to space?
Trivia Question #196: Which South American country has a region called Presidente Hayes?
Trivia Question #197: In 1986, the People Power Movement helped Corazon Aquino replace Ferdinand Marcos as which country's president?
Trivia Question #198: Chuck Wepner's 1975 battle with Muhammad Ali inspired what movie?
Trivia Question #199: Keanu Reeves appears in all of these movies except:
Trivia Question #200: What Rhodes Scholar from Alberta was governor general when Canada celebrated its centennial?

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