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Trivia Question #1: Named for a species of evergreen grass, Elijah Blue's mother was Cher. Who was his father?
Trivia Question #2: Which of these bands was Eric Clapton in first?
Trivia Question #3: Pick the company that has the slogan "Working Together."
Trivia Question #4: Which of these is not one of the original Pep Boys?
Trivia Question #5: What is both the number of suras (chapters) in the Koran and the number of Elvis Presley top-40 Billboard pop-chart hits?
Trivia Question #6: Bob Geldof and Midge Ure co-wrote "Do They Know It's Christmas?" What bands were they with?
Trivia Question #7: Members of this group were originally mercenaries hired to guard western settlers:
Trivia Question #8: In the same week in 1973, who was naked on the covers of Time, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated magazines?
Trivia Question #9: Which of the famous tennis playing sisters in older?
Trivia Question #10: "Catch-22" is a novel by whom?
Trivia Question #11: Who married Frank Sinatra, Andre Previn and Woody Allen?
Trivia Question #12: What is Canada's second smallest province?
Trivia Question #13: For his real role in the fixed 1919 World Series, for what crime was Shoeless Joe Jackson charged?
Trivia Question #14: In a Simpsons' Halloween Special who haunted the kids in their dreams?
Trivia Question #15: USA states: What's the capital of Mississippi?
Trivia Question #16: What happened on Max Yasgur's farm in Bethel, New York, in August 1969?
Trivia Question #17: The "Brazilian diamond" and white sapphires are actually examples of which November birthstone?
Trivia Question #18: From 1912 to 1927, in what province did Reglement 17 forbid French-language education?
Trivia Question #19: What was the original home of the Rams?
Trivia Question #20: Molecules are made up from two or more ________.
Trivia Question #21: In what Shakespeare play would you meet Katherine Minola?
Trivia Question #22: Pick the musical term for "As smoothly as possible":
Trivia Question #23: What magazine is reportedly stolen from libraries more than any other?
Trivia Question #24: Who starred as Oscar Madison in the original production of "The Odd Couple," which opened in New York on March 10, 1965?
Trivia Question #25: What river forms the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border?
Trivia Question #26: In 2002, which country's ex-prime minister was convicted of murdering a journalist in 1979?
Trivia Question #27: In the 1990s, Mattel accidentally outed what boyfriend of Barbie's, dressing him with an earring, a purple leather vest, two-tone hair and a mesh shirt?
Trivia Question #28: Where and when did Edgar Allan Poe live?
Trivia Question #29: Although Andrew Bonar Law was born in New Brunswick, he became prime minister of what country in 1922?
Trivia Question #30: This company owned the Titanic steamship:
Trivia Question #31: How many times a year does the average person yawn?
Trivia Question #32: Where and when did Elsa Morante live?
Trivia Question #33: As of 2002, what federal holiday was adopted by the US government most recently?
Trivia Question #34: What is the word for a grouping of gnats?
Trivia Question #35: What was the primary use for the Australian aborigine's boomerang?
Trivia Question #36: Which city's businessmen sponsored Charles Lindbergh's transatlanic flight in 1927?
Trivia Question #37: Birthplace of Fred Rogers ("Mr. Rogers), golfer Arnold Palmer, the first pro football game and the banana split, where is Latrobe?
Trivia Question #38: Define this musical term: "VELOCE":
Trivia Question #39: What is the least populous country in Oceania?
Trivia Question #40: Blazes Boylan and Buck Mulligan are minor characters in this classic novel:
Trivia Question #41: Pick the date this occurred: Battle of Midway - 4 Japanese carriers sunk.
Trivia Question #42: Which city lies on the Mississippi River?
Trivia Question #43: Of what country is Vientiane the capital?
Trivia Question #44: Who is the 'Plow King'?
Trivia Question #45: Which of these is the name, not of a European soccer team, but of a periodical?
Trivia Question #46: Who would most likely wear a skullcap called a zucchetto?
Trivia Question #47: Mark David Chapman was carrying a copy of "The Catcher in the Rye" when he shot somebody. Who?
Trivia Question #48: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Heart Of Communication."
Trivia Question #49: The first US university mascot was Handsome Dan, adopted by Yale. What is Handsome Dan?
Trivia Question #50: Which country's basic unit of currency is the dirham?
Trivia Question #51: Moldova shares its language, primary flag colors, and name of monetary unit with which neighboring country?
Trivia Question #52: Who started the Islamic religion?
Trivia Question #53: What 1726 book, published anonymously, is properly called "Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World"?
Trivia Question #54: The reggae tune "Bad Boys," by Inner Circle, is the theme song of what TV show?
Trivia Question #55: Whose only Top 40 song was 1956's "Blue Suede Shoes"?
Trivia Question #56: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Airline Network For Earth."
Trivia Question #57: Pick the company that has the slogan "Always Thinking Ahead."
Trivia Question #58: After being forced from baseball in 1939 season, what ailing player was named commissioner on the New York State Parole Board the next year?
Trivia Question #59: After Saul's conversion he escaped from Damascus. How?
Trivia Question #60: Which phrase most accurately states the meaning of the German word "gestalt"?
Trivia Question #61: Shania Twain's real first name is Eileen. In what language does "Shania" mean "I'm on my way"?
Trivia Question #62: Joseph Paxton designed the Crystal Palace for which city's Great Exhibition in 1851?
Trivia Question #63: Who forced female Hawaiian hula dancers to replace their short skirts with long ones in the 1820s?
Trivia Question #64: Your shinbone is your second-longest bone. What do the med students call it?
Trivia Question #65: What is the number of frames per second in a US movie, the number of points on a backgammon board, and the number of pages in a US passport?
Trivia Question #66: Who had the longest unbroken tenure as prime minister of Canada?
Trivia Question #67: In literature, who was thane of Glamis, then of Cawdor?
Trivia Question #68: Where would you find airports coded LHR and LGW?
Trivia Question #69: Gastronomy is the art of:
Trivia Question #70: During the 1999 Wimbledon tournament, who was revealed to be Alexandra Stevenson's father?
Trivia Question #71: What detergent was famous for fighting "ring around the collar"?
Trivia Question #72: According to the US Army, how many steps per minute is double time?
Trivia Question #73: What was the first American team to win the Stanley Cup?
Trivia Question #74: In which sea is the Crimean Peninsula located?
Trivia Question #75: Electrum is an alloy of gold and what other metal?
Trivia Question #76: The speed of sound:
Trivia Question #77: In 1853, what country declared war on Russia to begin the Crimean War?
Trivia Question #78: What is the term for sex cell division?
Trivia Question #79: Spurious means:
Trivia Question #80: What is the word for a grouping of woodcocks?
Trivia Question #81: What is the word for a grouping of hares?
Trivia Question #82: This game show host is originally from Sudbury, Ontario.
Trivia Question #83: What does Jimmy Page's Symbol, Zoso, mean?
Trivia Question #84: Whose famous beard was grown in about 1860, at the suggestion of 11-year-old Grace Bedell?
Trivia Question #85: Where is Leon Uris' "Trinity" set?
Trivia Question #86: Until Princess Di died, what was the world's all-time top-selling recording?
Trivia Question #87: Who did Peter Tork play with in 1969?
Trivia Question #88: What country is just 50 miles across the Adriatic from Italy?
Trivia Question #89: Which famous literary work is not written in verse?
Trivia Question #90: What delivery service operated between Missouri & California starting in 1860?
Trivia Question #91: Gunnar Thorvaldsson is married to Helga Odinsdottir. They have a daughter named Sigrid. What is her last name?
Trivia Question #92: Which country ranks at the bottom of the U.N.'s Human Development Index?
Trivia Question #93: On goddess Persephone's return to Earth from Hades, what did she bring with her?
Trivia Question #94: In what league did the California Seals move to Cleveland and become the Barons?
Trivia Question #95: Famous Cleveland Brown player Jim Brown used to play for what college?
Trivia Question #96: How many stitches are on a regulation baseball?
Trivia Question #97: In the 1580s, what was the "Enterprise of England"?
Trivia Question #98: A minute is defined scientifically, not simply as 60 seconds, but in terms of radiation emitted from which element?
Trivia Question #99: In which field did Agnes deMille excelled?
Trivia Question #100: In the business world, "shark repellent" is needed to combat:
Trivia Question #101: Who was not a famous pirate?
Trivia Question #102: Who was the father of Carey Lowell's son Homer, born in 2000?
Trivia Question #103: Captured by troops from Burgundy, who was burned in the Old Market Square in Rouen, France, on May 30, 1431?
Trivia Question #104: Formerly stood for four minims in a bar, now more often indicates two minim beats:
Trivia Question #105: Who was the first president to be assassinated?
Trivia Question #106: What courier company was founded in 1919 as a telephone messenger service, when Seattle's Merchants Parcel Delivery bought out the Oakland-based Motor Parcel Delivery?
Trivia Question #107: In ancient Greece dildos were made of what material?
Trivia Question #108: What type of animal is a kingfisher?
Trivia Question #109: Who wrote the book "Berlin Stories," the ultimate basis of the musical "Cabaret"?
Trivia Question #110: What is the name of Marty's band that tries out for the dance in "Back To The Future".
Trivia Question #111: Yes or No: Did Maude die?
Trivia Question #112: In the 1720s, Francisco Romero introduced a sword called the estoque and a worsted cape called the muleta. What did he do for a living?
Trivia Question #113: Which of these characters was created by Bram Stoker?
Trivia Question #114: Who painted the cover of the album Teaser and the Firecat?
Trivia Question #115: Which band made "Between The Buttons" (1967)?
Trivia Question #116: Which of the Beatles replaced Pete Best?
Trivia Question #117: Named for Colleen Dewhurst's character, what was the name of Murphy Brown's controversial baby?
Trivia Question #118: Who was Fred Astaire's dancing and singing partner in "Easter Parade"?
Trivia Question #119: Which two 1970s half-hour sitcoms produced hour-long dramatic spin-offs?
Trivia Question #120: What does a "hew line" indicate?
Trivia Question #121: Pick the company that has the slogan "Freedom To Be Yourself"
Trivia Question #122: To which body part does the term "brachial" refer?
Trivia Question #123: Which style of music grew from the Rastafarian religious movement?
Trivia Question #124: Although Branwell Brontė failed as a failed portrait painter and as a railway clerk, his three sisters did much better. In what field?
Trivia Question #125: What does a cruciverbalist like to do?
Trivia Question #126: Carrots were part of the British cover story to conceal the existence of an invention that led to the microwave ovens in which we can cook carrots today. What is this invention?
Trivia Question #127: Of these following cities, which is geographically westernmost?
Trivia Question #128: What business did a Londoner named Albert Brooks buy from Giacomo Justerini in 1831?
Trivia Question #129: During the 2001 playoffs, the family of which New York Knick was held hostage at gunpoint?
Trivia Question #130: Despite pledging to "end poverty in California," what writer lost the 1934 gubernatorial race to Republican Frank Merriam?
Trivia Question #131: "A piece of baked dough or pastry shaped into a crescent, usually moist, flaky, and very rich in fat, originally made in France." (National Spelling Bee winning word from 1970)
Trivia Question #132: Shortly after "Of Human Bondage" was published, its writer joined the SIS, Britain's Secret Intelligence Service. Who was he?
Trivia Question #133: When was Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech delivered?
Trivia Question #134: Along with a backup band called the Accelerators, who recorded a Top 10 hit cover of "Respect Yourself" for Motown in the 1980s?
Trivia Question #135: Pick the date this occurred: Finland signs peace treaty with Soviet Union.
Trivia Question #136: The House of Savoy was the ruling house of _______ until 1946.
Trivia Question #137: In what book do they speak a double plus good language called Newspeak?
Trivia Question #138: What bit of Canadian geography was named for a Greek navigator born Apostolos Valerianos?
Trivia Question #139: Which of these jazz styles came first?
Trivia Question #140: What would you use a lathe for?
Trivia Question #141: Now used to treat leprosy, what Chemie Grunenthal drug produced a birth defect called phocemelia?
Trivia Question #142: What is the mean January temperature in the Arctic?
Trivia Question #143: Which of these is not a definition of the word "brownie"?
Trivia Question #144: In law, what is the result of a decree nisi?
Trivia Question #145: Who co-starred with Jimmy Cagney in "Angels With Dirty Faces," "The Oklahoma Kid" and "The Roaring Twenties"?
Trivia Question #146: What did Homer do to his pet lobster after it died?
Trivia Question #147: What state became known as the Keystone State for its position among the 13 colonies?
Trivia Question #148: Which country is the legendary home of Sinbad the Sailor?
Trivia Question #149: Which issue was argued before the US Supreme Court in "University of California Regents v. Bakke"?
Trivia Question #150: Where would you encounter a longitudinal warp and a transverse weft?
Trivia Question #151: On August 2, 2000, Prisoner #P50522 was released from Corcoran in California. Who was #P50522?
Trivia Question #152: In 1999, who became the first boxer to appear on a box of Wheaties, as part of General Mills' 75th anniversary celebration for the cereal?
Trivia Question #153: What did Jimmy Stewart study at Princeton?
Trivia Question #154: The average distance a molecule or atom can travel before colliding is called:
Trivia Question #155: If you're a rising comedian, aim to headline the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in what city?
Trivia Question #156: In 476 AD, barbarians deposed Rome's last emperor. Who was he?
Trivia Question #157: Which of these happened first in Canada in the 1980s?
Trivia Question #158: What is the smallest prime number greater than 1,000?
Trivia Question #159: What superhero's original workplace, the Daily Planet, was based on Toronto's Daily Star?
Trivia Question #160: Helen Hunt and which actor won a record four Emmys in a row?
Trivia Question #161: Which of these cuts is closest to a cow's head?
Trivia Question #162: On "Friends," who was the father of Emma, Rachel's baby?
Trivia Question #163: Because it takes place near his feast day, the Perseid meteor shower is also known as the Tears of St. Lawrence. When is it?
Trivia Question #164: What sport has had such teams as Dusseldorf's Rhein Fire, the Frankfurt Galaxy, the Scottish Claymores, the Barcelona Dragons and the Berlin Thunder?
Trivia Question #165: Who played Satan in Dirty Work and Satan's son in Little Nicky?
Trivia Question #166: Who wrote most of the Declaration of Independence, only to see much of it rewritten by a committee?
Trivia Question #167: What is the more common name for bipolar disorder?
Trivia Question #168: Who wrote "The Island of the Day Before"?
Trivia Question #169: Who plays guitar on Michael Jackson's "Beat It"?
Trivia Question #170: How many panels on a soccer ball?
Trivia Question #171: Suleyman the Magnificent ruled over:
Trivia Question #172: Also called "Day-O," the "Banana Boat Song" is on whose 1956 album "Calypso"?
Trivia Question #173: President Lincoln appoints McClellan as general-in-chief of all Union forces after the resignation of the aged Winfield Scott. Lincoln tells McClellan, "...the supreme command of the Army will entail a vast labor upon you."
Trivia Question #174: What is the Hindu word for love, pleasure and sensual gratification?
Trivia Question #175: If Britain's prime ministers all stayed in the official White House guest house, which one would have stayed in a house that shared his surname?
Trivia Question #176: The capital of Indonesia, ________, is a sprawling mix of modern high-rise office buildings and temporary single-story structures.
Trivia Question #177: William Basie was from Kansas City. What was his nickname?
Trivia Question #178: What service club's name comes from an Otchipew word meaning "We have a good time--we make noise"?
Trivia Question #179: Antidraft riots in New York City include arson and the murder of blacks by poor immigrant whites.
Trivia Question #180: Pearsall Smith is credited with first using "trivia" to mean "inconsequential information" in his 1902 book "Trivia." In his honor, here's trivia: his sister Alys married what mathematician, philosopher and Nobel laureat
Trivia Question #181: Which of the Three Tenors was once a bullfighter in Mexico City?
Trivia Question #182: What band released an album called "Blues for Allah" in 1975?
Trivia Question #183: What weasel, called Mephitis mephitica in Latin, gets its English name from the Algonquian Indian word meaning "urinating fox"?
Trivia Question #184: In which city's harbor would you find a bronze statue of Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid?
Trivia Question #185: Which former quiz show writer was the only MASH cast member to have actually served in the army in Korea, albeit after the war?
Trivia Question #186: Christopher Walken dances through a hotel in "Weapon of Choice," a video Spike Jonze directed for whom?
Trivia Question #187: In 1907, what product did the Scott brothers introduce after its factory delivered paper too thick and wrinkled to be used as toilet paper?
Trivia Question #188: Which president was formerly employed radio sports announcer?
Trivia Question #189: As of 2000, what search engine is behind Geocities?
Trivia Question #190: Dwayne Johnson is part black and part Samoan. By what name is he better known?
Trivia Question #191: If you authoritatively tell someone to do something, you are said to be "laying down the" what?
Trivia Question #192: Which member of the Smokey Mountain Boys formed the first record company devoted exclusively to country?
Trivia Question #193: What is the word for a grouping of bacteria?
Trivia Question #194: Invented by Zenith engineer Eugene Polley in 1955, and beloved of men everywhere, what was the Flashmatic?
Trivia Question #195: William Golding wrote "The Lord of the Flies." Which Biblical figure's name is Hebrew for "lord of the flies"?
Trivia Question #196: When was art deco at its height?
Trivia Question #197: During which war did William Shafter lead Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders into battle?
Trivia Question #198: In the 1990s, what British driver was the first person to hold simultaneously the Formula One and IndyCar world titles?
Trivia Question #199: In what year was an emergency called due to a dock & power strike?
Trivia Question #200: Before it was decided that only the pope could canonize somebody, which world religious figure accidentally became Saint Josaphat?

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