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Trivia Question #1: In "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", what is the Principal's name?
Trivia Question #2: Which of these wasn't one of the Mod Squad, but was the younger partner on The Streets of San Francisco?
Trivia Question #3: The head of the penis is called the...
Trivia Question #4: Which organization was romanticized in "Beau Geste"?
Trivia Question #5: What is the softest standard mineral on the Mohs scale?
Trivia Question #6: What player did the WNBA's Houston Comets sign in 1997, only to lose her for most of a season due to her pregnancy?
Trivia Question #7: Which baseball film is based on a true story?
Trivia Question #8: Aaron, Art, Charles and Cyril are the _______ brothers.
Trivia Question #9: The Van Doos, also known as the Royal 22nd Regiment, fought for what country?
Trivia Question #10: Pick the musical term for "Fr. Prominently":
Trivia Question #11: Who once said that a building was a machine for living?
Trivia Question #12: Which equine actor was Gene Autry's favorite mount?
Trivia Question #13: If you missed the last question by that much, would you believe that Mel Brooks and Buck Henry created which TV cult favorite?
Trivia Question #14: What Duke University senior was the only actual amateur on the 1992 US Olympic basketball Dream Team?
Trivia Question #15: In literature, when a serious tone is applied to a trivial subject, the result is:
Trivia Question #16: What is the US equivalent of Canada's Dora Awards (aka the Dora Mavor Moore Awards)?
Trivia Question #17: If a man has uxorial complaints, what or who is bothering him?
Trivia Question #18: Beatrix became queen of the Netherlands upon the abdication of her mother:
Trivia Question #19: The name of the mining ship in "Alien," as well as its shuttle, are both references to books by which author, whose work also inspired "Apocalypse Now"?
Trivia Question #20: In addition to being a field of mathematics, "calculus" also refers to what dental condition?
Trivia Question #21: Weeb Eubank coached champions in both conferences of what league?
Trivia Question #22: Foosball looks like a tabletop version of what sport?
Trivia Question #23: Johnny Guarnieri played what unusual instrument as part of Artie Shaw's Gramercy Five project?
Trivia Question #24: Whose play, "Playboy of the Western World" caused an uproar when it opened in Ireland in 1907?
Trivia Question #25: From what baseball team did Nolan Ryan retire after the 1993 season?
Trivia Question #26: Danger! Danger! Who starred in both "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Dangerous Minds"?
Trivia Question #27: In 1976, the US Food and Drug Administration banned the most commonly used coloring agent in drugs, food, and cosmetics. What was it called?
Trivia Question #28: What was the imperial capital of Russia before the Communists moved shop to Moscow?
Trivia Question #29: The name of what activity was coined by Kenneth Cooper in the title of a 1968 book?
Trivia Question #30: In 1984, what is it that lies in the final room that Winston is taken to?
Trivia Question #31: What is the word for a grouping of deer?
Trivia Question #32: Schindler's Ark, on which the Spielberg movie was based, was written by Thomas Keneally, who chaired a movement to dump which country's monarchy?
Trivia Question #33: In 1989, George W. Bush put together a group of investors to buy which sports team, of which he became managing general partner?
Trivia Question #34: The ugli fruit is a new form of:
Trivia Question #35: Why is the bald eagle called bald?
Trivia Question #36: Wayang kulit is the famous shadow-puppet theater found in Java, in what country?
Trivia Question #37: Which of these is not a period of the Mesozoic Era, but is the era that followed it?
Trivia Question #38: What team did Harry Frazee "curse" to decades of World Series failure when he sold Babe Ruth to cover his Broadway losses?
Trivia Question #39: In the Old Testament, who is swallowed by a great fish after refusing God's call to prophesy in Nineveh?
Trivia Question #40: What Jimmy Page band was named for a joke made by The Who's Keith Moon?
Trivia Question #41: Where is the famous city of Bath located?
Trivia Question #42: Cortisone is used especially in the treatment of:
Trivia Question #43: In Belgium, Peyo Cuilliford created Schlumpfe, Puffo and Pitufo, who were also known by what name?
Trivia Question #44: Found where the Huangpu and Yangtze rivers meet, what is China's largest city by population?
Trivia Question #45: Roger wrote an "opus majus" in the 1260s. Francis wrote Novum Organum in 1620. What last name did they have in common?
Trivia Question #46: Excluding exhibition games, until inter-league play began in 1997, the White Sox and Cubs last played each other in what year's World Series?
Trivia Question #47: Whose hand was usually stuck up Lamb Chop?
Trivia Question #48: What star of the Austin Powers movies also played a werewolf on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?
Trivia Question #49: Pick the company that has the slogan "See What A Difference A Stay Makes."
Trivia Question #50: Who played a villain in both the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies?
Trivia Question #51: Married to Uma Thurman, who has written such novels as "The Hottest State"?
Trivia Question #52: Pick the musical term for "Dying away":
Trivia Question #53: Where do most Afars live?
Trivia Question #54: Carl Bernstein and who made the Watergate scandal public and wrote "All the President's Men"?
Trivia Question #55: Which of these women never married John Derek?
Trivia Question #56: Who wrote: "The scornful nostril and the high head gather not the odors that lie on the track of truth."
Trivia Question #57: Apparently invented at a restaurant in Warwick, Quebec, what is poutine?
Trivia Question #58: What word refers to both a lay monk and to things that are spheroid?
Trivia Question #59: Which of the following artists was known primarily as a sculptor, producing works such as "Magdalen" and "St. Mark"?
Trivia Question #60: Many American POWs spent years at the Hua Lo prison. What was its nickname?
Trivia Question #61: In 1941, the very first TV ad cost which company a mere $9?
Trivia Question #62: What is the primary religion of Poland?
Trivia Question #63: In what city would you cross the Lion's Gate Bridge?
Trivia Question #64: New England is in the US. New France is now in Canada. But where was New Holland?
Trivia Question #65: What is the filling of a shepherd's pie?
Trivia Question #66: Mel Brooks does not act in this film:
Trivia Question #67: Which Greek dish is made with layers of eggplant and ground lamb?
Trivia Question #68: In what language are most Unix systems written?
Trivia Question #69: As the ancient Listerine ad campaign warned us, what is halitosis?
Trivia Question #70: What league do you have to play in if you want to win the Bert Bell Trophy as player of the year?
Trivia Question #71: The year this player won the league MVP, his team finished in sixth place:
Trivia Question #72: Pick the musical term for "As small as possible":
Trivia Question #73: Once politically powerful in the US, what did the Woman's Christian Temperance Union primarily oppose?
Trivia Question #74: If a stamp in your collection says Magyar Posta, where did it come from?
Trivia Question #75: Which of Gotham City's residents chants "Gone, gone, form of man, arise the demon, Etrigan"?
Trivia Question #76: In the Rudyard Kipling book, Kim is the regimental bhisti. What does he do?
Trivia Question #77: In 1959, what former First Lady appeared in TV commercials for Good Luck margarine?
Trivia Question #78: What country became, in March 1938, the first to be occupied by Hitler?
Trivia Question #79: What is a stoat?
Trivia Question #80: Who was the first actor to portray Hamlet, Lear and Macbeth?
Trivia Question #81: What Canadian was replaced as a network news anchor in 1968, only to return to the same position at the same network 15 years later?
Trivia Question #82: In 1823, a soccer player at what school apparently created a whole new sport by picking up the ball and running with it?
Trivia Question #83: What Iowa-born talk-show host taught himself magic as a teenager?
Trivia Question #84: In Greek myth, Leda had sex with what animal?
Trivia Question #85: Frank Morgan played the title character (and several other roles) in what classic movie?
Trivia Question #86: If you're bleeding to death and don't know your blood type, which type would be safest for a transfusion?
Trivia Question #87: What rapper was found "not guilty" of weapons and bribery charges, shortly although he'd been found "not worthy" by Jennifer Lopez?
Trivia Question #88: How many days was the city of Leningrad under seige in World War II?
Trivia Question #89: By the time Dave Thomas finally got his high school degree in the 1990s, he was already head of which fast-food empire?
Trivia Question #90: Which of these books was the first to be published (in 1814)?
Trivia Question #91: Who does not belong on this list of American writers?
Trivia Question #92: Pick the company that has the slogan "Freedom Of _______."
Trivia Question #93: In 1966, who released "Glory Be to God for the Golden Pill," an ode to the birth control pill?
Trivia Question #94: What was Mathhew's occupation?
Trivia Question #95: Which country surrounds most of Brunei?
Trivia Question #96: What selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor is marketed by Eli Lilly as Prozac?
Trivia Question #97: For which movie did James Cameron himself do a nude sketch of Kate Winslet?
Trivia Question #98: Pick the company that has the slogan "Take Pictures. Further."
Trivia Question #99: Which famous story is not set in Africa?
Trivia Question #100: How many pieces does each player start out with in a game of checkers?
Trivia Question #101: What city is called the "divorce capital" of the U.S.?
Trivia Question #102: Who wrote "The Foucault's Pendulum"?
Trivia Question #103: In the 1820s and 1830s, Karl Baedeker's interest in the Rhine became the cornerstone of what business empire?
Trivia Question #104: The word "tutu" comes from a French slang word for a part of the body barely covered by a tutu. Which part?
Trivia Question #105: What is the only crime specifically defined in the US Constitution?
Trivia Question #106: What team holds the dubious record of allowing the most points in an NFL season?
Trivia Question #107: In Philadelphia, who were the Legion of Doom?
Trivia Question #108: What is the R for in R Kelly's name?
Trivia Question #109: The first programming language developed for business applications was:
Trivia Question #110: By what name is Leslie Lynch King Jr. better known?
Trivia Question #111: Pick the item with the correct statement below:
Trivia Question #112: Which of these disasters happened first?
Trivia Question #113: Which is part of a cell?
Trivia Question #114: What comic legend ran for president in 1940 as the candidate for the Surprise Party?
Trivia Question #115: Which of the following countries does Iran not border?
Trivia Question #116: Of this country's record 900 languages, one of them--Rotakas--has the world's shortest alphabet. What country is this?
Trivia Question #117: Who now lives in the estate that Joseph Merrill Currier built and called Gorffwysfa, from the Welsh for "place of peace"?
Trivia Question #118: Who wrote: "Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past."
Trivia Question #119: Also known as the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades are seven stars in what constellation?
Trivia Question #120: In 1983, what NHL team drafted Central Red Army goalie Vladislav Tretiak?
Trivia Question #121: Where and when did Nikos Kazantzakis live?
Trivia Question #122: Who was killed by four knights in Canterbury Cathedral on December 29, 1170?
Trivia Question #123: Which major airport is mismatched with its city?
Trivia Question #124: What temperature must a spring be to be considered a hot spring?
Trivia Question #125: Pick the musical term for "Indicating an alternative version of a passage":
Trivia Question #126: Which of the following would be the furthest left in a typical place setting?
Trivia Question #127: The six-toed descendants of which author's cats roam free in Key West, Florida?
Trivia Question #128: Where is the Black Forest located?
Trivia Question #129: If Superman really were as fast as a speeding bullet, he'd be at least as fast as a bullet fired from a .223-caliber rifle. How fast does this bullet move?
Trivia Question #130: Following Alaska and Michigan, which state has the most area occupied by inland water?
Trivia Question #131: Which 1980s "Saturday Night Live" cast member had been cut from the original cast after a fight over a monologue?
Trivia Question #132: What musician defeated a Philistine giant named Goliath?
Trivia Question #133: Hood's Rebel Army of 23,000 is crushed at Nashville by 55,000 Federals including Negro troops under Gen. George H. Thomas. The Confederate Army of Tennessee ceases as an effective fighting force.
Trivia Question #134: Which famous city's name is Dar el Beida in Arabic?
Trivia Question #135: Which famous person died in the same plane crash that killed a woman named Lauren Bessette?
Trivia Question #136: What shade do you get when you use a rhubarb plant in hair dye?
Trivia Question #137: South America's Andes Mountains pass through all but one of these countries:
Trivia Question #138: What was the code-word for the planned Nazi invasion of Britain?
Trivia Question #139: Charles and Mary Beard were married. So were Will and Ariel Durant. And both couples became famous for collaborating on books about what social science?
Trivia Question #140: Someone from Nauru is a Nauruan, which happens to be the only palindromic nationality name. Where is Nauru?
Trivia Question #141: Author Antoine de Saint-Exupery is best known for writing:
Trivia Question #142: Which internal organ stores and concentrates bile and functions in fat digestion?
Trivia Question #143: What Harold Arlen song became Lena Horne's theme song?
Trivia Question #144: Who includes his name when he sings "Bawitdaba"?
Trivia Question #145: The Baltimore Orioles used to be the Browns. Where did the Browns play?
Trivia Question #146: Which pitcher allowed the most grand slams in baseball history?
Trivia Question #147: Who wrote "Crime and Punishment"?
Trivia Question #148: What are Germans experiencing while in the throes of schadenfreude?
Trivia Question #149: Single mom Gladys Mortenson was a Hollywood film cutter who named her baby for Norma Talmadge. Who did the baby grow up to be?
Trivia Question #150: Which of these is not one of the definitions of the word "chinook"?
Trivia Question #151: Whose 1798 Sonata in C minor op. 13 is called the Pathétique?
Trivia Question #152: Who wrote: "A bad beginning makes a bad ending."
Trivia Question #153: Pick the musical term for "Little by little":
Trivia Question #154: The author of "Native Son" played its hero in a film version of the book made in Argentina. Who was this author?
Trivia Question #155: Who made "What'd I Say" (1959)?
Trivia Question #156: Concerned about commercialization, Jonathan Frazen snubbed Oprah's book club. What book of his had she featured?
Trivia Question #157: What Ethiopian queen sits in the sky on a W-shaped throne of stars?
Trivia Question #158: All of these are kinds of horse-drawn carriages except:
Trivia Question #159: A small atmospheric vortex that comes from surface heating is known as what?
Trivia Question #160: Which of the following would be a test of orthography?
Trivia Question #161: Where is the Spanish Riding School, the world's last institute teaching haute ecole methods?
Trivia Question #162: At whose funeral did Elton John perform "Candle in the Wind 1997"?
Trivia Question #163: Rainfall is measured with an ________.
Trivia Question #164: Who wrote the 1995 book 'The Road Ahead' about the history and future of technology?
Trivia Question #165: Most species of this fish have the ability to change colors in response to stimuli:
Trivia Question #166: John wrote the book of Revelation while in exile on what island?
Trivia Question #167: Which of the nominees for Best Picture at the 73rd Academy Awards was based on a British TV series?
Trivia Question #168: Who was the first player to have 40 homers and 40 stolen bases in the same season?
Trivia Question #169: The Bolshevik Revolt is also known as the _______ Revolution.
Trivia Question #170: The name of which dance comes from the German word for "to revolve"?
Trivia Question #171: Which country includes land located below sea level?
Trivia Question #172: Which famous TV show aired first?
Trivia Question #173: Named for American pathologist and veterinarian Daniel E. Salmon, what is salmonella?
Trivia Question #174: Who wrote: "I dote on his very absence."
Trivia Question #175: Pick the date this occurred: Soviets declare war on Japan.
Trivia Question #176: USA states: What's the capital of Massachusetts?
Trivia Question #177: Known for its art collection, the Bellagio resort was founded by Steve Wynn in what city?
Trivia Question #178: Which country spends a lot of markkaas, the local currency, to stay warm?
Trivia Question #179: Who wrote "The Sun Also Rises"?
Trivia Question #180: Who's law discusses partial pressures and gases?
Trivia Question #181: In 1993, the United States and what other country jointly issued a stamp to honor Grace Kelly?
Trivia Question #182: What SF writer wrote "Minority Report" (which became a Tom Cruise movie), "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale," on which "Total Recall" was based, and "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" on which "Blade Ru
Trivia Question #183: Technically termed lipids,they are more commonly referred to as :
Trivia Question #184: What is the southernmost of the usually listed Scandinavian countries?
Trivia Question #185: On most Touch-Tone phones, what symbol would you find to the right of the zero?
Trivia Question #186: Who wrote "The House of Mirth"?
Trivia Question #187: Who is the first "Saturday Night Live" cast member to nominated for an Oscar for acting?
Trivia Question #188: Who is Homer Simpson's new boss at the Globex Corporation?
Trivia Question #189: Where is Mount Olympus?
Trivia Question #190: Which of these animals is, basically, a New World reindeer?
Trivia Question #191: If you literally have bats in your belfry, where are they?
Trivia Question #192: What is the score in a forfeited NFL game?
Trivia Question #193: What color does litmus paper turn when it's dipped in acid?
Trivia Question #194: Celesteville is a city ruled over by:
Trivia Question #195: Where are you most likely to encounter monosodium glutamate?
Trivia Question #196: If you know your Kirk Douglas movies, this will be a snap. Who was Spartacus?
Trivia Question #197: In February 1952, who went up Kenya's Treetops Hotel a princess, but came down a queen?
Trivia Question #198: The three stars of The First Wives Club all celebrated their 50th birthdays while filming the movie. Which of these wasn't one of them?
Trivia Question #199: How was Lot related to Abraham?
Trivia Question #200: Who wrote: "Give me the splendid silent sun with all his beams full-dazzling."

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