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Trivia Question #1: Which of these countries has an official unit of currency called a "bolivar"?
Trivia Question #2: What was the first urban area to reach 10 million people?
Trivia Question #3: In 2001, what country, whose women must by law wear the Islamic chador, held its first fashion show since a 1979 revolution?
Trivia Question #4: What Tchaikovsky suite gave us the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy?"
Trivia Question #5: Which is not a part of the human eye?
Trivia Question #6: What mirthful verdant colossus was created in 1926 by the Minnesota Valley Canning Company?
Trivia Question #7: Which of these Mesopotamian cultures came first?
Trivia Question #8: As of 2002, who is the most recent National League Triple Crown winner?
Trivia Question #9: What band first played together in 1970 at in Disneyland, at a Date Nite gig on the Tomorrowland Stage?
Trivia Question #10: Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country, which is second?
Trivia Question #11: Which of the following countries does not have compulsory voting?
Trivia Question #12: It's all about the Benjamins. On June 20, 1947, what mobster was machine gunned while reading a newspaper in his girlfriend's Hollywood mansion?
Trivia Question #13: Which of these "Star Trek" series was aired before the others?
Trivia Question #14: Before dying of cancer, what star of the first two Godfather movies only made three others movies: "The Conversation," "Dog Day Afternoon" and "The Deer Hunter"?
Trivia Question #15: How many pints of blood are in the average human body?
Trivia Question #16: In "Smells Like Teen Spirit," what band says, "Here we are now, entertain us, I feel stupid and contagious, A mulatto, An albino, A mosquito, My Libido."
Trivia Question #17: What is the largest US state east of the Mississippi?
Trivia Question #18: Who controls Walvis Bay?
Trivia Question #19: Acording to Greek myth, _______ and his wife were the only mortals who survived the deluge.
Trivia Question #20: Which country is dominated by Flemings and Walloons?
Trivia Question #21: What was the nationality of artists Gustav Klimt and Oskar Kokoschka?
Trivia Question #22: What country contains South America's highest and lowest points?
Trivia Question #23: What Republican senator from Utah has also sold CDs of songs he's written?
Trivia Question #24: Don't cry for me, Evita. Of which country was Juan Peron president?
Trivia Question #25: Why are America's large owls called great horned owls?
Trivia Question #26: What explorer is buried in the Dominican Republic?
Trivia Question #27: What bird is also called the butcherbird, because it impales its prey on thorns?
Trivia Question #28: Which famous rock is not matched with its location?
Trivia Question #29: Harold Stassen tried nine times to be the Republican presidential candidate, after having been elected at age 31 to be what state's liberal governor?
Trivia Question #30: The 1986 documentary "When We Were Kings" depicted Muhammad Ali's 1974 use of the "rope-a-dope" against what "dope"?
Trivia Question #31: "Makin' Whoopee" & "If You Knew Susie" are songs associated with this vaudevillian:
Trivia Question #32: Emerson Moser made 1.4 billion crayons in his 37-year career with Crayola. What did he confess when he retired in 1990?
Trivia Question #33: How annoying! In Wisconsin, they may know that a certain carnivorous weasel comes in groups called cetes. What animal?
Trivia Question #34: Nicknamed Madame Butterfly, in what sport did Mary T. Meagher compete?
Trivia Question #35: How many children did Queen Victoria have?
Trivia Question #36: Pick the musical term for "Ger. Quick":
Trivia Question #37: I've played Bond, but my wife was in a Bond movie (For Your Eyes Only) before I was. Who am I?
Trivia Question #38: What was Buffalo Bill's real name?
Trivia Question #39: If you have dysmorphobia, you fear being thought of as what?
Trivia Question #40: "Moon River" is the signature song of this middle-of-the-road balladeer:
Trivia Question #41: She went into the same business as her twin sister, but who was born Eppie Lederer on July 4, 1918?
Trivia Question #42: Pick the company that has the slogan "Get More."
Trivia Question #43: Which term does not refer to a bias of some sort?
Trivia Question #44: What do Catholics use a monstrance for?
Trivia Question #45: In the Pac-Man game, what are Blinky, Clyde, Inky and Clyde?
Trivia Question #46: Which country was once known as British Honduras?
Trivia Question #47: Which TV network did William S. Paley dominate for half a century?
Trivia Question #48: Each of the following are real names of people. Which one is the pro race car driver?
Trivia Question #49: What would you buy through French system called Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée or an Italian system called Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Guarantita?
Trivia Question #50: Where would an ancient Egyptian locate "ka" and "ba"?
Trivia Question #51: The title of a 1961 Broadway musical tells you How to Succeed in Business Without what?
Trivia Question #52: "The Heart of Gold" is a space ship appearing in which novel?
Trivia Question #53: By law, there were no "Canadian citizens" until the passage of the Canadian Citizenship Act in what year?
Trivia Question #54: Pick the date this occurred: Soviets re-capture Rostov.
Trivia Question #55: Alaska is the most northerly American state. But which of the "lower 48" extends the farthest north?
Trivia Question #56: Which of these was not one of the gifts that the Three Wise Men brought to Jesus?
Trivia Question #57: What is aphthous stomatitis?
Trivia Question #58: By what name was "The Ed Sullivan Show" known from June 1948 until September 1955?
Trivia Question #59: Pick the company that has the slogan "Its Only Competition Is Reality."
Trivia Question #60: Eugene Luther Gore Vidal, Jr. dropped the first two names, going on to fame in what field?
Trivia Question #61: Which of the following casino games is also known as the "one-armed bandit"?
Trivia Question #62: What were Gondwanaland and Laurasia?
Trivia Question #63: Which of these hockey stars wore #66?
Trivia Question #64: What country's name was abbreviated in Cyrillic letters as CCCP?
Trivia Question #65: What is the world's largest individual flower?
Trivia Question #66: The scientific study of insects is known as:
Trivia Question #67: John Coltrane rose to prominence while playing saxophone with the _______ .
Trivia Question #68: What is the largest province in Canada?
Trivia Question #69: What is the name of the contract the nobles forced King John to sign in 1215 that limited the king's power?
Trivia Question #70: What Russian name literally means "rule with peace"?
Trivia Question #71: I was born John Rowlands in Wales and managed to serve on both side of the Civil War. I became especially famous after the New York Herald sent me to Africa to find somebody. Who am I?
Trivia Question #72: In terms of area, what city is the largest in the United States?
Trivia Question #73: You and your lover may be lovebirds, but what kind of birds are real lovebirds?
Trivia Question #74: Often confused for a British socialist with a similar name, who created "Peter Rabbit" in 1902?
Trivia Question #75: What is a whatnot?
Trivia Question #76: Who won the soccer world cup in 1974?
Trivia Question #77: What is the shortest book in the Bible most commonly used by Protestants?
Trivia Question #78: What causes suntans and sunburns?
Trivia Question #79: Before its cowboy came along, what cigarette was marketed to women as "a cherry tip for your ruby lips"?
Trivia Question #80: Where are you being flogged if you are being subjected to an Oriental bastinado?
Trivia Question #81: The existence of which phenomena was proven at L'Aigle, France in 1803?
Trivia Question #82: Which of the following is the name of a popular snack food?
Trivia Question #83: Born Raquel Tejada, what Bolivian American made her movie debut ... in an Elvis movie called "Roustabout"?
Trivia Question #84: What was the claim to fame of Pope Adrian II, who was elected in the year 867?
Trivia Question #85: A dark victory for you if you know this. Which actress co-starred most often with Humphrey Bogart?
Trivia Question #86: In addition to winning a posthumous Congressional Gold Medal, John Wayne won an Oscar. For what movie?
Trivia Question #87: Which activity will make you most likely to catch a common cold?
Trivia Question #88: As of 1999, what is the only US state without any national parkland?
Trivia Question #89: Pumpernickel is a form of _______ bread.
Trivia Question #90: Which of the "Friends" graduated with a sociobiology degree from Vassar and was doing medical research until Jon Lovitz, a family friend, suggested acting?
Trivia Question #91: In 1984, Walter Mondale used an image from what TV ad to slam Gary Hart?
Trivia Question #92: What studio was called the Pine Cone Studio, because so many "Cohns" worked there?
Trivia Question #93: In 1996, what astronaut set an American record by logging 188 days in space on the Russian space station Mir?
Trivia Question #94: Who wrote: "Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none."
Trivia Question #95: Adopted in 1516, the Reinheitsgebot is sometimes called the world's oldest protection law. It protects the purity of what product?
Trivia Question #96: Soybeans are used to make all of these products except:
Trivia Question #97: If you're a police detective, which of these surfaces is least likely to give you useful fingerprints?
Trivia Question #98: The Tennessee state capital, _______, is known as "Music City, USA" because it is the center of the recording industry for country-and-western music.
Trivia Question #99: Who is the first person to get drunk in the Bible?
Trivia Question #100: What year was the "The Lonely Guy", starring Steve Martin and Charles Grodin as two bachelors looking for love, released?
Trivia Question #101: The fifth of November in England is celebrated as...
Trivia Question #102: While riding Ferdinand in 1986, Bill Shoemaker became the oldest jockey to win the:
Trivia Question #103: Which of the following movies was not directed by Billy Wilder?
Trivia Question #104: Of the following languages, which is most popular with 210 million native speakers?
Trivia Question #105: Why did the father of NBA legend Elgin Baylor name him Elgin?
Trivia Question #106: All these Latin American countries except _______ have sizable black populations.
Trivia Question #107: Which of these is not an event in the decathlon?
Trivia Question #108: "That's a joke son" was a catchphrase for both the Sen. Beauregard Chaghorn character on Fred Allen's radio show, and for what Warner Brothers character modeled on Claghorn?
Trivia Question #109: In the episode where Bart and Ralph get the police master key, where do they go after the bakery and toy store visits?
Trivia Question #110: If you know your Latin, this one should be easy. Which month used to be the tenth month of the Roman calendar?
Trivia Question #111: In 1993, 60,000 Harley-Davidson enthusiasts celebrated the bike's 100th birthday in what Wisconsin city?
Trivia Question #112: Pick the musical term for "And":
Trivia Question #113: Define this musical term: "BRAVURA":
Trivia Question #114: Which city lies along the Vistula River?
Trivia Question #115: Which of these animals is a pinniped?
Trivia Question #116: Who recorded "Peace Train" in 1971?
Trivia Question #117: Which west African country is a member of the British Commonwealth?
Trivia Question #118: Which country's monarch did Mengistu Haile Mariam help overthrow in 1974?
Trivia Question #119: The peasants are revolting! Who led the Peasant's Revolt of 1381?
Trivia Question #120: Who was the subject of the 1952 autobiographical film, "Limelight"?
Trivia Question #121: On TV's classic 'The Dating Game', how many choices of people did you have to pick from?
Trivia Question #122: Established in 1670, what company's charter called for it to give elk heads and beaver pelts to England's monarch?
Trivia Question #123: What does a symbol called a quaver represent?
Trivia Question #124: Who is the month of January named for?
Trivia Question #125: Tamagotchi was big in 1997. What was it?
Trivia Question #126: What star of "California Suite" became the only person to win an Oscar for playing somebody who loses an Oscar?
Trivia Question #127: In what year was the battle of Waterloo fought?
Trivia Question #128: When a gas flows through a small hole of its container, this is called ________.
Trivia Question #129: Best known for being killed by Charles Manson, Sharon Tate was married to which director?
Trivia Question #130: Muhammad Ali had a career record of 65-5. Who was the first person to beat him?
Trivia Question #131: What book's Hindi title means "Proverbs About Love"?
Trivia Question #132: In a tennis game, you're serving first. You score three straight points. The next point is game, but what is the score now?
Trivia Question #133: If I buy a pound of coffee in a bag, what is the tare?
Trivia Question #134: Pick the date this occurred: Soviets capture Bucharest.
Trivia Question #135: The first two Yankees to have pitched perfect games (Don Larsen and David Wells) both went to the same high school. Where?
Trivia Question #136: In Animal Farm, which animal was the best at writing and thus had the job of changing the farm sign and writing the commandments on the barn wall?
Trivia Question #137: What was the Skipper's real name on "Gilligan's Island"?
Trivia Question #138: What did Martin Luther King Jr. consider his "first calling and greatest commitment"?
Trivia Question #139: The Rosetta Stone was a slab of basalt found in what country?
Trivia Question #140: Define this musical term: "A CAPPELLA":
Trivia Question #141: Define this musical term: "BRILLANTE":
Trivia Question #142: In October, 1978, a Polish Cardinal in the Catholic Church named Karol Wojtyla became ________.
Trivia Question #143: Appropriately enough, the phrase "physician, heal thyself" appears in a Gospel said to have been written by a physician. Which one?
Trivia Question #144: The longest nerve in your body, where is your sciatic nerve?
Trivia Question #145: Harold Russell won two Oscars for the same role in "The Best Years of Our Lives." What was unusual about Russell?
Trivia Question #146: What is the longest song on "Song Remains the Same" besides "Dazed and Confused"?
Trivia Question #147: Pick the musical term for "Playfully":
Trivia Question #148: Which of these books was NOT written by Rudyard Kipling?
Trivia Question #149: The character of Yossarian re-appears in "Closing Time," a sequel to what classic 1961 book?
Trivia Question #150: What is the word for a grouping of chicks?
Trivia Question #151: Der Spiegel is a weekly newsmagazine in Germany. If its title were to be literally translated into English, would it be called?
Trivia Question #152: When this actor died just four days after he started filming "Plan 9 From Outer Space," Ed Wood replaced him with Tom Mason, his wife's chiropractor. Who is this?
Trivia Question #153: Hitchcock may have got the name of one of his movies from what Shakespeare title character, who says, "I am but mad north-north-west: when the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw"?
Trivia Question #154: Where was Vice-President Al Gore born?
Trivia Question #155: Who wrote: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
Trivia Question #156: Urban elites in the Hellenistic era spoke an international language called koine, a variation of what language?
Trivia Question #157: Pick the date this occurred: Italy invades Greece.
Trivia Question #158: John Walker Lindh ended up fighting against America on the losing side in what war?
Trivia Question #159: Elton John and Tim Rice wrote "Hakuna Matata" for "The Lion King." What does "hakuna matata" mean?
Trivia Question #160: While cooking the salmon of knowledge, this Irish hero burned his thumb. As a result, whenever he sucked his thumb, he gained insight and wisdom. Who was he?
Trivia Question #161: What is the name of the airline that operates the ill-fated flight from LA to Chicago in the movie "Airplane!"?
Trivia Question #162: The "Pentagon Papers" concerned the U.S. involvement in:
Trivia Question #163: Who said "Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration"?
Trivia Question #164: Who was the first German-born man to win the Wimbledon singles title? (Be careful with this one!)
Trivia Question #165: Which of these legal terms releases an individual from the penalties of a crime?
Trivia Question #166: "Traveling Riverside Blues" was originally done by...
Trivia Question #167: Who was massacred on St. Bartholomew's Day in 1572?
Trivia Question #168: Who wrote: "A great flame follows a little spark."
Trivia Question #169: In which country were the Olympic summer games in 1936?
Trivia Question #170: The Yankees have won the World Series most often. What team has won it the second most often?
Trivia Question #171: Where was Steven Spielberg born?
Trivia Question #172: How did loran help us win World War II?
Trivia Question #173: Which country is the world's leading producer of olives and grapes?
Trivia Question #174: Pick the musical term for "Lively, fast":
Trivia Question #175: Three elements are highly magnetic. Which of these is not one of them?
Trivia Question #176: Who believed that in a market system there will always be a permanent poor social class?
Trivia Question #177: Who was the only Communist ever to be elected to Canada's House of Commons?
Trivia Question #178: The J is for James. But what is the O for in OJ Simpson?
Trivia Question #179: What was the first foreign country to have territory absorbed into Nazi Germany?
Trivia Question #180: Pick the musical term for "Loud, then soft":
Trivia Question #181: The first painted Christmas Card was designed by ________.
Trivia Question #182: Why is winter cold?
Trivia Question #183: What does a Venus's-flytrap eat?
Trivia Question #184: Hot water melts fats, while surfactants bind these fats, which water removes. What's going on here?
Trivia Question #185: The very first train robbery happened in this town ________.
Trivia Question #186: Pick the company that has the slogan "The Future Of Digital Imaging In Full Bloom."
Trivia Question #187: Granite may metamorphose into
Trivia Question #188: Which of these historical events happened first?
Trivia Question #189: Pick the date this occurred: Canada declares war on Germany.
Trivia Question #190: Both Bob Hoskins and Pierce Brosnan once worked in what circus profession?
Trivia Question #191: Who wrote the beat classic "On the Road"?
Trivia Question #192: Who wrote: "Cry "Havoc," and let slip the dogs of war."
Trivia Question #193: This comedian hosted a terrible late-nite TV show that didn't last long. One of his guests, Dennis Hopper, even felt sorry for him. Who was it?
Trivia Question #194: Had this Tennessee city not changed its name, Robert Altman would have directed "Big Salt Lick." What is the city?
Trivia Question #195: Pick the musical term for "Tenderly, sweetly":
Trivia Question #196: Pick the company that has the slogan "You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers."
Trivia Question #197: Roots cast lovable actors as villains. But which of the following actors did NOT appear in "Roots"?
Trivia Question #198: Which of these cities is closest to the equator?
Trivia Question #199: The Bible says that Nebuchadnezzar II was Babylonian, but archaeologists are a little more specific, giving him what nationality?
Trivia Question #200: Who sang "I want to be your sledgehammer/ Why don't you call my name"?

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